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  • these are all wonderful comments and make me excited to travel again. I was in Jordan in late October of 17 and wore a polar tech jacket in the early morning and evening- during the day about lunch the weather warmed up and was very pleasant.
    Egypt for me is November 28th. should be about the same weather if not cooler. anyone else on the Egypt trip for end end of November?

  • Hi & thank you for all of the information! If I may ask, we are heading over early December and was a bit confused as to the type or rather warmth of clothes we should be brining, Any advice for both genders would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

  • edited November 2021

    Check out the average temperatures plus the highs and lows for where you are going in December and decide what you would normally wear in those temperatures, because everyone is different in their tolerance.. Always best to have a layered approach to clothing. Also be mindful of what is acceptable for the cultures you will be visiting, such as no bare shoulders in churches, or making sure your knees are covered.
    When we book a tour, we always look at what the weather will be first before we decide on tour date because we don’t like extreme heat or cold.

  • Great historical weather at weatherspark dot com- temps, humidity, wind, rain, etc. etc.

  • Thank you

  • The Avenue of the Sphinxes opening ceremonies commence at sunset. There is a summary of the festivities and a link to view the broadcast at the Egypt national news website. I think the address is:

  • Watching it now. Great video, wish the audio was in English.

  • I've heard they're having this same parade when AlanS arrives in March. :D

  • Steve Martin is the featured performer at my welcoming ceremony.

  • Balloon rides over Luxor got really hyped in the presentation. Tauck may add one to the itinerary at some point.

  • An impressive fireworks display at the end of show.

    **Lotusgirl **- Thanks for providing the link.

  • Shelley Ketchum Dickerson — my husband and I will be on the Dec 12-21 Egypt tour as well.

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