Treasures of the Aegean



  • Just finished our welcome dinner at the Grande Bretagne. It was a very good meal with good wine and drinks. Tours of Athens start tomorrow. We are a group of thirty-nine. It seems like a very congenial group.

  • View from GB restaurant.

  • GB pool.

  • Sealord - the view of the Acropolis from the GB restaurant at night is really spectacular as well.

  • Have a great time Sealord

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    I still have never been to Greece. When we lived in England it was too hot to go when the children were off school in jte summer. The temple in Athens looks so much like this one in Sicily. We hope to tske this tour someday. Thank you for sharing the photos SeaLord..

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    There are a number of knock-offs around the world- Vienna, Austria, Nashville, Tennessee, Kennedy Center, etc. 😀

  • Keep us posted on updates as you can, please! Leaving in 10 days!

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    Now in Mykonos. Wife enjoying tour while I attend to mysterious but serious foot infection. Visiting ship’s Doctor daily. Another test for AON.

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    Breakfast on the Veranda and Wind Star sail away from Athens … “Conquest of Paradise”

  • The Acropolis: the tour takes you to the new Acropolis Museum which is huge but most of the originals are in the British Museum in London. You walk and stand for two hours (no seating) before walking two Kim’s on cobblestones and uneven stairs with no railings to get to the start of your climb. Several people did not make it without assistance. I’ve been there before but had I known the itinerary I would have enjoyed the view from the GB.

  • I forgot to mention it was ninety two degrees. Here in Mykonos it is twenty degrees cooler.

  • SeaLord, I do hope your foot gets better soon! Great photos.

  • Thanks the Doc just cleaned it up again. Sailing to Kusadasi now. Beautiful sunny day for sailing but rough seas, 50 knot winds, and healing hard to starboard…. The sails are not up.

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    The water just came up over our port hole.

  • Sealord hoping your foot continues to improve. Having motion sickness, the pictures sent me into a spin. 🤢 Have a great time.

  • Last night was epoch. Two in our party departed dinner early. When I got up during the night the drawers were out, plant tipped over, and all the bathroom supplies were on the floor.

  • So that’s why land trips might be better for some.

  • Wind Star recently changed to a new Wifi provider. It is excellent… very fast.

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    Maybe Starlink! (I hear it works well the closer you get to Ukraine and the Black Sea :o )

  • You are right British, river cruises and land tours for me but.... I'm going to brave Antarctica one of these days before it totally melts. :D

  • Really enjoying these updates! Thanks so much for sharing.

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  • Patmos Today

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  • Sealord- thank you so much for your posts! We have been happily following along! The seas on your trip make the Drake passage look tame! We are loving this!

  • Yes. We had relatively smooth seas in the Drakes. Safely in bed now. Impossible to move about the ship without holding on. Only lost one member during dinner. During the show in the lounge the entire audience and their chairs sliding back and forth across the room. We like it for sleeping but not too good for walking.

  • Hope that your foot is healing nicely. Love the photos!

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