How many Tauck customers have been inoculated for Covid?



  • Biden said we will have enough vaccines availability by May. Available, not people vaccinated.

  • My Husband and I both received our vaccines in February... Charlotte ,North Carolina did a fantastic job with distribution.

  • My wife and I are fully vaccinated as of March 9. We are looking forward to Normandy, Brittany and so foprth in September.

  • Hi John, which start date is your tour? We're booked for the 12th of Sep.

  • mazalea, I too am hoping to go to Switzerland this summer. But as of March 1, US citizens are not welcome as tourists, so I'm doubtful that I'll be going this year. But here is hoping that with vaccine being easier to come by that they will roll out the red carpet for us soon!

  • Karenna, I just read a piece on Yahoo news today that Switzerland is expecting to get a million doses of vaccine this month and they expect all residents will be vaccinated by summer. Their total population is 8.6 million. I'm cautiously optimistic that our Aug/Sep tour might happen.

  • Claudia Sails, that is good news! It may not help my late June tour, but it certainly makes your Aug/Sept tour more promising! Thanks for sharing this info.

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    Well said Cathy. If you don’t like someone’s comments, just ignore them. Yes, travel is our link, nothing else.

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    Yes, that would be fun,
    It’s such a lovely morning here, I’m about to go outside and dig in the garden, my version of heaven, then it’s inside for the Tauck zoom, better make sure I’m not on camera in my garden clothing!

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just a friendly reminder that these forums should focus on travel, and while Tauck is respectful of the views of all of our guests, we ask forum users not to post anything political or potentially polarizing. We thank you for your participation on our forums and look forward to traveling again with all you.

    Tauck Emily

  • Fully vaccinated here!!!!!!

  • While we continued to discuss vaccinations here, has anyone thought about whether any of the Tauck Tour Directors might have been vaccinated and how that might affect their ability to lead tours in the near future? Many more do not live in the US these days. Look how badly Europe is doing with vaccination, they still are not letting Americans in to their countries. The two tours we still have this year, those countries have still not opened up to us and the CDC still would prefer us not to travel at present. I don’t want a second rate TD leading any tour that we are on, I’d prefer to wait.

  • No one wants the tours to commence more than Tauck. They are good at what they do. I think the ‘lid’ comes off in the next sixty days or so. I just dealt with a canceled flight on KLM. On the replacement flights all of business class and economy comfort seats were sold for flights at the end of June.

  • Sealord, so your KLM flight to Tanzania got canceled?

  • OK the crap just keeps on keeping on. I'm scheduled to get my 2nd shot at 10:35 this morning. When I get up and look outside this is what I see. Snow in March, in Tucson. This has happened only once or twice in the 21 years we've lived here. I may be driving in the snow to get that shot. Hopefully the people administering the shot have no issues. :'(

  • And we're supposed to get dumped on in Denver, and nothing yet. It's supposed to start later today. I'll post a pic or two tomorrow.

  • That’s not what we would call snow in PA Sam, it’s just a bit of fluff. But hey, your pool looks lovely. As a Tauck swimsuit model, I”d love to come for a swim, it’s too cold to open up our little swim spa here in PA, We still have some snow left in our back yard from over a month ago.

  • Wow, we're further north but may only get rain out of this. And a lot of annoying wind.

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    Sunny and pleasant in E. NC this morning. I planted some roses yesterday and will likely work in the yard again today- I could have but didn't wear shorts but had on a shortsleeved shirt. :)

    Update- was forced by the "terrible" weather to put on shorts! :D:D:D

  • AlanS - Good thing it isn't the Christmas season. You would be put on the naughty list! :D

  • The snow pictures are beautiful. I'm jealous. Up here in Boston we had the opposite. The past few days the temperatures reached as high as 70. My crocuses came up with the warm weather. Now we're back to normal at 30 with wind chills in the 20's. It is still winter!

  • You got more snow than my sister who lives in Saddlebrook(?). Where did you get your shot? The shot clinic where she is working (she is a nurse) is set to administer 900 second doses this morning.

  • AlanS
    Where did you get your shot? The shot clinic where she is working (she is a nurse) is set to administer
    900 second doses this morning.

    I got and will get my second shot at a local Walgreens.

  • There have been comments about the Tauck tour directors being vaccinated. I received an email from a tour director, Suzy Gray, from our ESW trip. She's British, married to an Italian, lives in Italy and also does the Sicily tours. She hoped that we were all successful in getting our vaccines but recognized that the rollout in Europe was going very slowly.

    I also heard today that Italy and possibly Germany were experiencing a third wave of covid cases. They spoke about northern Italy bearing the brunt of this next outbreak. They attributed this to the slow rollout of the vaccine.

    Suzy sent the note because her son, Antonio Badalamenti, is being featured on Sunday's Florence version of the Stanley Tucci show on CNN. She said that they spent a full day filming at his restaurant in Florence and ended up with about five minutes of program time. I'll find it interesting to watch knowing that there's a connection to Suzy.

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    British: No. The flight to Amsterdam got canceled. The flight to Tanzania is still on for that day but not the next, so I had to find another route to Amsterdam in order to connect. So I’m going through Detroit on Delta. If the CDC keeps Tanzania as a level four, it is certainly in doubt, even though the country is ‘open’. I will be waiting until the last minute to get visas.

    Lockdowns don’t work. California is mostly locked down, and our numbers are not significantly better than Texas or Florida ... but at least half the small businesses in our town are gone. In our town the lockdowns just cause the people to gather in ‘smaller’ areas. That is the opposite of what you want. Open it up and spread them out ... give them the space they need to be socially distanced.

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    . . . . Lockdowns don’t work. California is mostly locked down

    Saying "California is mostly on lockdown is like saying college students stay in their rooms to study and never go out Thursday thru Sunday! and they don't drink on Spring Break :D:D

  • Lockdowns had to happen initially because we did not know enough about virus transmission.
    I actually agree with you that lockdowns are not necessary now....except that there are too many people not wearing masks or social distancing or quite definitely not giving a damn about anyone but this will continue for a lot longer than would have been necessary. I guess I never realized how many crazy people we live amongst.

  • Just received my second Moderna vaccination shot! :D

  • Kathy M... we also got the email from Suzy Gray ... we were on the same ESW trip. We have been watching the Stanley Tucci series hoping to see some of the same places we visited when we were on the Tauck Classic Italy tour. We will be looking for Suzy’s son moment of fame!!

  • I’m just digging in the garden instead today

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