Egypt 2021

I noticed that the Tauck website Open for Travel section has been updated to state that this tour will run this year, commencing in September.



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    According to the State Dept, Egypt is still a level 4, "Do Not Travel," so Tauck must be hoping for a big improvement in the next 3 months!

    It was recently reported, Egypt has just about finished vaccinating people in the hospitality industry and started with the remainder of the general population. That illustrates the gov't's burning desire for tourists to return.

    They haven't announced an opening date for the GEM, but Tut's displays are mostly done and only need final items placed. The centerpiece, his golden mask, will supposedly be the last and be the focus of a grand procession from the old museum to the GEM, possibly during grand opening ceremonies. The grand staircase and atrium are supposedly complete.

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    Hi AlanS, Hope your doing well....

    To be honest.. I don't follow much the claims of The State Dept. about other countries ... according to them the rest of the world is full of Chaos, terrorism and epidemics.... and reality is.. that we may not be label -level 4 , but we sure look like one. :)))
    Any who.... I have more confidence on Tauck's judgement on keeping or not a schedule tour than other sources.. They have locals with more updated info. and if you think about it.. unless it's as bad as India was a couple of weeks ago.. the tour groups don't really mingle with the locals on a 1on1 basis and if you are vaccinated and follow the procedures.. chances are lower... still existent but lower.

    Now I want to share ... This article, it those give some hope. :))
    Have a great day and keep us inform.

  • We were just informed that our August 29,2021 trip to Egypt, Jordan Petra will be the first Tauck tour to this location. I would appreciate any advice about the tour from those that have taken it before the stoppages.

  • Of the few who made the few 2020 trips before COVID, just one or two returned to the forum to leave comments and answer questions. They may just be lurking, but I haven't seen any of them on the forums since last year.

    You can check the archives to the right of this page, or if I haven't sent you one already, I can send you a collection of their posts I consolidated into an MSWord document.

  • Hi loves2travel2
    CONGRATS!!!! , Yes! I also got notification of my Sept. 26 trip!! I cannot be more happy.....
    Yes! as AlanS mentioned out of the 2 groups that did go in 2020, hardly anyone said anything... very strange.
    Oh well!... we can make our own stories.... :)))

  • loves2travel2
    Alan, I would really appreciate receiving your compiled notes on this trip. Thank you!

    Sent you a msg

  • We go to Petra and Egypt sept 5 and could not be more excited.

  • Hi Loves 2 travel 2,
    I've been on The Israel Jordon trip and it was fabulous. You will love Petra. If I ever went back I'd skip the horse cart ride from the Treasury to the visitors center and walk. The road is very bumpy and they make the horse go way to fast. Plus this way you can see more of the park. I've been scheduled on the jewels of the Nile since March 12, 2020. I'm hopeful I'll be able go late November.

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    Tauck site says you need the Covid test 72 hours prior to arrival. Airline site says 96 hours before departure for those coming from North America. Does anyone know what’s correct? With labs saying you might not get results for 48 hours, snd long travel time, I have real concerns about my plans for this trip. Thank you.

  • You obviously have to go with the 72 hours. Not something we want to deal with this year. Please report back how it works out to help others.

  • 72 hours at place of origin... as soon as you checking in, the airline records you PCR results and you are allowed to board.
    Once you get to your destination you'll be fine but If you have a layover of more the 8-10 hours in some countries they will do a quick Covid- test. ( Jordan has removed the mandatory 2nd Covid at arrival to all vaccinated travellers.) Yahooooo!
    I would not be surprise if the PCR test stays for a couple of years as travel requirement.. with all the variants , it would be safe to do so.. I'm getting mine done the day before I travel and will pay xtra to have the results on the same day. they claim is around 20 min. wait.
    . But I do have to say... cost is a total rip off. $150-200. :(( insane.
    but our passage to happiness !
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • That seems cheap Mil, most places it’s at least $200 but still not guaranteed timeline if there is high demand.
    As far as variants are concerned, the ‘spike’ part of the virus….if this one changes, even vaccinated people could be in trouble.

  • _British nice to know that the cost is an average $$ all around ... I thought it was here only. _

  • Yesterday we got our Lufthansa Business Air flight reservations and seat assignments for Egypt March 2022. Dulles - Frankfurt - Cairo. We got them thru our Tauck certified TA and per Tauck's policy we do not have to spend a dollar for the air until final payment is due. Cost is very competitive and we were told the fare is only $300 higher then if we had gotten Premium Economy!

  • Glad to hear the August and September trips are a GO ! Our Jordan & Egypt trip starts November 21, so those traveling earlier, please update travelers with latest Covid protocols and how you acquired your Visas, and whether you were able to visit all planned destinations. THX

  • Hi---Two lady friends are travelling on the Sep 5 departure for Jordan/Egypt and leaving the husbands at home! **Of note: ** Jordan website (link provided by Tauck in their requirements section on website) indicates BOTH proof of full vaccination AND negative PCR test taking within 72 hrs of arrival into Jordan are required. This is different than what's on the Tauck website. I sent a query to Jordan email address provided on their website asking for a confirmation that both are required---the reply was YES. So, plan accordingly! I also notified Tauck of this update about a week ago and the person I spoke to said she would notify the appropriate department at Tauck. indicates the Visa can be purchased on arrival, $25-35, but doesn't offer more info. Assume there will be place to do this at the airport in Jordan.

