Jordan & Egypt Reminder from Tauck

Just when I was giving up hope....and it still may be a bit immature as this reminder may be system generated based on travel dates. I just received an email from Tauck reminding me of important documents required for my upcoming December tour...fingers crossed.


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    Just when I was giving up hope....and it still may be a bit immature as this reminder may be system generated based on travel dates. I just received an email from Tauck reminding me of important documents required for my upcoming December tour...fingers crossed.

    We are scheduled for January. Unless you don't have a passport or haven't provided the info to Tauck, what other important documents? Tauck gets our visas upon arrival in Jordan and Egypt at no cost to us.

    "immature" that is me, but I think you mean "premature"

  • AlanS :o Yes, Pre-mature. Perhaps it was just a reminder to have folks check their passports to make sure they are valid for 6 months after tour ends....who knows. I was just excited to get an email that wasn't related to a cancellation.

  • This from the CDC is still current
    What is the current situation?

    CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential international travel.

    The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. In countries where commercial travel options remain available, U.S. citizens should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite length of time. For more information about possible travel restrictions, contact your destination's U.S. Embassy or Consulate or visit the Department of State website.
    I assume Tauck continues to follow CDC recommendations. Perhaps in future we might have to sign a Covid waiver. Perhaps that is what they want you to do😀

  • what a nightmare!!!
    I need to travel to keep my good mental health...... I'm about to loose a screw!

  • Egypt has opened the pyramids for tourism again, today. Yes! 1 step closer.....

  • Great news, but not unexpected. They are desperate for tourist dollars. Their economy really depends on it, plus they need to finish the GEM!

  • AlanS - perhaps if they ramp up the GEM construction you may have a chance to visit during your trip early next year. My only hope of seeing the GEM is if the December tour is cancelled (which I am hoping it is NOT) and I re-schedule for December 2021.

  • PureLuxury Hi.
    According to latest video, they are 96% done with construction.... hopefully the 96%! includes the inside and part of the artifacts .... If they are smart and the GEM is not fully done, they should resume the special group visits and have the rooms with the Tut's. artifacts at least ready, that will boost the tourism and will create some exciment.

  • mil I spoke with a Tauck advisor this week. I'm not certain the December 2020 tour will take place. Tauck hasn't cancelled the tour (yet); however, the advisor stated it's not looking good since we (Americans) are not allowed to transit through Europe--where most of the layovers take place. The 2021 tours are beginning to sell-out, so to be on the safe side, I've reserved a spot on the December 5, 2021 tour and I've also been put on the wait list for my preferred later December date. I have not cancelled December 2020--just in case a miracle happens. Morocco will now have to wait until 2022--I've reserved my spot (I’m #1 Alan) but no prices have been set yet--although the guest protection has increased slightly. #it is what it is!


  • I think it would be good to talk to Tauck who are good at linking up back to back tours. This is where it really helps to go directly to Tauck so you get it straight from the horse’s mouth. They might suggest taking Israel and Jordan first for example.
    We have just this morning organized our flights with Tauck for Israel and Jordan next April. I know the tour is unlikely to take place, but just in case, at least right now we have flights.

  • Not those tours but we have combined others. We took the Seine plus Versailles and London cruise then joined a group in Edinburgh for the England Scotland Wales tour. Just booked back to back Switzerland then Normandy tours for next year. One advantage is you only pay for Guest Protection once. We'll have 3 nights on our own on between but have already figured out plans.

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    . . . I just wondered if anyone here has actually combined the tours.

    The original tours, "Egypt & Jordan: Timeless Treasures, Ancient Lands" and "Jewels Along the Nile" stopped running in August 2013, so few if any of those folks who completed one or both are still around and active on the forum. The current versions, "Jordan and Egypt: Petra to the Pyramids" and "Jewels of the Nile" didn't start until January 2020 and I think only a few departures (3 ea.?) ran before both were shut down due to COVID19. I doubt you'll find anyone who has done I&J + Jewel (or J&E) back-to-back.

