Magic of Morocco NOV. 2021



  • Hope travel resumes by fall. Rabat has a wonderful Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, which I do not see on Tauck itinerary. In Marrakesh my food tour stayed in slightly remote but beautiful Palmeraie area; could have used more wandering time. Essaouira makes a lovely visit.

  • What food tour did you take? Did you add this in at the end??

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    I’ve been watching the trend of the percentage of the population in US, Morocco, Spain and Portugal (the countries I hope to visit in October) who are fully vaccinated. It’s steadily increasing in US - slower elsewhere. Still hoping


  • I just heard from a friend that said he heard from OATS, that his November 2021 tour to Morocco is a go. If that's the case I would imagine that Tauck's will also get the green light. That would be good news.

  • Smiling Sam — you have me smiling but I’m keeping my expectations in check.

  • NancyCohen - Good idea. Our tour plans have been crushed so many times. I’m still waiting to hear about my upcoming Iceland tour. Tauck said they would have more to say mid-April. Well, I think April 21 qualifies as mid-to-late April. Fingers crossed. 🤞

  • I have a friend going on the OAT tour to Morocco in Nov ... I saw the letter she got from OAT with the following statement... All travelers must be fully vaccinated and all trip leaders and coach drivers will be fully vaccinated.
    I do hope that Tauck eventually follows suit. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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    I got the email from OAT. Traveled once with them and never again. When the Pandemic began they treated their customers badly and were not issuing any refunds. It was so bad, they closed down their forum. There were huge numbers of heartbreaking stories on the BBB Complaints website.
    Today they published a list of tours that would be going from August onwards, many in Italy. I think they are away with the fairies and peoples money. They also had Japan on the list commencing in September. I just saw this about Japan

  • I googled OAT. The repeated complaint among their travelers was that they cancelled trips with little notice; hotels were often not centrally located and some excursions incurred added costs. No matter how much I want to get away, I’m waiting for Tauck to resume safe travels.

  • I think, with the right controls in place, some travel can be resumed to places that are allowing it. It probably won't or shouldn't be yet like the pre-pandemic tours, where when you had free time you could head off and mingle with the locals in establishments of your choosing. In the near term, travel may be more controlled and restricting, but still may be worth it, if those controls aren't too restrictive.

    As an example. For my recent trip to Jamaica we had to agree to get the required tests (even though we were all fully vaccinated), only stay in approved locations, use approved transportation, and visit approved locations. For us, those restrictions were doable. We stayed in an approved all-inclusive resort and only left the resort when going to/from the airport. The airport transportation was like the Tauck airport transportation. We met the transportation company agent outside baggage claim who took us to our driver/vehicle. The relaxing week we spent on the beach, drinking the Drink of the Day, doing a bit of snorkeling was worth all of the above.

    We will get back to normal slowly. Don't expect a Big Bang to how it was pre-pandemic. Initially, if you want to travel, you will face some restrictions and limitations. If those restrictions and limitations out weigh the benefits then you will choose to stay home. At least providing a safe possibility for travel makes the decision to travel again an individual thing. I welcome the opportunity to make those assessments.

  • 60 days till my Magic of Morocco!!! Can't wait to board my Magic Carpet on Nov 14, 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else going on this trip?

  • Austin girl here;
    I can’t find the thread this morning, but wanted to thank the experienced traveler (Sealord?British? Or AlanS.?.). Who advised on my pre side trip to the Canary Island before our Magic of Morocco!!!!!!!!They said they were underwhelmed with the little island. Thank goodness I listened, with the news this morning of TWO VOLCANO ERUPTIONS THAT THEY EXPECT TO ERUPT FOR 3 more months. YIKES! That would have been a nightmare of canceling, rerouting flights etc. So glad I passed on my idea of squeezing in one more side trip.
    I’ll be satisfied on our November 14 trip just to Morocco. Now I’m wondering about the toxic gas drifting over to the coast of Morocco??
    Thankful for this chat room <3

  • Hello Austin girl. The gases will not be a problem. As I understood it, the authorities have an exclusion zone of two miles in case of the toxic gases. The island involved is the most western one, far away from the area of Morocco. Also, remember that it is spilling lava, not the explosive rocks etc that some volcanoes spew, so I assume it will not affect plane traffic as much. I really should remember all the names of the different types of volcanoes and eruptions, but not today 🤪

  • From time to time isn't there an explosive volcano type called British!!! :D

  • Smiling Sam
    From time to time isn't there an explosive volcano type called British!!! :D.

    Yes. They can be identified as coming fro9m British as there are no spaces between them.

  • Incoming! Boooomm!

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    This should be good. And no cover charge for the entertainment. 😂

  • Very funny!

  • Hello has anyone took the Morocco trip in December, wondering how cold it gets in daytime

  • British, WE LOVE U!

  • I just googled weather in Morocco and clicked on the first option
    There are plenty of others to give you ideas. Cold to you may be different to cold for others, so it’s good to read the weather sites to make decisions on your preferences

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