Jordan-Egypt—The crowds are returning to Cairo.

I’ve been exchanging messages with someone who just returned from the Tauck Jordan-Egypt tour. They said the trip was wonderful but advised we be very careful in Cairo. The person said the museum, Old Cairo and the Sphinx areas were very crowded and most people were not wearing masks and she suspect many were not vaccinated. She left three exhibits in Cairo because she feared she was at risk

Unfortunately she and her husband contracted COVID in Egypt. Fortunately they tested negative a few days before they left and didn’t get symptomatic until the 2nd leg of their flight home. The group consisted of 12 people.


  • Thank you for posting this.

  • We are going to book this trip only because we were cancelled out of New Zealand and Australia and our business air will only be valid for a few more months- This is concerning - about the COVID- I'm hoping things have improved by Dec. 13th 2021

  • Tauck_Matt We'll have much more feedback from Mil when she returns from her tour and returns to the forum. Let's stay positive.

    We'll both be traveling during high season in terms of weather and holiday break. It is expected to experience a bit of a heavier crowd. I think we were spoiled by the reports that the sites, especially the area near the pyramids, were empty and we would have the entire place to ourselves. There's still hope.

    I certainly would rather have small crowds but I know the region is heavily dependent on tourism. I'm hoping for a win-win for both sides.

    There are only 17 people on my tour. Have you called Tauck to inquire about your tour size? Safe Travels & don't forget to report back to the forum.

  • Mil...Welcome Home :) . I'm so glad to hear from you. I can' wait until you're all settled and can really give us the scoop!--Robin

  • milmil
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    Well, not sure what happen to my original post..
    but to resume... feel free to book this tour or any tour, this is a great time to travel, small groups , airplanes are 1/2 way full- no big crows anywhere.
    Now, in Jordan & Egypt- everyone in the tourist industry has to be Vax. for them to operate. There is Plenty of sanitizer dispensers everywhere also free masks , most of the places like boats and museums will take your temp. and most everyone are wearing their mask.
    Yes, groups are starting to show , mostly in Cairo and mostly from Russia.. some don't wear their masks, but guards are always reminding them to do so.
    All the bus drivers are vax. and had their mask on all the time, same with the local guides and the security agent.(police guy inside the bus) , the driver would give you hand sanitize as you would come into the bus and at the Nile boat temp. was always taken.- they also had sanitizer everywhere and they all had masks. -
    Tauck is very concern about keeping their groups Covid-free- so they do everything to keep the group save- you are literally in a Covid-free bubble.
    Finally , I was on the 3rd tour this year.. and we were told the 2 previous ones were Covid-free. - everyone has tested far...

  • Oh.. and I forgot... to be allowed into Jordan you MOST! be vax. and have a PCR negative test. - They ask for your CDC card and also the copy of the PCR test. - no one asked me about the health form or insurance.

  • mil: Could you describe the agenda for the last night in Cairo? We are nearing the booking window for return flights for our trip next October and are considering the non-stop Egyptair flight from Cairo to Dulles which leaves at 11:20 PM (we already nailed the outbound flight on United's newly announced non-stop from Dulles to Amman) . So, we're interested in knowing what we'd miss if we left during or after the reception and dinner the last night. Of course, we've always found Tauck to be quite conservative on airport transfers so if you could also share the time of your outbound flight and the lead time for it that Tauck arranged the transfer.

    We could fly the next day, especially if there was something you really wanted to do in Cairo which wasn't on the tour. I did see that you or somebody recommended a day trip to Alexandria. We figure we may be bushed at that point so a quick departure the final night might be worth missing some or all of the reception and dinner.

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    I saw that!! :D:D

    Wouldn't you just love to be an archaeologist crawling around on your stomach in a narrow tomb tunnel? :o

  • We usually do TAUCK but liked Viking itinerary. First time with Viking, Nov 23, my husband and I returned from Viking Egypt Tour starting in Cairo, sightseeing for 2 days…flew to Luxor, 7 nites on MSAntares Nile River Cruise. The sightseeing on shore was amazing. Boat was great with amazing crew. Disembarked in Luxor, Egypt was fantastic….flew to Cairo and checked into hotel closer to airport and next morning flew to Ammon. Motorcoaches to Dead Sea and Petra. Petra was unbelievable. No crowds yet in Egypt and Cairo. We were tested 6 times once we arrived Egypt. All tested Negative. 32 on tour, usually 62. We had 2 motor coaches in Egypt. 20 went on to Ammon had 1 Motorcoach. Police escort in Egypt and Jordan. We always felt safe. Great flights both ways and all on time👍 It was a lot of walking, steps, more walking, steep steps so wear comfortable shoes. 78 yrs so I take collapsible walking cane. Perfect weather.

