Merry Christmas everyone , Happy Hanukkah

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  • And a Wonderful New Year of travel.

  • And Happy Festivus.

  • mil - You should have added a picture to your post, of yourself in an Ugly Christmas Sweater, to be more festive, especially since yesterday was National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (for real). 😂😂

  • Here ya go, Sam:

    Personally, I just donated a bunch of clothes, including several sweaters, so I'm devoid of them.

  • BKMD - your post would be an order of magnitude better if the picture of the sweater was of you wearing it!!

    Still I applaud the effort and holiday spirit. :D

  • Unlike you, who likes his face splashed all over the internet, in travel brochures, etc.,I prefer to maintain a modicum of anonymity. :)

  • Our Cruise Director, Jeremy, wore a different (ugly?) LED-lighted XMAS sweater every day on our XMAS Mkts cruise.

  • Alan, should have read this before responding to your private message. Jeremy Shifferly? He was our CD on the Andorinha and I can easily see him in an Ugly Sweater. Quite the character. He made Halloween on the Andorinha fun.

  • BKMD - I understand, it's your paranoia, hence the username

    Boogieman Kidnaps Medical Doctor


  • Thank you, mil, for the kind Hanukkah wishes. May you and your family have an equally festive holiday season filled with joyful blessings.

  • Happy Holidays, Everyone and Health and Happiness to all!

  • I also had Jeremy twice, once in the Rhine Christmas Marker river cruise and later on the Royal Danube river cruise. He is quite the character.

  • Jeremy, our TDs Halsey and Andrea, and the maître de on the Andorinha for Halloween.

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