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Just wondering if anyone has had success in applying for an E Visa to enter Zambia. I am an Apple user who figured out how to upload a pic of my passport but now can’t upload the required pics of passport photos because my file is too large. I need a lesson on how to compress a 1.5 mb jpg file into a 1.0 mb jpg file. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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    I think I can assist. Think being the buzz word. I just did this a couple of days ago but for another reason. Start from the beginning and put the picture on the computer once again. Before it appears on the desktop, it should say “quality” somewhere. Choose a lower quality and that should work instead of “actual size”. If it doesn’t work, pick even a lower quality. That’s what I did, and it worked. Good luck.

  • This might further explain OurTravels34's post.

    Here's something you can try. Load your 1.5 mb jpg file into Preview, by double clicking it. Once in Preview and displayed on the screen, from the File menu of Preview select the Export option. On the Export popup menu make sure that the Format is JPEG and then slide the Quality Bar from Best towards Least until the File Size displayed below the slider gets to the desired size. At that point select Save.

    I know that's a lot of Mac mumbo jumbo, but hopefully you understand what I'm describing. Hopefully that works for you.

  • Ourtravels34 and Smiling Sam, thank you so much! It’s one step forward and two steps back as I struggle to complete the application. I really appreciate your advice. If worse comes to worse, it’s just a first world problem that can be resolved by making a beeline to immigration and purchasing the visa at the Livingstone airport. 🤞

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    It has been a few years (May 2019) but we found it easy to get a visa on arrival at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone. We were planning to walk across the bridge into Zimbabwe at some point during our pre-stay, so intended to get the KAZA UNIVISA for multiple entry to/from Zambia, Zimbabwe for 30 days. It was the same price as the regular, single entry visa and appears it still is- $50. Upon arrival, we made a beeline from our Business class seats across the tarmac to immigration, but didn't really need to. The line for the Kaza visa only had a few people. Everyone else was in the long, regular visa line. We got through in little or no time and actually beat our luggage to the pick-up area! If it is still available, which it appears it is, the Kaza is something to check into.


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    Smiling Sam
    . . . I know that's a lot of Mac mumbo jumbo . . .

    Speaking of Mac mumbo jumbo, It appears those features do not apply to the iPad or iPhone, though you can get 3rd party apps for those devices that will allow you to reduce the size of your images. I believe the only way to resize photos on an iPad is when you insert them in an email. If you do that, then you may be able to send the reduced size image to yourself, save it from the email, then use the resized photo to upload with your visa application. I haven't tried it so can't say if it really works.

    Also, since we are speaking of Mac mumbo jumbo, there is one issue that, from all appearances, needs to be addressed here on the forum- posting photos in the correct orientation. The problem with iPhones and iPads (and possibly other smart phones) is, regardless of the orientation (landscape or portrait) of the device when you take the photo, the photo will always appear in the correct orientation, regardless how you hold these devices when viewing the image. Unfortunately, as clearly demonstrated, that is not how it works when uploading photos to the Tauck forums and other websites. Your photo may appear oriented 90° right or left. (I won't go into a discussion of Meta data, etc. :D )

    Unfortunately, you can't rotate images once they have been posted to the forum (I asked Tauck to add that feature). If it is oriented incorrectly when you "Preview" your post, the only solution is to deleted the image, and upload one that you rotated first. The partial solution is, if you know which photos are oriented wrong you can, using the bundled Apple "Photos" app to make and easily rotate a "duplicate," then upload the duplicate (using a duplicate saves you from messing with the original.)

    The missing piece to all this, however, is that I don't know how to determine beforehand, which images will be oriented wrong. I still have some experimenting to do, but will post results and instructions one I've got it all nailed down.

    The following iPad screen grabs were rotated with “Photos.”

  • Alan S, many thanks for sharing your knowledge. I think I need to start the application process over again, but this time I will use my desktop rather than my iPad. Everything you suggested makes sense to me. I am flying Skylink to Livingstone from Joberg and am in seat #2 so if I don’t have any success getting the visa electronically then I will pray for a short line at the airport such as the one you experienced in 2019. Now about reorienting my uploaded photos….that’s another kettle of fish entirely! 🐠🐟

  • Ladybombay - I find that things are much easier to do on a desktop than on the iPad.

  • I'm sure some web developer geek could explain the why's but there are definitely some websites that don't provide all the same features and functionality when accessing them with a tablet instead of a computer. Unfortunately you sometimes don't find that out until you've wasted time trying to do a task on your tablet or smart phone.

  • I only use my iPad on tour- read email, do a little surfing, store a copy of my photos, by tour and upload selected ones to the Tauck forum and Facebook. I do all my planning, tour and official business, etc. with a laptop.

  • My husband always goes to the laptop for important stuff like downloading the Green book’

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    Claudia Sails
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    there are definitely some websites that don't provide all the same features and functionality when accessing
    them with a tablet instead of a computer.

    True even on the Tauck forum as well (I think).

    On my iPad I haven't figured out how to see who has indicated 'Like' or 'LOL' for any given post. On my desktop I simply hover my mouse pointer over 'Like' or 'LOL' and the interface shows the usernames for who did the Liking or LOLing. On my iPad I haven't figured out how to do that. Perhaps that is a feature that requires a mouse?

    AlanS - You're our local forum expert and use an iPad a lot. Is there a way on the iPad to do what I described above that is easily done when you have a mouse available to you?

    I'm sure there are lots of programs/apps that require a mouse or some equivalent pointing device to access certain features or capabilities.

    There may be other features that are only available or useable if your display is of a certain size. I know I've used some apps and access some websites that work better on the iPad than they do on the iPhone. Likely that is due to display screen size.

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    Sam - on my iPad I hold my finger for a second on the like or lol and the contributors are listed.

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    BSP51 - I'll give it a try. Perhaps my big meathook hands/fingers cover to much territory. :D

    I gave it a try and I kind of got it to work and my meathooks kind of got in the way. When I moved my finger over the Like or LOL with the lightest of pressure the names would pop up. If I applied too much pressure or moved slightly it seemed to pop up some kind of Open menu (two pop-up windows). Any way, after the those pop-up windows went away the usernames were still visible so I consider that a success, even if it isn't optimum (with my meathooks :D )


  • I just tired and it resulted in a LOL for BSP51 before I figured it out. Can we find the flagger this way?

  • British - cannot find the flagger. That info is protected by Tauck within the website. Anyway, finding the flagger would kill the mystique 😂

  • British - you can repeat the process to remove the LOL. No, flagger posts are anonymous, unfortunately.

  • Ok, yes did it!

  • British, you do realize that you can edit any of your posts, to fix tie poes and craysee otter kerrect by clicking on the little gear (cog) in the upper right of your post window. :D

  • Yes Alan, but mostly it’s too late when most people have already read my mistakes and shamed and laughed at me on the PM feature
    I do correct some posts

  • I want to thank everyone on this Forum who has been so helpful. I am very grateful for all of you.

  • LadyBombay, did it work for you? It’s hard to explain these tasks in words without showing you. I’m just a visual person and need to see you be able to apply it to myself.

  • OurTravels, I will purchase my visa when I arrive at the airport in Livingstone. I did, however, learn a lot even if I could not successfully purchase a visa electronically. Three mornings was enough time to spend on that task; I have other rows to hoe! Again, thanks so much.

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    I did mine, after many tries!... and it got already approved, looking back it is easy but tricky. If you change your mind, you have my cell #. :)

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