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  • mil - ... enjoying the hotel, dead sea, pool, Spa ...

    I suggest bringing/wearing water socks for your walk to and swimming in the Dead Sea at the Movenpick. It's a bit of a walk from the Tauck rooms (downhill going to the water) and the beach is very rocky. I was glad I did when I was there as part of the Israel/Jordan tour.

  • kareninsureme
    August 20
    . . . Any suggestions from previous trips of things we must do on our free time?

    It will be closed when you are in Jordan (closed in the Winter from 30 Oct- 1 April?), but for others with the same question who are adventurous try Googling Wadi Mujib. It is semi-wet version of the Siq in Petra, located about 30 mi. south of the Dead Sea hotel. You can do a walking/sloshing/wading/swimming trek in the Wadi. I would do it in a heart beat if it weren't still closed when we do J&E. You can book it through the hotel Concierge.

  • Smiling Sam
    Yes! I'm taking them... I remember you or Sealord saying something about it.

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    August 20
    . . . Any suggestions from previous trips of things we must do on our free time?

    Ooops, missed that you won't be going to Jordan on Jewels of the Nile. :(

  • AlanS, hello. Yes! I'm going to Jordan Y Egypt.- Petra to Pyramids
    My hotel @ the dead sea is the Kempinski, but the water socks are for the Dead Sea. I remember having a lot of little rocks , as I visited many years ago when I went to Israel.

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    My post was aimed at Karen. :D fixed it.

  • We are still on for Jewel of the Nile Egypt tour Dec 11. This will be our 5th your with our Morher. Just my brother, sister and I go with her. It has been such fun as a nuclear family. Mum is 89 and still as adventurous as ever. We were supposed to go last Jan. Any advice from past travelers to this area?

  • Re: Jordan-Egypt Tauck tour. (9/20/21 start)
    Day 5 we have dinner at the 1902 restaurant. Dress code says say formal wear. So, men need jackets. Got it. But what do women wear? Someone said that nice slacks work for women. That's not formal though. But what if we want to dress for the cocktail party/dinner? How dressed up can we get? Do our shoulders & knees need to be covered? There is not room in the suitcase to bring 3 dresses & figure it out there. Any observations will help me pack. What does "formal" and cocktail party" mean here?

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    I really don’t have any idea, everyone thinks differently. Do non drinkers have to wear cocktail dresses!
    Us, My husband has never taken a jacket on a tour, he’s on vacation. I have taken a nice dress, worn it at the Welcome dinner and been the only one… others wore everything from shorts to jeans with all holes up them. There is just no correct answer. I can’t see younger customers wanting to do this in the future, not with a luggage restriction

  • Katherine Nesci -

    When you say cocktail party, do you mean the reception before dinner? I have not been on this tour, but you will be fine if you wear dress slacks and a nice top or short jacket (like a woven jacquard.) Simple sheath dresses with a pretty scarf will also work. You can also visit the restaurant's website to ascertain specific dress code requirements, if any. I hope this helps!

  • I would wear a wedding dress....

  • milmil
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    Now seriously .... Katherine... you will be okay with a nice dress or in pants with a nice blouse... The 1902 Restaurant it's inside the Sofitel Hotel and it is a nice rest. but no need to dress as you would to a night wedding. Tauck customers are laid back and in tours are not really into fancy dressing, plus this area is pretty hot, I'm taking 2 linen dresses with scarfs for night time

  • no need to cover , this is a rest. @ the hotel... and Jordan as well as Egypt are more open minded then Saudi. You don't have to wear a Burqa. You do need to cover hair, shoulders and legs at the Mosques

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    mil -

    The dresses would be perfect for any welcome or farewell dinner, perhaps something a bit more understated. I love the black one, without the drape or with a shorter drape.

    The interior of the restaurant reminds me of the mosque in Cordoba, Spain!

  • Clean clothes would suffice - maybe black slacks, white shirt or whatever makes you comfortable!

  • milmil
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    kfnknfzk Yes, the interior reminds me of Cordoba too, amazing Moorish architecture and I did checked the menu... Yumm , lots of really good food.
    I do like the last/Black dress I would have wear different shoes, but it looks great. Here I am ironing my linen clothes... my arm already hurts! :))
    Good night everyone.

  • I got 2 flags!! I think the flag man likes the Se~oritas !!!

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    I thought Mil’s posting of the above photos of dresses were a joke. I’ve never seen anyone on Tauck tours wearing anything like that! 😂😂😂😂. Many guests are much much older, we still tend to be on the younger side even now we are pushing seventy. We often hang out with a younger crowd and even at the occasional more formal outing, they look nothing like the above.

  • Yes, it was a naughty joke, I only saw a lady wearing a dress like the red one on a tour to Vienna, to a classical music recital.

  • Yes, British, I'm with Mr. B....though fun, I wondered why the fashion show. And then there'd be me in flats...never worn heels in my life. It's really ok to bring just one dress. Guess some travelers enjoy dressing up...reminds me of a birthday party in elementary school with grown-up theme: we wore long dresses, put our hair up and borrowed our mothers' jewelry. But since then, comfort and simplicity rule; I find loose, long skirts best on plane and great for travel.

  • Anyone traveling on the November 28th tour? I'm a solo traveler and would love to here from you!
    Also, any comments from those are on the September 5th departure?

  • I had to go back and look at my pictures of the farewell dinner at the ‘Knights Templar’ in Malta. All the men in my pictures wore a jacket, and/or jacket and tie. I just wore a white jacket … too hot for a tie. All the ladies in my pictures were nicely dressed. Of course, the people on Ponant trips tend to dress up a little.

  • I prefer to get dressed up a bit, but it certainly depends on the tour, venues and personal preference. My mother taught me the basics of sewing at a young age, so I enjoy creating outfits exclusively for travel. My husband always wears a jacket at the welcome reception and farewell dinners. He enjoys it. It is part of the fun of traveling!

  • We recently returned from the Jordan/Petra/Egypt tour. At the 1902 restaurant all the men did wear jackets. The women were dressed nicely with dress slacks/skirts and pretty tops. Nobody wore cocktail dresses. One member of our group was turned away because he had shorts and flip flops on. The vast majority of the guests on this tour did "spruce up" for dinner. Jackets were worn by most men at the Welcome but the Farewell was held outside so the men did not wear jackets. The men wore dress slacks and dress shirts while the women wore dresses or nice tops and bottoms.

  • Ah, standards again. I love it! When I see how some American travelers dress abroad, I am embarrassed for them.

  • We had dinner at the 1902 a couple nights ago. We were the only ones there. The men wore jackets which they were allowed to remove once we were seated and there were 4 of us ladies …3 of us wore very simple linen dresses and one woman wore a blouse and slacks. Very comfortable

  • _Hi Cheekyrn I'm glad to know you're okay- and having a great time.
    I'm taking the same lots of linen. Great to hear from you.
    Take care. _

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    I worked over there for two years, and there were some summer days when it was too hot to fly the airplane. Airplanes have temperature limits, and our ‘older’ airplane was only certified to 50 degrees C, 122 F. Newer airplanes were certified to higher temperature limits. I flew many flights between Jeddah, and Madina, in the summer and we would carry a belly full of spare tires because the heat would sometimes blow the fuse plugs in the wheels upon landing deflating the tires. For those not already booked, I would recommend a ‘cooler’ season.

  • My mum, brother and sister and I are on the Dec 12-21 Egypt tour. Looking forward to it.

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