Electric converter/adapters?

Hi - What electric converter/adapters are needed for Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand? I hear they are different, but possible to buy one that will work for all three countries. Advice appreciated.


  • Maybe he doesn't have internet access, Sam. :)

  • Curious about those who feel it necessary to be snarky in a public forum. Perhaps a more positive hobby would be beneficial.

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    I’ve been to Vietnam and Cambodia but can’t recall the plugs, but I do always look at the plug websites, most have pictures. We have to remember that the internet can answer any question of that nature. .in fact, I just asked Alexa what plugs are used for Vietnam and she told me! Of course it would be most helpful if Tauck provided that information with photos in the final documents. Our upcoming non Tauck tour have clear pictures of the plugs and types we need for the tour.

  • Thanks British - I saw online that all three countries have different requirements so I was hoping there was a single universal converter brand that people would recommend. It's also a bit confusing that many sites, including the one suggested by Sam, say things like A, C, & G for one country, and C and D for another. I'm looking at universal converters on Amazon but they mostly talk about either Europe or Japan. At this point I'd love one universal converter as I'm ending up with a collection in my closet! lol

  • The reason for multiple outlet configurations for many countries is that they list ones for different applications, e.g. in the US we use a number of different plugs and receptacles- one (two prong Type A and two prong with round ground pin) for standard household (120V 15A) appliances, one for certain higher current appliances (120V 20A), another for higher voltage and current (240V 20A), etc., etc. The same goes for foreign countries, though most of them use 220V but have different receptacles for devices requiring different current, e.g. a hotel room may have one type of receptacle for lamps, etc. yet another for a portable vacuum cleaner, electric iron, etc. You can use most dual voltage (120V/240V) small devices with the appropriate adapter with each type of outlet.

    Most of the all-in-one universal adapters I've seen have been a bit poor quality. The best is one that has a main (US) receptacle and various add on pin units. You just take the pin units for the destination country(s).

    As you probably discovered: ( https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/us/vietnam/ )

    In Cambodia the power plug sockets are of type A, C and G.
    In Thailand the power plug sockets are of type A, B, C, F and O.
    In Vietnam the power plug sockets are of type A, C and D.

    So, if it were me I would get an adapter that accepts a US Type A plug and has Type C pins for Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. That will give you two chances (A & C) everywhere. Something to remember is that many of the newer hotels that Tauck uses, have universal receptacles in at least one or more locations in the room and/or they have loaner adapters.

    In addition to an adapter, if you have more than one dual voltage device, e.g. one or more camera chargers, phone chargers, etc. I would get a small travel power strip or multi-receptacle adapter. Just remember, once plugged into a 220-240V source all the outlets will be providing 220-240v not 120V. This is typically not a problem with today's dual voltage devices. You can also get power strips and adapters with 5.0V USB A and C receptacles.

  • Most hotel have adapters and will lend or sell one to you for your stay.

  • Sorry you don't appreciate my sarcasm, Drvon. There are plenty of answers to simple questions asked on this forum (adapters, what will the weather be, etc.) that can be found easily online. And it's likely that any answer you receive on this forum is not as accurate as what would be found on a site such as what Sam posted.

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  • DrVon - Although I have not taken this tour (I hope to someday), I do have a suggestion for finding universal adapters. If you have a luggage store in your area, try going there. The one by us has much more than just luggage--virtually every possible travel related item one could want. Hope this helps.

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    Or use Amazon, where they will have photos and deliver it the next day without leaving home. I see DrVon has that option.

  • LOL, our friends went to the one and only luggage store in our town and asked about adapters for Scotland. They sold them 2 completely different ones. One the standard in all UK countries and Ireland and another I'd never seen before - not a European. No idea why the chart the sales person referred to recommended that - leftover from when Hong Kong or India was part of the UK?? - but they returned it to the store. Sam's chart had the correct info.

  • I have had good luck buying what I needed at an airport while waiting for my connecting flight.

  • I’m taking this Tour in a couple of weeks. In addition to the great advice which has been discussed, I have always been able to find a USB outlet on the back of TV’s in the rooms. It looks like we’re staying at some very nice resorts which should have TV’s & adapters that you can request from the front desk if you haven’t found one that you like…I’m going with a Universal adapter/converter with C….enjoy!

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    You must be careful of the accessory 5.0 V USB ports on TV's, Laptops, and other appliances- they many not be "live" unless the device is on.

  • Sandkey. I doubt you need a converter unless you are taking something very unusual with you. You just need an adapter. I have no idea about using the back of the TV, whether it needs to be on to work. I’m sure some hotels have adaptors, but they won’t have many and those things tend to go walkabout so they cannot be relied upon to be available. Adaptors are so cheap and come in a variety of sets, single and designs, if you don’t like the first one you buy, try another. The availability of things like this change so much that some of the ones I like are no longer available.

  • Sandkey try Amazon, they have a great variety.

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