  • dmdiehl Thanks for your feedback. 9 days to Jordan-Egypt for me. Glad to hear the crowds are still at bay and the weather was perfect!

  • We were in Aswan the day after the storm. We were on the way to Aswan Dam. Traffic being diverted due to part of a road being washed out. The Dam is amazing with very heavily guarded security, police and army. The storm did not interfere with our Dam visit.

  • jordan egypt this month-CDC just announced level 4 to Jordan. Supposed to leave in 3 days what will Tauck do with the trip? go or cancel. this is a makeup booking from my march 2020 cancelled trip. it is very concerning- I remember in March 2020 Jordan closed their borders and only let a few planes leave over weeks - my comfort zone is to not I get stuck in the country - any advice how to navigate this situation

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    I know Tauck has an emergency plane service on hand 24/7. I wonder if this would come into play if a country closed down to commercial planes.

  • dmdiehl - How did you like traveling with Viking? We are booked to go on the Douro River with Viking in June. We wanted to go with Tauck but they were booked and our TA advise us to go with Viking.

  • milmil
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    Jkap- Hi
    I would not cancel anything.... If Tauck does it's.. that's another story, but you have nothing to worry about. You're going to be ALWAYS under Tauck's bubble- the locals you'll be close to are the tour guides , staff at the hotels & on the boat. and they are all fully vaccinated- otherwise, they could not operate.. per both J&E mandates.- Also, there are FREE masks everywhere and SANITIZER dispensers as well... and EVERY single time you enter the hotel, boat of tour bus they take your temp. + give you some sanitizer... and at the airport the Tauck rep. is always making sure to get all the immigration process as quick as possible, to get you out of the airport as fast as he can...
    I would not cancel anything, and don't always believe the CDC- although a good source of info. it is also a little dramatic.- I was there and di not felt at all. and to be honest, the virus , regardless of the variant is not going to go away... any time soon or ever... we need to get vaccinated and always be vigilant but we need to keep on with our lives... also Tauck has national sources that keep them inform.. so if there's any concern on closing borders or shutting down the airport, they will be inform immediately, so they can get their customers out.
    Enjoy your trip.

  • I had my PCR test taken yesterday and had the results back within 6 hours. My flight arrives Jordan at 8:45PM on Saturday. Thank goodness for the Gift of Time because.....

    The State department just updated their website in regards to travel to Jordan

    Effective Sunday, December 12, 2021, all travelers to Jordan will be required to take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Jordan in addition to the current requirement for a PCR test no more than 72 hours before arrival to Jordan.

    The cost for the PCR test upon arrival is 28 JD. This testing requirement applies to persons arriving at any port of entry to Jordan by any means of transport. Travelers who receive a positive result on the PCR test for the Omicron variant are required to quarantine at a government-designated hotel for 14 days at their own expense.

  • We are beginning to think our Israel and Jordan tour will be cancelled again. Better start looking at some USA vacation once more I guess. …two already coming up with Tauck.

  • PureLuxury That's a bummer... but they do same at the UAE airport and it runs super fast.. they'll setup around 30 booths and will call you or the hotel if positive. No need to fill out any paperwork, they will ask your name, hotel and phone#. No big deal.
    Enjoy your trip , It's all worth it.

  • mil: Enjoy your trip , It's all worth it.

    Unless of course you test positive for Omicron variant and have to quarantine for two weeks at your own expense.

  • Smiling Sam Hi.
    Well. #1 that would be bad JuJu! :(( #2 it's up to each individual to decided to go or not to go...
    To Be or not To Be.... :)))

  • I'm good. My flight arrives 3 hours before the new let's hope Qatar lives up to its reputation and the flight arrives on time.

  • PureLuxury,

    Best wishes for a safe and healthy trip. Enjoy.

  • kfnknfzk wishes for a safe and healthy trip. Enjoy.

    Thank You & Happy Holidays!

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