Treasures of the Aegean



  • Last stop at the GB. On our way home.

  • Travel safe Sealord. Thank you for all the pitures, brought back a lot of memories.

  • A couple of post scripts; It just occurred to me that the Wind Surf was overhauled in 2019 just before the pandemic. We were aboard in January of 2020. She was in great shape.

    There were two people who got covid on our trip. After we got home my wife seemed to really be having a bad time with jet lag. She decided to test, and she had covid. I have tested several times, and I never got it. She has now tested negative a couple times and feels great. I was in very close contact with her covid all of the time, so I apparently have acquired immunity one way or another.

    Our next trip will be on the Wind Surf in January, then back to Africa in May.

  • Glad to hear your wife had a mild dose SeaLord! Take care.

  • Did she take Paxlovid?

  • Yes she did. She said it left a terrible after taste.

  • Yes it does; a metallic taste.

  • We just came back from the trip. We had the most amazing weather! Low to mid '70s.
    The ship is fine. Rooms are well planned - a ton of storage in a compact space. Efficient, clean, king-sized bed. Yes, it does need a facelift and is getting one, but we were quite pleased. Food was terrific. Lots of choices.
    Athens - we did the Acropolis tour first, then the Acropolis museum. Beat the crowds at the Acropolis itself. Museum is lovely - seating for those that wanted was plentiful (benches around the glass wall). Do the changing of the guard! 10 minutes every hour, right next to the hotel. The National Archeological Museum the next day was a lot to take in.
    Mykonos - touristy. I did love the church on the guided tour.
    Kusadasi & Ephesus - probably my favorite day. All fun stuff and a pretty packed day.
    Patmos - Those who did the photo tour said it was not any kind of photography as described in the itinerary. Just going to places and taking photos. No one went to the beach. We did the monastery and cave option. Interesting, but short. Done in 2 hours. We are not shoppers, so we returned to the ship. Wished there was more that day.
    Santorini - First part in Fira, the Prehistoric Museum, was excellent. The "picturesque" Oia was a disappointment. Had to stand in line for a long time to get the photo that everyone wants with the blue domes. (There is a specific spot to stand. The island is not covered with blue domes.)
    Monemvasia - Enjoyed this town a lot. Just lovely.
    Nafplion - Did the Castle/Tomb excursion and was very happy with it. Lovely lunch after. Those who did the winery seemed fine with their choice.
    When on board with "downtime," check out the activities that are listed. We really enjoyed the chef's talk, for example.

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    Acropolis first is I believe the proper order. We did the museum first which is a lot of standing and walking before walking to the Acropolis and climbing. Acropolis first had to be much better. I had debriefed customer relations about that suggestion after our recent trip.

  • We did the Acropolis first, much easier, puts what you see in the museum in context. Other experiences match with Gaildez. We weren't impressed with Patmos. We chose the beach. I went for a very brief swim- water very clear but really chilly in mid-late May. I rented a little paddle boat, but otherwise it was just a relaxing time. There was a little bar/restaurant for food and drink. Lounge chairs and one drink were on Tauck. Bodrum in Turkey or the Isle of Rhodes like the old Treasures tour would have been much better.

  • Let’s not forget Istanbul in the old Treasures. It definitely was a highlight of the old tour.

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