• Cathy - British is right about cancelling through your TA. Once a TA is involved, the supplier generally won't talk directly with the customer.

    I cancelled AA flights to Japan recently, booked with points. Got transferred to their international desk after initial agent. Points were credited back immediately and the $100 or so in taxes took about 10 days to hit my credit card.

    Don't be so optimistic about Jamaica. I was on a Royal Caribb cruise in early March and we were supposed to stop in Jamaica. They were the first Caribb country to turn away ships. We wound up at a nothing-to-do port in Mexico instead.

  • There may well be a vaccine but it won’t be yet available to you

  • Cathy, I think you said you were traveling on American Airlines. They cancelled our flights to/from Italy earlier in the year and did not tell us. However, they were very prompt in remitting the miles and fees. I found out our flights were cancelled by checking the flight status online. Suggest you do this periodically.

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    Just checked our AA flights to Argentina for January 14, 2021. They are still on and so far unchanged. I always check the reservations frequently. Sometimes they notify in a timely manner, and sometimes they don’t. I also just got a a full refund for tickets to Hawaii on United that they said on the phone were not refundable. I just waited a while and went on the United website to my reservation, and it said for a refund click here. No problem. I had told them on the phone that I did not plan on flying them again if I did not get a refund ... I don’t know if that made any difference. When I made the reservation it said, “No penalty for changes or cancellations.” I said, “keeping my money is a penalty, these are first class tickets, and you are losing a customer.”. Anyway, for whatever reason, I got my money back. (:-)

  • Our flights for Singapore that would have been next week, were cancelled months ago, we noticed, we weren’t informed. I thought we had gotten our money back, we are still waiting, apparently this week, we’ll see. It’s already planned to go on a big project that starts in the next couple of weeks.

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    We have watched no more TV than usual. Miss going to the movies. We have a 24 screen movie theatre less than Five minutes away. Miss theatre. I guess we have been coping much more easily, we are just so lucky compared to the majorIty of jobs to lose, no loss to the virus, no fires, no floods. We have tried to fill every day with things to do. We’ve enjoyed our home and garden. We haven’t missed eating any of the figs on our little fig tree, we counted every one, 120 this year, yummy. It’s funny the things that stand out for me. We are down to one car between us, it seemed a waste to have two, and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just go out and get another, but it’s been two months already. I’m comfortable with my new look gray hair. .....I, not sure how well we will cope once winter comes...

  • I was self employed - and the pandemic has devastated my industry (wedding planning and papers). I moved into my current home almost 14 years ago and have never spent so much time at home since I moved in. I can now see what needs organizing and improving - between these projects, plus gardening, reading, cooking for my kids who have all moved in and considering future trips, the days pass quickly. But I’m not desperate enough to take a flight to ‘no where’!

  • We count ourselves lucky too. Retired, financially secure, paid off house with a couple of acres of space and a view. This week is rough. Currently trying to resolve a fight at church about reopening (very carefully) for in person service and the minority that want it hate the time selected. Lots of emails and phone calls to deal with. Then got a jury summons. Finally starting a deck rebuild we've been trying to get done all summer so my driveway is about to be blocked with a construction dumpster. On the other hand I got this quilt top done. A labor of love and frustration.

  • Lovely! My church has been Zooming during the pandemic, and though it is now open for socially-distanced in-person worship, continues to offer the Zoom option at 2 different times. Everything is a challenge!

  • MCD, We've been zooming too very successfully and some outdoor services, but we're ready to add an in person service now that fall is on our doorstep. It's just the timing.

    Thanx, kfnknfzk, it's from a pattern book called Urbanologie (lots of pictures if you Google that name) but I reduced the size a bit. I loved the quirkiness of it and tried pulling crazy fabrics from my stash. A nice change from masks.

  • Haven’t got the Invite yet

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    I also received the invitation yesterday. If you haven't received the e-mail yet, just go to The Taucker Blog and it is the first article listed on the page. You have to RSVP to the event in order to watch it. Just an FYI, The Taucker Blog can be found at the bottom of Tauck's Homepage under the category WHY TAUCK.

  • Thanks for the tip, I’ve registered. I usually get invites, don’t think I missed the email.

  • We have now had an invite.

  • I thought this was an excellent presentation - a nice balance of information about the wildlife and the tour itself. Peter is a great storyteller. Thanks Peter and Tauck for a great virtual tour!

  • I agree. I think this was the best of the three or four presentations that I've sat in on, because of the mix between the history/wildlife of the area and the tour itself.

    I enjoyed Peter's comments about Drake Lake vs Drake Shake. Also how he says that the Ponant ships cross the Drake Passage in less than three days, while the ship he took in the early 1990s took over 4 days.

  • I ended up missing this presentation,I had a hair appointment at 4-30, my hairdresser asked if I could go at 2-30, so I said yes and realized too late about Antarctica, I hope it’s available like the other presentation. The only plus is a great new cut and color, so not a complete bummer.

  • British: I also missed the live Antarctica presentation but just finished watching the video of the presentation from yesterday. It was fabulous. It can be found on the Taucker Blog page. After viewing this video I feel like I would love to go on this Tour. It would also add the final 7th continent to my travels. I always thought I wouldn't be able to stand the cold, however, I suppose that as long as you layer up, it should be ok. Anyway, here is another trip to add to the wish list. Peter Bassett is an amazing storyteller. I would love to be on a Tour that included Peter. Well done Tauck.

  • Excellent presentation and I have also added Antarctica to my travel list. Peter was extremely knowledgeable about the area, I've stayed away from ocean cruising because I have motion sickness and it's no fun, but I will look into medications as Dramamine never helped, Peter would have said which medication he takes LOL

  • Where is the Taucker Blog page?

  • Go to the Tauck home page and then scroll all the way to the bottom. Under "Why Tauck," you will find the Taucker Blog.

  • I’ve finally watched the Zoom Antarctica. It seems that the best time to go for seeing baby penguins is January.
    I have seen Life in the Freezer In the past and recommend it.

  • So sorry you have been cancelled Cathy, but glad you waited for Tauck to cancel. Did you see the zoom presentation? I thought you might prefer January after seeing the advantages of seeing more animals at that time of year.

  • Cathy--it will be wonderful to see the baby penguins. When I was there - late December, there were so many eggs were visible and being protected by the papas..I'll send you a few pics. Disappointing, but at least now you can be fairly certain the trip will take place next year and you have something wonderful to look forward to :)

  • Cathy
    My experience with American was that the refunded miles show up in 3-5 days, but the dollars take a month or more. This was what they told me and what actually happened.

  • And another data point - My AA points flight refund came within an hour for the points and about 10 days for taxes charged to my CC.

  • Cathy. Did your own agent or Tauck give you both the $250 each Credit for rebooking?

  • The Argentina tourist website says they don’t expect the border to open until March. I talked to Ponant yesterday and they are still selling the January and February 2021 trips. They will not cancel until they receive ‘official’ word that they can’t do it.

  • It is fully paid so I can’t see the date. I think it is 45 days before our start date of 16 January.

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