Give the baggage claim issues of late, for an 8-9 Scotland trip do you all generally pack only a carry on? I can't quite seem to fit what i need into a carry on but am a bit nervous in checking a bag.


  • jlrm - If you're nervousness is such that you don't want to check and it won't all fit into a carry on, then a third option is to buy additional clothing upon arrival and throw it away before your return.

    Not a real cost efficient solution, but it should eliminate your nervousness.

  • What’s the chances of you being near clothing stores? I’m not sure where the tour goes, but even if near stores, clothing in the Uk is very expensive compared to the US. And are you going to have time to shop, and try on, because the sizing is different

  • British - Your post didn’t sound like a solution. They are looking for suggestions to solve, which both my post and mil’s post did. Granted neither of our solutions is very desirable, but at least they are solutions.

  • Yikes, throwing away new clothing! You sound like a teenager; for shame. Please tell me you were just kidding.

  • I did buy clothing in Edinburgh when we took this trip as I'd underestimated how cold it could be in Jun/Jul. Princes street - a short walk from the Sheraton - has loads of stores that aren't all expensive.

    We are certainly hoping this luggage craziness ends by the time we fly out in Oct but have a backup plan. We're still planning to check a bag but will shift more of our clothing to carryon which is why I just bought compression packing cubes. The hard part will be making sure we put less than normal in the checked bad and make sure nothing in it can't be lived without.

  • **MarketArt **- If you don't want to check or ship luggage and everything you want won't fit into a carryon bag, then the solution I provided is valid. I said it wasn't cost effective or very desirable, but it is a solution. If you dislike the throwing away new clothes then you could donate them.

    When I say buy and then discard clothes that don't fit in the carryon I'm referring to easy things like socks, underwear, undershirts, etc. The things that are the cheapest to buy, don't require much in the way of trying on, and would likely be available in the most places.

    Again, I wouldn't take this approach but if jlrm is so nervous about checking or shipping luggage then I think what I've suggested is viable. Again - not something that I'd want to do.

    For me, at some point I either trust the system or don't travel. For me that means, checking a bag. I could lose that bet, but there are a zillion things in life you just trust - eg. you trust that the plane you're flying on won't crash.

    Everything associated with travel is an assessment of the risks vs the rewards. It's always a personal decision.

  • Rather than discard, donate.

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    Did someone say, "You pays your price and takes your chance?" :D

  • So we were in Oslo and Copenhagen. In both hotels, there were bags to donate clothes you didn’t want to take home. I had some freshly washed shirts which I left behind. And I agree with Sam and British ideas. Don’t stress y’all. Enjoy your travel😻

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    Regarding clothing donations in Danish hotels, the donated items are for the Ukranian refugees that Denmark is providing housing for. I can't speak for Norway, but I suspect they might be doing the same.

    My sincere thanks to you, Thomas, for your generosity.

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