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    Here’s what l had for breakfast today, carpaccio of dragon fruit with mango, almonds, coconut milk and chocolate nibs if I recall correctly

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    September 15th - Last day of the tour, after breakfast which was incredible, we drove to Uluwato Forest the area surrounding the Uluwato Temple high up on the cliffs, the forest is home to many long tailed monkeys, the guides which by the way have been wonderful Bawa and kayak and the TzD gaves us many warnings, no eye glasses, chains, dangling earrings etc because the monkeys may try to grab them, the views were amazing, there was also a statute of Danghyan Nirarta a priest that came to Bali from Jave and built temples by the on the hills
    by the watershed mountains of Bali. The food has been wonderful throughout the trip and the only hotel I did not care for was the Phoenix but we were there only one night. Tonight our Farewell dinner is by the pool and at 9 PM I leave for the airport going home with Qatar.

    BRITISH THE NARRATIVE IS ALL YOURS NOW, looking forward to continuing to read your comments.

  • Have a great Qatar flight back home Gladys. We have just arrived at the Phoenix hotel which is a Heritage hotel but clean and with everything you need for an overnight stop. We have to have our checked bags out of the door by 10pm tonight, which will be a rush since we do not arrive back from e vending activities until 9-30pm. We leave the hotel tomorrow at 5-15am for our flight to Bali.
    So far, Our tour has been wonderful and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, lots of laughter and fun group photos being taken. This morning we all had to wear the free thick straw hats which were given to us to keep by the Amanjiwo hotel so we could have a fun group photo. The hats are all different sizes and some have wider brims than others. They were in our rooms and some people look great and others are too big or too small. I have to confess we will leave ours behind because they are so itchy.
    My only tip this time is that at the Amanjiwo hotel, the mattresses are on top of marble platforms which stick out a lot at the sides. The only way I could gracefully get out of bed was to place a pillow on the platform and slide over it to reach the ground, otherwise a cold bottom in the middle of the night might be a shock to the system.

  • British
    As usual, we are all bloated with all the food.

    That's why they are giving you all of the stairs to climb!! :D Remember you have that swimsuit model body to think about. 😂

  • British--Is this your TD Debra? She was the TD for the December 2021 J&E Tour. She was fantastic. If yes, please tell her Robin says hello (she'll remember me as the person she arranged her driver to take back to the pyramids for more photos on the last day of the tour--

  • Yes, that’s Debra, I believe she is heading for Israel and Jordan after this

  • My goodness...I can only imagine the willpower it must take to pace yourself eating on these back to back trips. I always gain a pound on Tauck tours :D

  • PureLuxury
    I always gain a pound on Tauck tours :D

    PLEASE, let me only gain A POUND on a Tauck tour!!! 😂

  • British I'm at the airport waiting to board, how right you are zbout the bed in Amanjiwo and the Plataran Beach resorts beds have and even wider marble platform so be careful.

  • Thanks for sharing your trip comments and wonderful photos, Gladys. Did you use your iPhone or a regular camera? Safe travels…
    It will be great to read British’s additional comments.

  • In Japan green tea is said to flush out your system, esp. if you are adjusting to a higher-sodium diet...if you think that's an issue.

  • What is the best time to take this tour?

  • It’s hot and humid whenever you come here. The so called rainy season begins in October. Humidity is a challenge.
    We are now in Bali after getting up at 4-30am, have been in our private pool, just about to head out to dinner
    My tip today is that the shops and local restaurant will accept credit cards, the outside stalls will not. We plan to shop a little tomorrow.

  • Pictures are so great and tempting for me to book;the monkey scene is familiar to me since my childhood days in India!Just dreading the long flight.Any recommendation for the best route to fly out of Midwest?

  • We flew Qatar from Philly via Doha to Singapore. Return is Bali to Doha then Philly
    I can’t emphasize enough the amounts of steps on this tour, for example, this Sayan Four Seasons must have almost 100 steps just to get to the reception area and there are no elevators. When you get to your room, you go down about twenty stone steps to enter your room. Their is a lot of walking in general. The tour is classed as a 3 and 3 on Tauck’s scale.

  • Thanks for the warning about activity level;we just returned from Royal Danube river cruise where we walked an average of 4 miles a day per my watch!Also climbed down 800 steps to the 3rd level of salt mine.This was about 16 weeks after spinal fusion that my husband had.So hoping he will be improving before we go anywhere!

  • British - Have you seen any snakes yet? Wonderful photos!

  • British, if you plan to have dinner out there are wonderful restaurants along the beach serving fresh fish dinners by candlelight directly on the beach. It is walking distance from the hotel. We went into one of the restaurants recommended in TripAdvisor and were dubious when walking in from the street—looked like a fish market. But when we walked through and we’re seated at our table on the sand it was great. Reasonable prices too.

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    We had a wonderful dinner at our hotel last night at the Balinese restaurant, the one meal included here. We are constantly being bombarded with food, even plates of fruit in the room plus two birthday cakes already, if you say it’s your birthday on a Tauck tour, they seem to tell every hotel!
    I’ve just woken up and the last thing on my mind is food and yet I love food😀
    SnJ. Thanks for the tip, I’ll tell others. You must mean the other Four Seasons at the end of the tour .

  • Nancy I have an android phone for .the first time I didn't take my camera all the photos were with the phone.

    British I hope you're as lucky as we were with the boat ride to Komodo Island. I'm I New York waiting for my flight to Orlando it's been many , many hours of travel.

  • Thanks Gladys! I did take a photo of the statue of a Komodo at the restaurant before the monkey forest just in case😀And we did see one at the aquarium in Vegas earlier in the year…no need to come here really.
    How was Qatar,

  • SnJ, please share the name of the beachfront restaurant yo referred to...where was this and what was the name? We aren't going until next May but love having the recommendation for my file. Nancy

  • You are the best advertisement for this trip! Thanks for your stunning photos.

  • Love the photos! Trip sounds fabulous!

  • Great posting!Can’t believe you are able to do that with the busy itinerary!Pictures remind me of scenes in India!Bali was in our bucket list ;just booked for June 2023!

  • British and Gladys. Thank you so much for your pictures and comments. This looks like a fabulous trip. May have to add this one to the ever growing bucket list. I love traveling to Countries that have such distinct cultural differences than ours. Fascinating.

  • British and Gladys - We would like to do this trip in 2024. Do you see snakes?

    Wonderful photos and the trip sounds really great!

    Thank you!

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