Magic of Morocco NOV. 2021



  • Hope travel resumes by fall. Rabat has a wonderful Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, which I do not see on Tauck itinerary. In Marrakesh my food tour stayed in slightly remote but beautiful Palmeraie area; could have used more wandering time. Essaouira makes a lovely visit.

  • What food tour did you take? Did you add this in at the end??

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    I’ve been watching the trend of the percentage of the population in US, Morocco, Spain and Portugal (the countries I hope to visit in October) who are fully vaccinated. It’s steadily increasing in US - slower elsewhere. Still hoping


  • I just heard from a friend that said he heard from OATS, that his November 2021 tour to Morocco is a go. If that's the case I would imagine that Tauck's will also get the green light. That would be good news.

  • Smiling Sam — you have me smiling but I’m keeping my expectations in check.

  • NancyCohen - Good idea. Our tour plans have been crushed so many times. I’m still waiting to hear about my upcoming Iceland tour. Tauck said they would have more to say mid-April. Well, I think April 21 qualifies as mid-to-late April. Fingers crossed. 🤞

  • I have a friend going on the OAT tour to Morocco in Nov ... I saw the letter she got from OAT with the following statement... All travelers must be fully vaccinated and all trip leaders and coach drivers will be fully vaccinated.
    I do hope that Tauck eventually follows suit. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    I got the email from OAT. Traveled once with them and never again. When the Pandemic began they treated their customers badly and were not issuing any refunds. It was so bad, they closed down their forum. There were huge numbers of heartbreaking stories on the BBB Complaints website.
    Today they published a list of tours that would be going from August onwards, many in Italy. I think they are away with the fairies and peoples money. They also had Japan on the list commencing in September. I just saw this about Japan

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