Treasures of the Aegean



  • Foot is getting better. Still no hot tubs. Today is Santorini. Four big ships here so there will be a crowd.

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    Our pirate ship in Santorini

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    Our guide in Santorini.

  • Sealord - It looks like the Santorini parking lot is a bit full. I see two other ships in your picture. I'm sure there were others as well.

    How may ships were in port when you were there? I forget how many were there when visited. All I remember is that they said there were going to be twice as many the next day. It can get very crowded navigating around the towns when multiple cruise ships are in port.

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    It was a crowd. At least four big ships. Tomorrow in Monemvasia we are the only ship.

    3600 year old city.

  • Great pictures Sealord, enjoy !!!!

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    Santorini and its towns along the rim of the old caldera were picturesque for their striking landscape, geology, and architecture, and from a touristic standpoint, the photo-ready whitewashed houses (for me, it was getting a photo of the iconic view of multiple blue domed churches). But, all in all, Santorini was mainly a tourist trap of shops, restaurants, bars, and more shops, restaurants and bars. The most interesting part of our stop was the visit to the Pre-Greek Minoan ruins at Akrotiri.

    A year later, same great guide, same dress, same earrings(?) :D When they are good you stay with the best!!

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    The part of Windstar you probably have not seen. The on deck bbq.

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    Followed by dancing.


  • You are correct Alan. They are using SpaceX Starlink. Fast but has idiosyncrasies. It does not link with T-Mobil Wifi and I can’t text to someone off the ship. It only works within network. Find Me also does not work.

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    Now in Manemvasia …don’t blink.

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    Swimming and floating off the back of the boat.

    Tonight’s Menu.

  • Look how much the tree in front of the blue domed church in Santorini has grown in 12 years. Compare the photo below with Sealord's photo above.

  • Much, much beautiful now.

  • "Your order sir?" "I'd like the Lobster, Prime Rib, and Schnitzel please." :D

  • Can you explain more SeaLord? Did you book the tour with Tauck or Windstar?

  • How much drunkenness is at this cruise?I definitely want to hear more. Is the mood of certain guests really rowdy?

    I will be doing this itinerary but with a different company next year due to concerns regarding Windstar: choppiness at sea due to smaller and older yachts, uncomfortable rooms, loud nights with entertainment, rowdy guests usually found on Carnival here, too accommodating staff and crew not knowing how to say no, lack of dedicated beach day.....

    Any of my concerns true?

  • henrypoon-66 REALLY!!!

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    Henrypoon: you have it all wrong. Windstar is great. British: Booked thru Tauck but that should not have any affect on my Windstar benefits which are significant, and has been corrected.
    Food and service is wonderful as always. Windstar guests are not rowdy, and the staterooms are efficient. It’s a sailboat. It goes into complete overhaul on November 5th. Twenty-four seven for a month. Everything on the ship will be removed to begin the process.

    The late guests were just in the slurred speech mode .. not rowdy … both were older women. It’s a fun crowd, but in no way similar to Carnival. There are no water slides, climbing walls, rock venues, nor big shows.

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  • Sealord - Regarding the menu you posted yesterday, is it typical to have that many choices every night or was that a special evening?

  • Pretty normal for the number of choices but lobster and prime rib are a once per week offering. They have great food and if you care to do so you can go shopping with the chef occasionally.

  • I’m taking this tour mid May of next year. I haven’t been on a Windstar cruise since 1997. I’m surprised to see how very casual everyone is dressed! I expected a little bit more country club casual. Do I need to rethink my wardrobe? Your thoughts please! Fran

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    Fran: I had to scroll back to see what you were looking at. All of my pictures are either ‘on tour’, which is casual and it was ‘hot’ most of the time. Or, pictures of the on deck BBQ which is a designated super casual event. Wear what you like. The Amphora restaurant is country club casual and people dress ‘a little’ for dinner. I have also seen some people who ‘dress’ for the sail away when they raise the sails and play “Conquest of Paradise”, and hoist a glass of champagne. No one dressed for sail away on this cruise. On the Surf I’ve seen some women who dressed to the nines for sail away.

    The Wind Star is doing a major overhaul in November, so your May trip should be on a “new” boat. They are doing the Wind Spirit also. I don’t know about Wind Surf. All of the ‘Star’ boats were rebuilt during the pandemic. They are beautiful. We were among the first to cruise on Star Breeze after it had been cut in half and stretched and totally re-done. It’s a gorgeous boat. Wind Surf is still our favorite, but the Star boats are really nice. They are ‘all suite ships, so the rooms go from really nice to spectacular. We were the ‘high time’ Windstar guests on the Star Breeze so they upgraded us to one of their largest suites.

  • Thanks for the response. I would definitely go shopping with the chef!

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    Warning. Shopping with the chef involves lots of walking.

  • Great typo 😂

  • Thanks Sealord, this information is really helpful. I am excited to hear that the Star will be all bright and new for next year! I’m really looking forward to this trip. I travel solo and have loved all the land journeys I’ve taken with Tauck, but I really want to explore Greece. It looks like a wonderful trip from your pictures. Are there any solo travelers in your group? Just curious.

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