  • cathyandsteve I'm certain it can be done; however, best bet is to contact Tauck. Last year I only did the Israel portion of of the Israel/Jordan tour. I was already booked for the December 2020 Jordan/Egypt tour. I wanted to visit Israel but had no desire to tour Jordan twice. Tauck made the arrangements, adjusted the tour price and made sure I was accompanied back to Jerusalem after the visit to Masada. My departing flight was very late. I had time to leisurely stroll the city, pick up a few things and enjoy a nice lunch before Shabbat. I then returned to the Waldorf to pack for my return trip. Easy Peazy....I'm sure Tauck can accommodate your request.

  • Cathy and Steve, I know you like your TA but give Tauck a try, the above is a good examples of how helpful they can be.

  • When considering back-to-back Israel & Jordan and Jewels of the Nile, you might want to check the weather. It may seem like it is a good idea (I thought that too), but there is a fairly small window (within Tauck's season) when the temperatures are comfortable in both Jordan and Egypt. You might want to check out WeatherSpark for the locations and dates you are contemplating.

    For Egypt the best time to visit is January to March and late October to December. At all other times you will likely see high temperatures in the mid-high 90's! and the closer you get to summer (April/May and September) and throughout the summer when Tauck doesn't go there, you'll see temps routinely over 100°!! (don't tell me it is a "dry heat" :D ) But, at the same times, temperatures in Jordan (and Petra) will be quite cool, especially in the morning (touring time) when temps may only be in the high 30's in January to mid 40's in March. Even in late April morning temps in Petra may only be in the low-mid 50's. Compare that to the highs in Aswan in late April- 96/97° F! One of the few folks that weighed in here after a January (February?) 2020 Jordan and Egypt tour said it snowed in Petra two weeks before they arrived! So, just be aware. Obviously this situation also applies to the Jordan & Egypt tour.

  • AlanS Good point. My trip was in late November. A few of the folks from the tour that I keep in touch with mentioned Petra was chilly. They are wearing jackets in the photos they shared. --Robin

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    If you do combine the Egypt: Jewels of the Nile with the Israel/Jordan trip, based on the weather details that Alan points out, you would most likely want to combine them in the 'shoulder' season, assuming the Tauck schedules allow this. By the 'shoulder' season I mean, do the Israel/Jordan tour in mid-late September (Petra temperatures are still OK then - I visited it in September 2019 as are the temperatures for swimming in the Dead Sea - a key factor for Alan :) ) and then do the Egypt: Jewels of the Nile in early October. It will still be warm in Egypt, but this 'shoulder' technique is likely the best you can do if you combine them. There would be a similar shoulder in the first half of a year, but then you would do Egypt first and Israel/Jordan second.

  • For November you'd just have to be prepared for Petra temperatures, possibly in the 40s - 50s, since Tauck goes to Petra early in the morning (~8:30 if I recall).

  • Smiling Sam
    then do the Egypt: Jewels of the Nile in early October. It will still be warm in Egypt,

    This from a guy who lives in Arizona, where "warm" is under 110F :)

    I did the Israel/Jordan trip in November last year. Was in Petra around 11/15 and first thing in the morning it was 60ish. I'd much rather have to wear a light jacket than be too hot. Cathy, I agree with your timing. If it works out schedule-wise, I'd do Israel/Jordan in early-mid Nov, then Egypt after that.

    I would also do a land tour over a cruise. Tel Aviv is a 24 hour city like NYC. Be a shame to miss the evenings in the city, If you did a cruise, you'd have to bus to Jerusalem, anyway.

  • cathyandsteve
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    The only time the Israel trip is offered is November at least presently

    That is for the rest of 2020- you are not going in 2020! :D Check out the full 2021 schedule- Feb thru the end of May 2021 and Sept thru the end of Nov.

  • Hey, I’m already thinking it is not hopeful for my Israel Jordan in April 2021. Egypt to visit is not for us. Great Egypt shows on NatGeo right now, or is it the Smithsonian channel? Awesome use of drones for overheads. We got mummied out in Elementary school visits to Manchester museum.
    I’m thinking Cathy will be fine with cool temps, she’s used to it where she lives and she”s lived in Alaska, right Cathy?

  • cathyandsteve I was surprised at how many people in India had never seen the Taj Mahal as well as India natives I've met in the US who have never seen that wonder. I realize it is a far trek and the economics and logistics of getting there can be a bit much. We are all so blessed and fortunate to have health, time and the financial means to travel

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