Jordan-Egypt—The crowds are returning to Cairo.

I’ve been exchanging messages with someone who just returned from the Tauck Jordan-Egypt tour. They said the trip was wonderful but advised we be very careful in Cairo. The person said the museum, Old Cairo and the Sphinx areas were very crowded and most people were not wearing masks and she suspect many were not vaccinated. She left three exhibits in Cairo because she feared she was at risk

Unfortunately she and her husband contracted COVID in Egypt. Fortunately they tested negative a few days before they left and didn’t get symptomatic until the 2nd leg of their flight home. The group consisted of 12 people.


  • Thank you for posting this.

  • We are going to book this trip only because we were cancelled out of New Zealand and Australia and our business air will only be valid for a few more months- This is concerning - about the COVID- I'm hoping things have improved by Dec. 13th 2021

  • Tauck_Matt We'll have much more feedback from Mil when she returns from her tour and returns to the forum. Let's stay positive.

    We'll both be traveling during high season in terms of weather and holiday break. It is expected to experience a bit of a heavier crowd. I think we were spoiled by the reports that the sites, especially the area near the pyramids, were empty and we would have the entire place to ourselves. There's still hope.

    I certainly would rather have small crowds but I know the region is heavily dependent on tourism. I'm hoping for a win-win for both sides.

    There are only 17 people on my tour. Have you called Tauck to inquire about your tour size? Safe Travels & don't forget to report back to the forum.

  • Mil...Welcome Home :) . I'm so glad to hear from you. I can' wait until you're all settled and can really give us the scoop!--Robin

  • milmil
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    Well, not sure what happen to my original post..
    but to resume... feel free to book this tour or any tour, this is a great time to travel, small groups , airplanes are 1/2 way full- no big crows anywhere.
    Now, in Jordan & Egypt- everyone in the tourist industry has to be Vax. for them to operate. There is Plenty of sanitizer dispensers everywhere also free masks , most of the places like boats and museums will take your temp. and most everyone are wearing their mask.
    Yes, groups are starting to show , mostly in Cairo and mostly from Russia.. some don't wear their masks, but guards are always reminding them to do so.
    All the bus drivers are vax. and had their mask on all the time, same with the local guides and the security agent.(police guy inside the bus) , the driver would give you hand sanitize as you would come into the bus and at the Nile boat temp. was always taken.- they also had sanitizer everywhere and they all had masks. -
    Tauck is very concern about keeping their groups Covid-free- so they do everything to keep the group save- you are literally in a Covid-free bubble.
    Finally , I was on the 3rd tour this year.. and we were told the 2 previous ones were Covid-free. - everyone has tested far...

  • Oh.. and I forgot... to be allowed into Jordan you MOST! be vax. and have a PCR negative test. - They ask for your CDC card and also the copy of the PCR test. - no one asked me about the health form or insurance.

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