Do you have a tight flight connection?

We are leaving on Qatar air tomorrow night. We have a very tight connection time, 50 minutes. We know the Doha airport quite well and how long it takes to walk it and know and the security which can be busy and very picky, you even have to take your camera out of its case and your iPad out of its case.
Just by chance right now, my husband discovered that for $200, you can get a personal escort to meet you when the plane lands, guide your through security etc and take you to the gate for your next flight. Has anyone heard about this or know whether other airlines or airports do it? I’ll let you know how it goes.


  • Wow, for an important 50 minute connection I might go for that. But if your first fight gets delayed, you're toast, personal escort or not :)


  • British - In Jamaica, they offer a similar service called MoBay (I think). Although this service is just to get you through customs, etc since you don't (typically) have connecting flights through Montego Bay. Based on our customs experience during our last trip to Jamaica, we've decided never to go back.

    In reality, to me, it seems like a scam, to allow them to make additional money. It's like the service you can get at Disneyland that allows you to go to the head of the queue.

    I hope more airports don't go this way where they decrease their service to the point that lines get exorbitant, but then offer, for a fee, a service to allow you to go to the head of the line.

    Next up, for this type of 'scam', will be delaying bags appearing at baggage claim for extremely long periods, but offering, for a fee, a way to get your bags quicker.

    Or decreasing overhead bin space to the point that only a small fraction of the plane has room to store anything, and then, for a fee, allowing you to board early to ensure you have storage space.

    All of these types of things are nickel and diming you, hiding the true cost of flying.

  • CDG offers the valet experience. I haven't used it, but know a travel agent who has used it. She used it on connecting Air France flights. I don't know whether it was actually provided by Air France or the airport.

  • British, I can't comment on the Doha Airport, however, I am traveling to Aruba later this year and I read that a VIP service is available for about $190.00 pp to expedite your departure. Departures from Queen Beatrix International Airport in Oranjestad, Aruba can be quite lengthy if several aircraft are departing at the same time. It is recommended to allow a minimum of 3 hours in order to get thru the Immigration and Customs lines. In Aruba you go thru both Aruban and US customs, thereby eliminating having to go thru Customs once arriving in the US. I have read many reviews where people have missed their flights as it can sometimes take 3-4 hours to get thru the lines. The last time I traveled to Aruba in 2018, I don't remember the process being that long, perhaps one hour. It is dependent on the day and departure time and how many aircraft are leaving during a specific time. I was told to check the departure list on the Airport Website the day before to see how many planes are leaving during my departure time and plan accordingly.

    There is an information tab on the Airport's website, but you have to call them for details. I copied the info below from the Viator Website, which offers the same service.

    "For our VIP HOSTING SERVICE: Once you arrived at the airport we will be waiting for you at the check in counters to provide excellent VIP service. We will fast track you through the check in counters, 2 boarding pass controls, Local Immigration, 2 security checkpoints Except the U.S customs. Due To rules and regulations of U.S customs we are not allowed to fast track our guests there. After the whole Process we will accommodate you in a VIP Lounge while you wait for your flight."

    I hope everything works out for you and I am looking forward to your review of this new itinerary. It sounds wonderful.

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    Most major airports in the world offer this service, either themselves or by allowing private contractors to operate the service. Additionally, most major airlines do as well. See for example United Signature Service which offers departure, connection and arrival services throughout the world. Not a bad idea for a tight connection you can't afford to miss. Too bad your Doha connect is 50 min, you will miss some relaxation in the wonderful lounge there.

    Edited to add....ever wonder, when you are stretching your legs in the premium cabin, and spot a movie star, how the heck they got on the plane without you noticing? Or, when you get off, why you never see them again? Yep, they use that service, and oftentimes walk down the stair at the jetway and get into a private car, and they are gone. Same way they got on the plane. Hah.

  • Have a great time British, travel safe.

  • Thanks Gladys! Just got my pedicure😀

  • British I think it's fair to assume you're flying BizClass. I had a layover through Doha to/from Jordan/Cairo. All Bizclass passengers deplaned first and Qatar provided a luxury escort carrier back to the terminal. This carrier was dedicated to business class passengers. Once we arrived at the terminal, there was someone waiting to direct (escort if needed) us to our next gate or the lounge.

    Safe Travels & Enjoy the tour....I'm looking forward to hearing all about it...You're one of the 1st on this adventure!

  • I had a 55 minute connection in Doha in August 2021. Another couple who was connecting to my flight was very concerned about the short connection time. They spoke to the Qatar representative who suggested they speak to the flight attendant on our first flight to make arrange for an escort to our next flight. We were both in business class. I saw their escort waiting for them when we arrived in Doha. I merely hustled and actually beat them to the gate of our next flight. I know they did not pay a fee for the escort, but they may have changed that since 2021. If your flight is on time, you should make it. Have a wonderful time.

  • We have flown Qatar air several times now. We know there could be someone there to help us for free and of course we will be speaking to the flight attendants. Last September when we flew to Doha, the security lines were crazy busy and slow as they required all electronics out, cameras and iPads out of their cases etc. we don’t remember that from prior trips there. This current tight connection we were reassured was do-able. Now we have to hope the plane does not arrive late and also our luggage makes it.
    Thanks to everyone for their experiences and cautions!

  • Let's hope for an early arrival!


  • I scheduled a flight not long ago where I had a choice between a 50 minute and 5 hour connection. I chose 5 hours. Airline schedules are inherently unreliable. To me, it's just not worth the worrying, mad dash, potential grief, etc. to attempt a very tight connection. And even if you make it, how about your bags? Suggest you bring a few days worth of cloothes in your carry-on.

  • Ha and AMAZING TIME! safe flight and take lot's of pictures.
    Just a thought.. if you ask for assistance on arrival they might drive you on a golf car to the next gate
    Have a great trip.

  • Timely discussion for our upcoming trip to Singapore and Bali.Flying first time in quatar;one of our connections in Doha is an hour and 40 minutes.Since we are not familiar with the airport what would be the best way to connect?

  • You will be fine with that time if you walk briskly off the plane. There are plenty of people around to ask directions.
    We made it to Dubai last night via Doha using the expedited service. We got off the plane at 6-20pm. Our guide knew how to get us to our next plane due to leave at 6-45pm without needing or go through security which can usually take quite a while from past experiences. Our luggage did not make the plane, it’s due to arrive some time after 10am today.

  • That was a tight connection. I hope your luggage appears in the morning. Have a good time.

  • Oh my goodness, British. Good thing you went with the expedite service. That tight of a connection would have had me very stressed out.

  • “Brave”British!Have a great trip.Tight connections stress us out;never forget our experience at CDG with kids in tow on our way to India;just when we made it to the counter we were told th3 plane just took off!We might consider escort service over wheelchair at Doha.

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