2022 Antartica Jan 19-31



  • We cried the first time we had to leave Africa

  • Sealord...sounds and looks like you had a fabulous tour. I am so happy for you!!!

  • I cried always at the welcome party, the introduction - circle time :((...I get super nervous and always make a fool of myself, :))
    but I also cried during my trip to India every time we left the hotels, and all the servers would come out to wave goodbye, same in Casablanca. and also leaving the Nile River cruise boat.

  • Sealord AMAZING TRIP!!!
    I never thought, I would be interested on going to Antarctica but the more I see...the more it is growing on me, I'm really getting into it. I've already checked out the air routes from Seattle and which airlines to go with. of course, it will be for 2024-25.
    I have to thank DoreenC for sharing those incredible pictures as well as cathyandsteve , with hers too and her great report.
    I love to see our Forum is back to normal, with everyone sharing lots of info. great experiences, amazing pictures and friendly again. !

    Waiting to see what Alans will report from Jordan & Egypt. :)

  • Me too! :D:D I was just checking weather and the Dead Sea water temps in Jordan! B)

  • We are docking now in Ushuaia. Another ‘misty’ moment. The end of a ‘bucket list’ experience.

  • Love all the photos…great memories of our magical Antarctic trip in 2014! Remains my favorite trip…it’s so unique! Hoping y’all get home safe and healthy…and Covid free!

  • I wonder if a "positive" (discount) cruise could become a real thing.

    All passengers would still need to be fully vax'd. Upon check in all positives, including crew, and anyone who isn't, but doesn't care, goes on one ship. During the unmasked welcome dinner, everyone shares dinner, dancing, a juicy welcome kiss from the "hot" captain, and a sauna. Everyone goes on to enjoy a fully open, non-socially distant, and unmasked cruise. After the last excursion or Farewell Dinner, everyone is tested. Those testing negative get to depart the ship in Ushaiao and go home, while those (including crew) still testing positive immediate start quarantine in their cabins and upon arrival in Ushaiao transfer to a quarantine ship or hotel for the length of required quarantine period. It could work, right? :D

  • Alan - It's already been done. Check out the book, "Plague Ship."

  • For the feb.8th crew, this restaurant is worth another day in BA. This is probably the best restaurant I’ve eaten in BA, and probably anywhere. The food and service is superb. It’s about a ten minute taxi ride from the Hilton (five dollars). We thought about becoming bulimic in order to start over again. Make reservations thru the concierge. They open at eight … a good time to go. We were there on a Monday, and by nine pm they were crammed.

  • Sealord,

    I just wanted to thank you for your reports and photos of your fabulous adventure. Your input, as well as those of cathyandsteve, made me feel as if I was right there with you. Oh, how I wish I could do this trip!

    Safe travels home!

  • I wonder if that is the restaurant featured in one of the Somebody Feed Phil series. He did feature Buenos Aries.
    It mist be good because the menu looks nothing special that you show. I haven’t cooked kidneys or liver for a long time, not so easy to find in the US.

  • I only gave you one page of the menu. There are several … the pastas and fish have their own menus, as does the deserts.

  • I haven’t cooked kidneys or liver for a long time, not so easy to find in the US.

    British - I love liver. As a matter of fact, I had it for dinner last night. I purchase it from a local butcher who receives a fresh delivery once a week. it sells out quickly. It's amazing the price per pound has tripled since the pandemic but folks don't seem to mind. I remember the first time I purchased after the price spike, before he began to slice it, he said, oh wait....I forgot to mention, the price has increased significantly.

  • I have a great liver recipe if you want to Pm me. I might have to see if I can find the exact proportions but can give you the ingredients and they don’t need to be exact
    Liver should be eaten with caution, since the discovery that it can have significant vitamin A, too much of which is dangerous, we only ate it infrequently.

  • British - I have a great liver recipe ...

    IMPOSSIBLE, liver is one of the vilest tasting thing in existence. Right there with Iceland's fermented shark (which Gordon Ramsey spit out on one of his shows, and Anthony Bourdain said it was the worst thing he'd ever eaten). :D:D

  • IMPOSSIBLE, liver is one of the vilest tasting thing in existence

    Smiling Sam--whoever is cooking it obviously does not know how to prepare it properly.... B)

  • No liver for me thank you! It appears the flagger is busy today! :#

  • I sent PureLuxury my recipe. It’s so good, it doesn’t even taste anything like liver.
    Come to dinner Sam and I’ll make it for you!

  • edited February 2022

    another vote here for liver, British, though I’ve had chicken more often than beef or veal. add a flavorful herbal mustard like tarragon and cooked apricots or apples…yum! the secret as with eggs, fish, etc. is not to overcook.

  • I think I should have posted a different page of the menu. The scallops were the best I’ve ever had.

  • Was liver on the menu😂 maybe whale seal or penguin liver!

  • Sea lord’ I must gently take you to task on your comments about the cruise going on despite positive tests and quarantines. I am happy the show went on for those who had no positive tests. But for those of us quarantined it was “Antarctica Lite”. We didn’t get the whole experience of disembarking in zodiacs (only did 3 outings), making trip friends, dining with others, etc. We are grateful for what we did do and see, and the wonderful treatment from our TDs and medical staff. The view from our balcony was stunning. But while the show went on, some of us didn’t get to see the whole show.

  • edited February 2022

    Ours was a different cruise. No onboard testing until just before the last excursion. The crew was tested frequently. Everyone was tested prior to boarding.

  • edited February 2022

    Just a synopsis. We tested three times before getting on the boat … one was extra due to timing logistics. We tested three more times at the end … twice on the boat and once at the EZE airport. Everyone was told to see the Doctor if they did not feel well, but there was no random testing of guests on board until end. Everyone aboard had the opportunity to do at least nine of the ten excursions. One guest came alone cuz her husband tested positive enroute. I’m not sure that was a good idea because she later tested positive. But it is my understanding that few if any “partners” tested positive onboard. The Ponant expedition director tested positive but his wife did not. I think there is a ‘we are going to learn to live with it’ philosophy evolving. Almost all who tested positive had no symptoms as of the time of departing.

  • Welcome home, Sealord. You no doubt have seen Shackleton Endurance is back in the news.

  • Sealord - Do you know how many different species of penguins you saw during your tour?

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