Essaouira sightseeing option

Hi all!! I am going to Morocco in November 2020. On the last day of touring, guests are offered a choice of sightseeing activities in and around Marrakesh. One of the options is an excursion to Essaouira with a local guide and a photographer (who will offer tips on taking photos). Has anyone offer some guidance: The itinerary also states that there will be free time in the afternoon.I understand the ride is 2 1/2 hours each way That being said, where do we go and what do we see? Do we go to the Jewish cemetery, the synagogues and the mellah? If I am not that interested in perfecting my photography, is this excursion worthwhile? I will have another day in Marrakesh to arrange for a private tour there or elsewhere. I welcome any and all suggestions! nancy


  • I chose the Essaouira excursion on my Feb 2019 tour. About 12 of us went. We took the Tauck bus and were accompanied by our country guide. On the way we made 2 stops: to view the tree climbing goats and to a women’s co-op where Argan oil products are made and sold (we were given a demonstration of the process of making the oil and time to shop). On arrival in Essaouria we walked around the town: the souk, the fish market, and the rampart. I can’t comment on the photography aspect, I don’t remember how that was offered but what I did wasn’t geared toward taking professional photos. We had lunch there and a short time to wander by yourself. We returned back to the hotel with enough time to shower and dress for the farewell dinner. I do not remember visiting any Jewish sites in Essaouria.
    Not sure how your weather in November will compare to February but it was chilly and windy being on the ocean wish I had worn a warmer jacket.

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