Face mask, do you know the rules?


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    I don’t want to be on any tour where I have to experience the above examples

    Based on what I see in the "wild," you will see plenty of it. My favorite is mouth covered, nostrils exposed. Duh!

  • Cathy - Good attitude but I might suggest something relative to your statement

    ... then I am as safe as I can be.

    I would suggest there is one other thing that you can do to make yourself safer and that would be, Don't go to places where there is a high concentration of people that aren't as correct as yourself in protecting others.

    In highly concentrated places it would likely be impossible to social distance. Examples like going to a packed bar where you are the only person (or one of very few) wearing a mask; going to a packed sporting event or entertainment venue where mask wearing is sporadic; getting onto a crowded bus, subway, train, or plane if masks and equipment cleaning aren't mandatory.

  • Cathy - I think I recall you mentioning your lack of going places. It sucks, but you've got a great attitude. :D

  • Fortunately, our governor is intelligent enough to believe in science and follow advice from the scientists and medical community. There was a spike in cases beginning about a week after July 4. He then instituted a statewide mask mandate (prior to that it was by county) in addition to the social distancing requirements, etc., and new cases now are down to the level they were in mid March. Now, most public places, like supermarkets and stores, strictly enforce the mask mandate, with the occasional ruckus from a Neanderthal who refuses to wear one..

  • Everyone is supposed to wear masks in our area, but they don’t. The shop people don’t challenge them and you dare not Incase they verbally abuse you or assault you. That’s why when I have expressed concern before that on a Tauck tour I expect the Tour Director to totally be Ok about asking my fellow Tauckers to wear masks or wear them properly.
    On our only Tauck River Cruise we had to put up with smokers in the line to get on the bus and right at the doorway of Arthur’s. I would have expected someone in authority to say something, Same with cell phone use on jt3 his, so annoying but the TD’s say nothing, it should not be up to fellow travelers. I fear the same thing with masks.
    I have actually just had my first real lunch out experience since this Pandemic began with two girlfriends. I refused hugs today.

  • BKMD

    What state do you live in?

    In Massachusetts we have a reasonable governor who handled the pandemic well and our caseload/deaths , while not great is better than most states. Most everyone wears masks, too

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    What state do you live in?


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    Hello everyone.... I hope Tauck addresses the importance & mandatory use of masks during tour and specially on busses, also they could add and xtra page on every green book about safety & rules ( Because some people only funtion as they are given rules to follow..., lack of common sence is an everyday thing now.. ) all these will help the TD's... so they don't have to police the travellers and last maybe a small panphslet with " graphic how to" on buses that can be passed along or a discreet small poster at the front of the bus...would help.
    I'm sure all these ideas are already being implemented... as it would be a disaster if any company ends with an infected group.. that would be in social media in a splash and the tour companies would lose a lot of business.
    But it's actually up to us.. to make travels safe again...

  • If you deep dive through everything on Taucks covid update (banner at top of home page) there is a written pledge you'll be expected to fill out and give to your TD.


  • Cathy - Did you miss the paragraph in the 2nd amendment about the right to bare mouths?
    On a related note, notice the audience at Trump's speech? I think a 2 digit IQ was required for entry.

  • They tried that in Sweden. it didn't work very well.

  • I’ve just re read the Tauck pledge. People not wearing masks can be sent home
    I only know of one incident where someone was asked to leave a tour. I’ve known lots of people been asked to leave on a rival tour company for no end of reasons, so it is done.
    Cathy, my husband did not allow me to watch the convention this week, so I had to record it and watch when he is not in the room. You have to know what was said don’t you, or you can’t participate in any discussion

  • Sflyer,, I find your post more offensive than the little jokes Made here today. We all have differences opinions and this is mine.

  • Completely agree with the negative comments about BKMD's post, especially those of travel maven. I flagged his or her offensive post and hopefully if enough of the rest do, the post will be removed and he or she will be banned.

  • Well... We all want to travel again. To accomplish this, it seems fairly obvious that we need to adhere to the recommendations of the scientists and CDC—not the politicians. Facts matter. Large crowds without masks and social distancing is clearly exacerbating the problem. I see no issue on this travel forum to speak out against behaviors of those who are spreading COVID-19. Perhaps this help decide who to vote for in the upcoming election.

  • I have an Idea. I’ll start a thread about Politics, not for me in particular, but so if people want to talk politics for a couple of months they can and if you are not interested, don’t open the thread. That’s a kinder way of doing things

  • This is a travel forum, not a political one. There are plenty of other places online where people can get into politics!

  • BKMD,

    The problem wasn't the discussion about masks, science and medicine being called "politics". My issue (and apparently that of some others, was your post "Cathy - Did you miss the paragraph in the 2nd amendment about the right to bare mouths?
    On a related note, notice the audience at Trump's speech? I think a 2 digit IQ was required for entry."

  • Regret to see this has blown way off course from the intent of this Forum. Let's focus on safe travel experiences and not the politics of the county we reside in nor countries we may visit.

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