  • Don’t rely on Tauck to give accurate information on their website for Pandemic related information. Keep looking at the country requirements up to the minute you depart for any sudden changes.
    In the past, when we have noted inaccuracies on the tour info on the website and pointe it out when I book, the agents say they will notify IT. Huh! Well they don’t…’s a simple example, it’s not a critical one, but one I point out months ago thst was incorrect. The agent reckoned probably no one else would notice, but it’s not exactly inspiring to me…

    “ Experience a bird’s-eye view of Cape Town as you Spend the remainder of the day exploring the waterfront delights of Victoria & Albert Waterfront, a mecca for shopping, art galleries, restaurants and entertaining street performers. Tauck’s shuttle will bring you back to the hotel at your convenience this afternoon. Tonight, join us for a farewell dinner at a local restaurant, renowned for its local culinary fare.”

    What is wrong, you ask? It’s not the Victoria and Albert Waterfront, it’s the Victoria and ALFRED Waterfront, her son!

    I’ve seen wrong hotels listed, not changed from the year before.
    I’ve seen things like suggesting shorts on a packing list for a winter tour of Paris.
    The worst was when we were sent the green booklet from the year before for our Iceland tour. The tour was greatly different from the one we were going on, we ended up getting a pile of paperwork instead, kinda like Tauck are doing again now.
    Tauck, we love them, but they do make mistakes

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    Hello, I always recommend travelers to do their homework, now adding to it, the Covid- procedures and regulations...
    and not to expect Tauck or any travel agent/tour company to do everything for you, specially when the information & regulations are changing by the minute , which even for an individual it is hard to keep up.
    The one thing is a worldwide requirement for sure, is the PCR test - regardless if you have been vaccinated or not and have prove of vaccination.
    What I'm not sure it's... if Tauck will allow non vaccinated in the tours? I know some people cannot be vaccinated for health reasons and that is sad, but I would feel a little more at ease if everyone was...
    Have a great weekend you all.

  • delphinium54
    . . . . indicates the Visa can be purchased on arrival, $25-35, but doesn't offer more info. Assume there will be place to do this at the airport in Jordan.

    I can't say how it will work for the Egypt, Jewels tour, but for the Jordan & Egypt tour, the Tauck reps that meet us at the airport facilitate getting the Jordan visa and Tauck gets our Egypt visa when we fly from Aqaba, Jordan to Awan.

    Update- I just checked- the "Required documents . . " > "Travel Documents" section of the Egypt: Jewels tour pages says:

    "In addition to a valid passport, U.S. citizens are also required to have a visa to enter Egypt. The Egypt visa will be issued on tour and is included in the tour cost.

  • AlanS - It is the same for the Egypt: Jewels of the Nile tour (assuming the Tauck website is correct). The following is an extract from that tour's Required Travel Documentation.

    In addition to a valid passport, U.S. citizens are also required to have a visa to enter Egypt. The Egypt visa will be issued on tour and is included in the tour cost.

  • Mil. Tauck are now saying as of yesterday that certainly, for the Europe tours, from August 1st, everyone must be fully vaccinated Gave people two day’s notice. They should have said this months ago.

  • Claudia - you go girl!! 100% agree

  • milmil
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    I just verified with Tauck- both the Jordan & the Egypt visas will be provided by them.- and much like EU most be fully vaccinated!

  • Flexibility is essential. We just did two back to back cruises that had a totally different itinerary than advertised. My wife thinks it was the best Caribbean cruise we have ever done. Our ship could not get into port unless everyone was vaccinated, and we also were covid tested five times. Tauck has been doing the Aegean so they are probably up the steep side of the learning curve. But, you need to be flexible and just enjoy being able to travel.

  • Hey, my husband and I are booked for the Jewels of the Nile tour departing Dec. 12, 2021. Anyone else? As Sealord remarked, flexibility is essential for travel these days. We just returned from Treasures of the Aegean. The Ephesus port of call was cancelled due to "geo-political" issues. That could change, or not. Not up to Tauck. Another stop took it's place. Also, the sequence of our stops got re-arranged a bit for calmer winds etc. Regardless it was fantastic. Hopefully, this Egypt trip will be well worth the efforts. I like that it is fully vaccinated and that PCR test is required. It adds a level of comfort.

    Any suggestions from previous trips of things we must do on our free time?

  • kareninsureme - No one has done this tour since February/March of 2020. The first one since then is scheduled for September 5th. Hopefully you can get some, current day, responses to your question once these trips resume in a few weeks.

  • Hi it's Gary and Carol we are going to Petra, Jordan and Egypt on Sept.5th 2021 still expecting it to get cancelled but... here there are only 2 on the trip just wandering anf thoughts idea's or fingers crossed. Anyone eles on the same time-love to here from all of you! Gary

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    Gary, Hi.
    Please stay positive.... you will go and don't forget to report back, please.
    Have a fun and safe trip. I'm going Sept. 26. cannot wait.

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    kareninsureme, Hello
    I'll write a report as I come back, leaving Sept. 26.-
    Now regarding extra tours , since we are arriving 2 days earlier ( 1st day just planning on just enjoying the hotel, dead sea, pool, Spa)
    then on the 2nd. I did book a day tour to Amman with the hotel concierge. A private day tour to Amman with car & driver... no guide was offer, you do all the visits on your own..

    Day goes like this:
    Pick up at 9:00 am - 40 min. drive to Amman


    • the citadel
    • the Roman Amphitheater
    • the market
    • rainbow street
    • the royal automobile museum
    • king Abdullah Mosque
    • Al Balah- quick visit.

    I wanted to visit The Baptismal place, but as I investigated , the place on the Jordan side is practically abandoned , so to see it .... it's best to go to the Israeli side.. problem is that you will need a visa to cross boarder, to much time and paper work, so we dropped the idea...
    Plus I already got Baptist once.. that's enough. :))
    Hope these helps.

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