Emily in Paris - watch for the sites

In the interests of starting a new topic, I'll repeat one I started over on Rick Steves forum about this new Netflix series. Lots to criticize about it - stereotypical characters, fantasy locations, unrealistically little traffic, etc. In fact you can read all of that over on the other forum. Not surprisingly Parisians have been very critical. However, I still think it's amusing and love seeing the Paris locations and dream of our trip next year.

One particular site I'd never heard of was Atelier des Lumières. In the show Emily visits it while a Van Gogh exhibit was on. Sadly they've changed to other artists but someone posted a lonely planet link that it's coming to Indianapolis next year. Lucky you guys.

As I did on the other forum I'm sure I'll get beat up here as well for recommending this fluff. Just remember it's calorie free and zero political ads.


  • Claudia - I watched the series. Not realistic; however, I really enjoyed it. It was light and refreshing and a few of the men were a treat for the eyes. I enjoyed the fashion. It's not very likely women in the USA dress that way for work; however, I have a very good friend who is Parisian and her clothing choices are very cutting edge-- my friend works in Advertising focused on fashion Industry. Her style of dress is expected and accepted. No backlash from me B)

  • For a bit of a travel fix, the latest season of The Amazing Race started last night (filmed before March).

  • I would have been eliminated from the Amazing Race last night if I had to play those steel drums in Trinidad. Playing musical instruments and carrying a tune are definitely not in my wheelhouse. :D

  • Sam - I thought it was funny how the goats were dragging everyone except the Olympian who outran it.

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