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  • We usually use miles (or sometimes Delta's free companion ticket) for r/t flights to/from our local feeder and gateway cities (JFK, ATL, etc.). The international r/t ticket is usually cheaper too. I make sure when we check in that our bags are ticketed through however!!!

  • AlanS
    The international r/t ticket is usually cheaper too.

    Please define what you mean by r/t ticket. I doubt very few people on the forum book one way tickets.

    Do you mean from one city to one city non-stop and then the reverse coming home? So no multi-city tickets - to one city, home from another? Per your definition does the r/t have to be non-stop. What case are you referring to when you say they are 'usually cheaper'?

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    I was including open jaw (also called "Multi-City) tickets which are often required with Tauck tours so I was talking about US gateway to International destinations and back to a US gateway. I try for non-stop international legs to avoid stops in LHR, AMS, CDG, FRA, etc. but it is not always possible. We always fly non-stop between our local airport and the gateway cities.

    Last two trips:

    J&E, Mar '22. Outbound- (Delta) RDU - ATL + (Turkish) ATL - IST - AMM. Inbound- (Turkish) CAI - IST -JFK + (Delta) JFK - RDU. Delta and Turkish were separate Mult-City bookings. Doing it that way was much less expensive (and shorter) than a single Star Alliance booking (Turkish/United)- and was even less $ because I used miles for the separate Multi City Delta booking.

    Treasures of the Aegean, May '22: All Delta RDU - JFK - ATH - JFK - RDU, however RDU - JFK / JFK RDU and JFK - ATH / ATH - JFK were separate r/t bookings to get more economical use of miles.

    Upcoming: XMAS Mkts: outbound RDU - JFK - ZRH; inbound: HAM (taking a side trip by train from DUS to HAM) - CDG - ATL - RDU. We didn't have enough miles to achieve any sort of savings by separating out RDU - JFK / ATL - RDU.

  • AlanS - I think more times than not you won’t get nonstop from your gateway city to the tour start city and back from the tour end city to the gateway for tours outside of Europe.

    Of the three examples you gave the one tour outside of Europe had intermediate stops in Istanbul. I think that will be more common than you might think.

  • I'd rather connect through Istanbul, Doha, Dubai, etc. than most of the airports in Europe.

  • I agree about connecting through the Mideast cities vs European cities, for a number of reasons.

    I was just trying to point out your desire to fly nonstop to/from your gateway city and the tour start/stop city won’t be satisfied very often outside of tours in Europe.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions, I have to make sure I keep track of the dates better. I will try Air France even though I totally dislike Charles DE Gaulle airport, had really bad experiences there.

  • gladysorlando984
    . . . I totally dislike Charles DE Gaulle airport, had really bad experiences there.

    There is nothing like sitting in a buttoned-up plane getting ready for push-back at CDG and seeing our bags sitting all alone on the tarmac!! :o

  • I know I don't like CDG either..... If I'm flying to Europe I do Delta/Klm 98% of the time.
    But I haven't gone to Europe in the last 6 years.

  • That's also my favorite connection Mil. CDG only in desperation :D
    Alan I didn't realize or forgotten that that's where your bags were left on the tarmac.

  • Though we luckily got our bags, I think the baggage problems like we and BKMD had were primarily caused, among a whole host of reasons, by flight cancellations, delays, and failure of the airlines and baggage handlers to retag luggage for the new flights.

  • You are so right Alan, that's what happened in my Singapore flight fiasco, my luggage never left Detroit which was my first stop, when I was re-routed to LA and then Singapore the luggage remained in Detroit.

  • Gladys Hi.
    So, I finally booked my airfare, direct flight Seattle-Singapore! YES!!- good news :)
    Return, DEN-SIN- SFO-SEA. - bad news :( - no direct flight -SIN-SEA. on Sunday- only Sat. which I would have to short my 2 xtra days in Denpasar.... NOT HAPPENING! I want my beach; I want to sleep on the Fab. FS mattress for 4 nights! skinny D. in my own pool... go to the Spa and finally order my Amazing Creme Brulee every night- Tip the best in the world!

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    . . . .bad news :( - no direct flight -SIN-SEA. on Sunday . . .

    How about Monday or Tuesday? As you already know, cheaper fares or less wear and tear on your body with a direct flight often outweigh the cost of extra nights! :D

  • Hello my friend.. Alan, the direct flights are only Tues.-Thurs-Sat. for now.. and I go back to work the Tuesday after arrival.
    So, it too hard.. for me to go next day to work.. By flying out Saturday I will be home Sunday morning which it will give 1.5 days to get back in track, do laundry etc..


  • ¡qué lástima! :/ Just tell your boss, you have a 'condition' and can't be back to work until Thursday (condition: taucktouritis) :D

  • milmil
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    I like that idea...It's not like they're going to fire me, the only reliable employee that it's left. :)

  • Very happy you got your flights Mil. Now the excitement that comes with the anticipation begins.

  • Hello ladies,
    Galdys-British good morning...:)

    Could any of you... PLEASE, send me a copy of the (GO SHEETS) from this trip, I'm doing my itinerary calendar for the xtra activities and want to have a better idea of what possible free time I could have. I know itineraries can change, but still, it's better than the online one.
    If any of you can help, I'll appreciated it. Please send it to my PM if possible.

  • Hi Mil, I'll look to see what I have and send it to you.

  • Thanks, Gladys.

  • Getting my work station ready for the next 5 days at home... I'm not leaving the house... I'll book everything I can. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

  • Just booked this tour for August, 2024. :D

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