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  • ****Sam—as British & Noreen noted, the atmosphere of the Doha lounge is wonderful, service excellent and the food is delicious. On your return, you may even want to venture into one of the many boutiques for some last minute very high-end shopping. B)

  • PureLuxury
    you may even want to venture into one of the many boutiques for some last minute very high-end shopping. B)

    🤮 that was my reaction when I read your post. My wife will hear nothing about this post. :D

  • I am attaching some photos from our trip to Africa flying Emirates Airlines.  It was a wonderful flight, however, I still prefer Qatar.  This was our third trip to Africa and my husband decided it would make a nice birthday gift.  We didn't go with Tauck but with a company called Wilderness Safaris.  However, we met Tauck people in Narina Lodge in Kruger National Park.  When we went to Africa on Qatar we used American miles and the cost was around $77.00 for the taxes roundtrip in 2019

  • Yes, the Doha lounge is amazing. Huge two story lounge with incredible water pond in center of lounge.

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    Gladys HI!! I'm so happy to hear you made it to Singapore... what an ordeal.
    Now, today it's a new day, so enjoy and relax.. keep taking lots of pictures and have as many Raffle slings as possible. :)

    Wish you the best!

  • Smiling Sam, Hi.
    I would be the one with the stilettos! for sure . :)

  • Oh wow, the gardens look amazing. Hope we can get ot he evening show, we just love gardens. Sent you a pm

  • The botonical gardens are amazing. My favorite section was the orchids — and the names given to each.

  • Fabulous glad you and your luggage are together again! Your weather looks great too.

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    The Gardens by the Bay look amazing. I have seen bits and pieces of it in movies, like 'Crazy Rich Asians' but it didn't exist when I was there years ago.

    The only place we visited at that time was the tired and well-past-its-prime, Tiger Balm Gardens, a garden park created to promote Tiger Balm products. It was filled with creepy folklore and mythological creatures in allegorical dioramas, a number of which depicted what happens to children when they misbehave! A Far East version of scared straight? :D Anyway, it was a sad place. The original one in Hong Kong closed but the one in Singapore might still be open.

  • You are bringing back wonderful memories. I loved the village walk, and the Amanjiwo was spectacular. They had morning yoga by the pool, and a lovely breakfast on the patio overlooking the pool as well.

  • To & speedy travels to Singapore!

  • Your photos and commentary are wonderful, Gladys. Thank you for posting pictures and comments. We just today booked our flights to Singapore on Singapore Air for next it seems real!

  • We are at the airport!

  • British Wishing you safe uneventful travels & Have FUN!!! B)

  • Thank you everyone and thanks to Gladys for leading the way with her reports and photos.

  • We arrived in Singapore today after seamless travel and I think more sleep than I’ve ever managed on both planes. Our first Qatar flight was not Q suites but it was still excellent. We chose to have afternoon tea at the start of our overnight flight, lighter on the stomach. I had my dinner after a good sleep. You can chose to eat whenever you want, it takes about a half hour for it to come because obvious it has to be heated up. Amuse bouche was a lovely piece of lobster topped with caviar and gold leaf. Our second flight was Q suites but our seating was not together, I was in another section of the cabin. I’ve decided I prefer the non Qsuites seats, more room to spread out and actually more storage and seating is very spread out anyway.
    We arrived at Raffles hotel around 10am and had to wait around an hour for our suite to be ready. We met our butler. Showered and refreshed we are heading out soon.
    For those who are not familiar with Doha airport, I’m going to post some pictures of where the business class lounge is. We had a bit of an ‘argument’ about its location, even though we have been there several times before. Mr B was totally convinced it was where there was a long line of people waiting to go in, I said, no that’s not the one. The key is to find the Harrods tea room, the escalators for the lounge are opposite the larger poster on the side of the tea area. There is also a Hamleys toy store nearby. And a very large yellow teddy bear.

    I took picture of the outside of the lounge reception for clarification. We were not in there long enough to take inside photos and wifi kept disconnecting during our short time in there.

  • British....I'm so glad your travels were uneventful. Have a Wonderful tour! B)

  • British - Thanks for the assistance in finding the Doha lounge. We'll be there in under a month. We have the same seating on our two Qatar flights that you had - non QSuites on the first leg, Qsuites on the second leg.

  • British,

    Glad you had an uneventful flight. It all sounds wonderful and the pictures are superb. My husband wants your husband's shoes. May I ask what brand they are? My apologies for digressing.

    On a more personal note (not a political one), my sincere condolences on the passing of Her Majesty, a woman of great strength, dignity, grace and wit.

  • Wife and I will be in the Doha lounge on the evening of the 7th of October. Seems like a central gathering place for Tauckturians. Haha.

  • We arranged a massage when in Bali. We looked on TripAdvisor for recommendations, and took a short taxi ride into town. It was really inexpensive and an excellent massage.

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    I think I’m going to leave all the photo to Gladys, they are wonderful. Maybe I’ll stick to all the practicalities that I used to post about trips in the past… here goes.

    I’m grateful to Gladys mentioning about cheap laundry. While in recent years, my husband says, you shouldn’t go on a trip where you can’t afford to pay for the laundry, it’s jars for me to shake my frugal nature from the many years of our early marriage that clearly worked or we would not be enjoying all these wonderful trips. You see the grey dress shirt my hubby is wearing in the teddy bear photo, that will cost $20 US to be laundered here at Raffles, and he was going to send it today….thanks so much Gladys for the tip!!

    Kfnknfzk, the brown leather shoes my hubby is wearing have been fantastic all over the world, especially Afica. They are Merrill’s. I’m pretty sure I originally got them in the sale years ago, I hand wash them in the sink, leather and all and they come up great. I did buy him a lovely black pair in a sale last year, he was with me, said they fit but now he says they are too small, that’s nothing new, he says that about more than half the shoes he has because not only do his feet vary in size a bit more than most peoples, he has bad buniony feet that are getting worse….no he won’t even see a dr about them folks. Now here’s the fun thing, he has no trouble with the width of Clarks shoes, which we both have always worn in Britain, but in the US are too narrow and the wide sizes are limited and hard to find in store.

    It’s the middle of the night here in Singapore. We visited the National museum yesterday afternoon and took a guided tour, the guide was wonderful, then we strolled around more. We took a short taxi ride there in the rain but walked back, it’s a short walk and was dry and not particularly humid. We got ready for dinner. Went to the outside bar for our $37 each Singapore Slings and then headed to the Italian restaurant for a small dinner….I had my favorite, risotto which was delicious. It was freezing in the restaurant, yes frigid, I was wearing a dress with short sleeves and yes, I did not bring a wrap on vacation with me. I do have a lovely batik cotton coat with me, but never thought I would need it inside, it was for any cool evenings outside. Now I’m glad that Mr B says most meals will be outside as the tour progresses, and yes, we did bring bug spray 😂

  • I actually think it’s good they are combined Cathy

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