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  • we are getting in a day early. Any suggestions for when to get a guided tour of the Louvre
  • We did a similar cruise a few years ago - the old French Waterways.

    It depends on how long a tour you want and any additional time you want to spend at the museum.

    Your options are - the day you arrive depending on what time that is, Tour day 1 of the tour, or the afternoon of Tour day 2. Your best bet is Tour day 1, just be sure to give yourself time to get back to the hotel to change for your cocktails/dinner at Fouquets (it's a pretty fancy place). The bus picked us up for this at 6:45 but check with your TD (they'll have a desk at the hotel) for the exact time.

    Your arrival day is risky as travel delays can cause you to arrive later than planned. Day 2 would work depending on how long you want to spend at the museum. I wouldn't plan on it for the day you catch the train to Lyon as it's hard to predict what time you need to be back at the hotel to leave for the train station. Again, you need to wait and ask your TD.

    Have fun. The Rhone remains our favorite river cruise.
  • we are planning on this tour in Sept/Oct 2022. Anybody spent any time in southern France in October ? How cool can it get ? Good savings if you take the Oct cruise but little concerned about the weather.

  • Take a look at Weatherspark dot com it is a great resource- historical info presented in textual and graphical format. I research it before booking all our Tauck trips. Look at samples in my posts in this (unrelated) forum thread.

  • We've been in Paris in early October. One thing to consider would be the number of hours of daylight. We arrived at 7AM. It was totally dark driving into the city and didn't get light until well after 8AM. It looked like a night time rush hour. It also gets dark around 4PM.

  • The Weatherspark pages also show hours (and graph) of sunlight (and moonlight) :D

  • The ~12 hours of daylight on 9/23 makes sense. On the equinoxes (Spring and Fall), the entire planet has 12 hours of daylight.

  • Is there any chance we can visit Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in Provence on the Savoring Paris tour? If not, how can we get there without renting a car in May, 2023?

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