Brazil Reinstates Visa Requirements for US Tourists

Brazil has reinstated its visa requirements for US Tourists, effective October 1, 2023.

Tauck and Visa Central haven't updated their websites yet to reflect this. I just saw the announcement yesterday.

Of course, my tour starts October 16th, so I will be impacted. I asked Tauck to put a note in my file to notify me once they've figured out what the new requirement means.


  • Oh no that’s a bummer, it used to take about three months to get a visa! That always put is off going. You know Sam, I’ve asked Tauck about three times to make a note to tell me about tour availability on three different tours and they never called me, the latest was the Namibia tour. But anyway, I’ve booked a better tour elsewhere now. I would not rely on them telling you in good time these days.

  • Just a followup. I received word from Tauck that Brazil has delayed the start of Visa requirement until January 2024. :D

  • That’s a relief Sam, they used to take about three months when you sent your passport in.

  • Their Visa program is run by the same people building the GEM...

  • Thank you Smiling Sam. I also just confirmed the postponement with my travel agent. Happy to have one less hassle for the moment.

  • The Brazilian visa issuance process is much more efficient for business purposes--I received a visa in less than three weeks for a business trip and I was surprised it was valid for ten years.

  • Sam, we are on your tour and received the sane information from our travel agent and Tauck. See you in Rio

  • Patty - Look forward to seeing you. One month from today and we will be on our way.

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