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We are ready to book our next trip but usually have a gift of time letter to use. Finished an Ireland trip in Sept, going to Africa in May and plan on India in 2023. Are these offers random or is there a large mailing at certain times? Never really thought about it before since we always have one to use. Any thoughts before I call to book?


  • Just ask about it when you call to book. They will tell you if the Gift of Time is being offered for the tour you are booking. It sounds like you would qualify. Sometimes when I’ve booked, Tauck has said that the decision on GOT hadn’t been made yet. Later, after the decision was made I was given the GOT.

    I’ve rarely had a GOT letter.

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    I've never received a Gift of Time Letter that I recall. It is never an issue because we always book early. You will often need to scour the website or do a Google search. Here is the link for the 2024 Gift of Time announcement:

    You've missed the boat for 2023 tours. Typically, Tauck will announce Gift of Time details at the start of a calendar year. Typically, to be eligible, you need to be a return guest and book a tour for the following year after 1 Jan but before a certain cut-off date, e.g. for Gift of Time for 2024 tours you need to book prior to 31 July 2023. The cutoff date varies but has gotten earlier the last few years. Not all trips may qualify for Gift of Time.

  • Gosh Alan, never seen that link.
    Every time we receive a brochure, a GOT letter is there loose with the brochure. By the rime we get the brochure we have already booked our tours for that coming year. We ask every time we call to book a trip.

  • Thanks for the responses! That link is exactly what I needed! Planning to book the India trip in Jan 2024 so this should work!

    On a side note, it is interesting that there is still availability on the India 18 day tour for the Fall 2023 and all of 2024 tours. Maybe these tours will be less full? We are planning on a small group anyway.

  • Usually the letter we've gotten has been the cover letter for one of their color catalogs.

  • ^^ same here.

  • billybowlegs
    The gift of time is normally given as you book your trip a year in advance by Tauck's due date.

  • Tauck will also reference the Gift of Time in the thank you letter we receive after taking a tour with them. When calling to book a new trip, they seem to be the first to remind me of the Gift of Time. I don't recall ever having to ask for it. Just another example of their superior customer service!

  • Billy Bowlegs: A thought back to you on the long tour of India....I had spent considerable time there on business (Delhi and Bangalore) in my previous work life and loved it...and finally, my wife agreed that we could go with Tauck. We both loved it TOTALLY and it frankly is tied for our most liked tour...right up with the Cruise along Vietnam. Both countries are just stunning. And if I was a betting person, I'd bet that the India trips book up nicely before the the tour initiation dates are near. The India tours are quite popular I do believe. Enjoy and have a wonderful time...the colors, smells, food, and terrific people, are just out of this world.

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