2022 October 27-November 15 Northern India/Nepal Tauck



  • Cathy, I respectfully disagree. The tour director is there to meet your needs as long as they are reasonable and requested politely. Asking for less spicy food is certainly reasonable and within the norm. Enjoy the remainder of your trip.

  • Jet lag doesn't affect me on arrival to destination, it affects me when I return home, I've always been able to keep with activities and dinners from the beginning.
    Cathy it could be that you are feeling more tired on this trip due to your leg.

  • cathyandsteve,

    I do hope you feel better and can get some rest. I look forward to a continuation of your experiences on your trip on your thread (the operative words being 'your').

  • In view of kfnknfzk’s policing of the forum, I’ve deleted my questions and photos.
    Going forward, I think it might be a good idea for me to ask her permission before I post anything.

  • Policing of the forum? Is that really necessary? You have so much to offer, British, but turning someone else's post into your post is rude and shows disrespect. And isn't it rather childish to say that you should ask permission before you post anything? Are we not adults?

    Again, you truly do have some excellent experiences and offer equally excellent advice, but be mindful of others and try to respect their opinions and travel experiences. That's all.

  • kfnknfzk
    Policing of the forum? Is that really necessary?

    Probably not, just like your comment (see below, copied from above) probably wasn't necessary.

    ... on your thread (the operative words being 'your').

    You could have simply ended your post above with a period after 'your trip'.

  • Yes, of course.

  • edited November 2022

    One of the reasons ‘Indian” food is spicy, is because it helps preserve the food. I was very careful about what I ate during __my year in India. I did have a lot of grilled tandoori chicken at the hotel, but I never ate the catering on the airplane if it came from India. I’m sure Tauck is very careful with the food, but we did not have Tauck around when I worked for Air India.

  • Also, I have east Indian close friends and they have told me that when eating spicy foods, it cools down their body temperature in extremely hot weather. I don’t know if that is a fact but I’ve been told that more than once. Just saying.

  • Kfnknfzk May I have permission to say that tea also a tradition, helps in hot weather too.
    Spices were primarily used to disguise food that was going off which is why they were so highly prized in the West.

  • edited November 2022

    That's enough, British.

  • Ouch!! Just biting my tongue :o As has been clearly demonstrated in a few posts in this thread, a leopard never changes Its spots.

    cathyandsteve great photos.

  • Cathy, so glad you're having a great tour. Envious you're able to include.photos. I'm doing my posts on a 7" Fire tablet and haven't moved my photos to it.

    And I couldn't care less if people add comments to my thread. Its all of OUR forum.

  • Cathy great photos

  • edited November 2022

    Yes, that is correct. It is a forum for everyone and everyone should show respect for an individual's post and not turn it into their post by adding comments completely unrelated to the thread. But since this is Cathy's post, I'll let her share her feelings if she so desires.

    There is no need for ridiculing and outright attacks; and there is certainly no need for immaturity. Some of you act like a petulant toddler who must throw a temper tantrum whenever they do not get their way. Thankfully it is just a handful of individuals. I wish to thank those of you who sent me messages of support. I do understand why it is that you do not wish to publicly voice your support.

    Cathy - I apologize.

  • Ouch!! Did it again!

  • edited November 2022

    AlanS - Kindly tell me exactly what I said that warrants your comments.

  • Cathy, thank you so much for your continuing daily reports. It's the hi-lite of my morning to see your daily post. I find this Tour quite fascinating and the photos are wonderful. I would love to take this Tour. Sending good vibes your way for continued health and wellness.

  • Beautiful pictures Cathy

  • Sealord - I started a new thread to continue the discussion, if people feel motivated, about 'Thread Protocol'.

    The reason for the new thread is explained in the new thread, I hope. :D

  • Cathy the pictures are incredible, and the tour looks fascinating. You did it again girl, I'm adding this one to my bucket list just as I did when you published the Antarctic one.. :)

    P.S: the food looks at a time scary :)

  • edited November 2022

    Hi Cathy! I hope you got a lot of rest during the down day at the last resort. Wasn't it amazing? You are off to part two of the adventure!

  • Cathy - It all looks great.

    It cracked me up when you said you took a cooking lesson. Did they teach you how to make all of those spicy foods? 😂

  • Sam...they taught us how to make momo and marsala tea. Neither of which I will EVER make...lol

    Chris...we arrived after dark...but i can vaguely see the Taj Mahal. I cannot wait for tomorrow!

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