How many Tauck customers have been inoculated for Covid?



  • Well, I thought our snowstorm of the century was a bust, waking up to only 4 inches this morning. However, it was just a later arrival than anticipated. That's patio furniture pushed up against a half-wall:

  • It was cold today. Unlike yesterday, I didn't wear shorts, but had on a short sleeve shirt though. :D

  • This is the snow you can see in the Sierras in a few hours. The Donner Party learned about snow. When I lived in Tahoe City we once got ten feet of snow in seven days. The total snow fall that year was sixty feet and two inches ... never that much on the ground of course. It packs, and sublimes, and melts. But I could not see out of my cabin windows until July.

  • On the news this morning, they said this was the 4th largest snowstorm in Denver history. 17 inches downtown and 27 inches at the airport. Four feet at some spots in the foothills near Rocky Mtn Natl Park! The ski mountains to the west only got 1-2 ft, but should be great skiing this week! BTW, March is historically our snowiest month. Supposed to be back up to 60F by Friday, so the snow won't last long, which is typical for our area.

    Here's a pic this morning out a window to the east at sunrise:

  • Could it have something to do with the Ides of March? Or in like a lion, out like a lamb :D

  • BKMD - Now if you did a selfie on your patio in shorts and a short sleeve shirt you would really show up AlanS (who is definitely on Santa's naughty list).

  • Sam - there are people in Denver who walk around in shorts regardless of the weather.
    The laundry this week was typical Denver March - a little bit of everything - ski clothes, flannel shirts, short sleeve shirts, bicycle clothes, etc.

  • To whoever flagged all the posts, please go find something more positive to do with your time. :/

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    Flagger....we know who you are! But it’s a free country of course!

  • British - do tell (I have an idea)...

  • British
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    Flagger....we know who you are! But it’s a free country of course!

    So true. And as most of us know, it takes 5 flags to cause a post to be removed for review and remediation, and each person only gets one flag- a second attempt removes the flag. No one at Tauck IT even blinks otherwise, so it is a wasted effort.

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    I could be wrong. I do not want any issue made of this, it does not really matter. Five flags are needed to remove a post. I think it’s something to do with posts that are not travel related

  • Best not to remove the flag, it can be genuinely useful for spammers. You won’t believe the things I have seen posted on here in the middle of the night before there was a a flag. I had to urgently email Tauck about a post once

  • I have noticed quite a few more of these flags showing up on posts lately. I think someone must be housebound and have nothing better to do. My last post was flagged by someone who thought it was offensive in some way or that I am trying to sell something. I am only an infrequent poster but I have 4 spam marks in my activity profile. Does one get a special badge when they reach a certain spam count? :) Too bad we can’t see who is flagging so we can rebut and find out what is offensive.

  • I don’t think any of those recently flagged posts are offensive. I think it’s someone who has a bug up their behind and just wants to upset people. Possibly a poster who has not agreed with a thread and has decided not to post any longer.

  • I do like that we can get rid of true spam without waiting for Tauck tech. I suspect if it wasn't anonymous we'd see less of the "you people aren't talking about things that I think you should be" flags.

    We have had a similar situation in my neighborhood over a bulletin board. Some self appointed person removes anything that doesn't fit in their narrow definition of what is allowed including items specifically allowed in the rules put in place when we built it and posted on the board. People have just given up using it.

  • Johns, I had a post where I attempted to explain what actual spam was flagged as spam.

    Thank you to whoever flagged my earlier post. That brings my spam flags to an even 5 plus 15 disagrees. Then again, my likes, agrees and LOLs total 304 so I'll gladly take those stats.

  • I imagine the ‘Flagger’ is thriving on the attention. All you can do is ignore it.

  • To get back on topic ( :) ), here's an updated picture, taken 8 hours after the earlier sunrise pic. Hi temp today was 34F, but the sun did its job.

  • My picture of my ‘car’ buried in snow was flagged. Perhaps appropriately since it has nothing to do with vaccinations, but it was offered in ‘response’. I get far more ‘disagrees’ than ‘agrees’ but I think that is mostly my friend British. My ‘likes’ far outnumber the ‘disagrees’ and the ‘agrees’. :)

  • Let's face it. Nowadays, there's not much travel to talk about other than trip cancellations. Is a little diversion a bad thing?

  • I have never done an agree or disagree or a like or whatever and have only ever flagged true spammers. Not being on Facebook or Instagram or anything like that, I’m just not into even thinking about using those icons.
    SeaLord, you snd I disagree and agree on many things, that’s what life is like. How boring and unhuman if it wasn’t so.

  • I should have added a (;-)

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    I just talked with Tauck about our Africa and Antarctica trips. First, she said Tauck is coming back to life and they are planning on running some U.S. trips. I asked if Tauck would go someplace that the CDC had classified Level 4, which is where Tanzania is right now, and she said probably not, even though they are ‘open’.

    Argentina is a mess, but Chile is doing pretty well, so I asked if anyone had looked at using Punta Arenas, Chile instead of Ushuaia for the Antarctica trip. She is going to run that by her ‘Ponant’ person, and see what they say. She will email me.

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    Cathy - All the changes are a pain, but in this case which would you prefer:

    a) Have the tour cancelled and have to cancel the Buenos Aires flights
    b) Have the tour move the start from Buenos Aires to Chile and have to change the flights from Buenos Aires to Chile, but still have a tour.

    I'm pretty sure you'd pick b). This of course, is if you don't have an option for the best choice, everything goes per original plan.

  • Yesterday my daughter got a call from a friend to say the local fire station had received a delivery of vaccine that had been ordered weeks ago and they were looking for people to get vaccinations as soon as possible, anybody! Her friend had been. My daughter got online and booked an appointment for today. I could not believe it. She went, they even gave her an appointment for the second dose. We haven’t even gotten an appoint for our second dose. This is just crazy. She is 41, a runner, no underlying conditions. Her only risk is that she volunteers at a local food bank each week and tutors a neighbors children while the parents both work from home. She felt so sorry for them. Her son has been in full time school since September and she lost her job as soon as the pandemic hit

  • Our young neighbors were in Florida this past week too.

  • Disneyworld was SOLD OUT


  • We've been pretty organized in NM but confusion starting as the sheer volumn of vaccines are increasing and alternatives to just waiting for the state system to send you notification keep popping up. Someone today said the Navajo Nation had completed all their vaccinations and had excess, but you had to drive 2.5 hours to get to it. Think I'll wait for something closer.

  • Claudia
    Someone today said the Navajo Nation had completed all their vaccinations and had excess, but you
    had to drive 2.5 hours to get to it. Think I'll wait for something closer.

    Why can't the Navajo Nation simply ship their excess to someone else to administer? Too simple of a solution?

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