2022 October 27-November 15 Northern India/Nepal Tauck



  • November 12, we went on morning safari. We saw the camp elephants, deer monkeys, and Indian Gaur. We had lunch. In the afternoon safari we saw a male and female tiger mating. We saw a stork. We had our last dinner together as a group.

  • November 13, we had breakfast and drove three hours to the airport. We flew to Mumbai. We toured the complex. We checked into the Oberoi hotel.

  • We were aware wifi would be available in the lobby...however it was spotty and certainly did not support uploading photos. All is well.

  • Cathy, I am so glad you got the see some tigers! Have a nice final day in Mumbai, enjoy the farewell gathering, and have, hopefully, an uneventful flight home.

  • Thanks Chris. It has been amazing...but I am ready to go home

  • Great trip Cathy, safe travels.

  • Cathy...Beautiful pictures. I count seeing the Tiger Cubs as a WIN!

    I remember that view of the laundry area in Mumbai from the Coach. I captured a similar shot when we were on a bridge driving to the Oberoi.

    How was the weather in the national parks? I know this is mid-November and the weather will probably be much different during my tour in mid-December, but I'd be interested in knowing. My countdown to India/Nepal is 397 days B)

    Enjoy your remaining tour days in Mumbai and Safe and Uneventful Travels home.

  • the weather was perfect. cool mornings, warm afternoons, cool evenings.

    We saw two tiger cubs and a female and male mating. We certainly did win.
    more later.

  • Cathy: What an adventure! Thank you for all of your posts and images. Safe travels home.

  • Cathy, it looks like you have had a wonderful time and your pictures are beautiful.

  • On November 14, we had breakfast then met at 9 in the lobby for our tour of Mumbai. We had lunch at the Taj. We came back to the Oberoi to prepare for our flight home. At 6, we met at the EAU bar for the farewell cocktail party.
    We left for the airport at 10 for our 2:10am flight to London. We flew home without incident.

  • Cathy, glad you got back without any problems.

    I love your quote from your website: “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can”.

    Anna told our group, at the farewell gathering, that this trip will have more and more of an impact on us as time passes. I think that will be true for me. Like you, this was a trip I'll never forget.

  • Cathy - I have enjoyed and appreciated your reports. Were you and your fellow travelers able to eat safely? More than one person has told me that Delhi-belly is difficult to avoid.

  • cathyandsteve.....Welcome Home. I am overjoyed you enjoyed the tour and remained safe and healthy. I know you have memories that will last your lifetime.

    Smog, stench, trash, cuisine, warm hospitality--all of it....India pulls you in--I guess that's the reason I am returning. I smiled at our differences in opinion. Your favorite hotel on this tour, Oberoi Mumbai, was my least favorite on the Portrait of India tour. I understand the tours are different and the accommodations are different. Perhaps the Oberoi Mumbai will be my favorite on the India/Nepal tour--I'll let you know in 396 days B)

    I'm sure I'll have loads of questions which you will probably address here in the forum--if not, I'll PM you.

    Welcome Home & Catch up on your rest!

  • PureLuxury - I get your point about the Oberoi Mumbai, but I think you might be stretching it a bit if you had the same hotel we did in Varanasi. I enjoyed all the Oberoi Hotels and the Lela Palace.

  • Smiling Sam...good point as I forgot about the Varanasi hotel. Thankfully it was only one night. I enjoyed the experience at Varanasi but I NEVER need to witness those sites again. Just like the camel rides, It's a one and done for me. It was at the next stop at a Oberoi hotel that I had my clothes laundered---they reeked of the Varanasi aroma.

  • Lotusgirl...Steve and I did fine and were never sick the whole tour. I was EXTREMELY careful about what I ate. I "tasted" most everything but I also skipped several meals.

    We had 15 people on this tour...16 counting Anna our tour director. All but 4 of us got sick. I am not sure it was the food. It appeared to me to be a stomach virus because for several days it was passed from person to person. I wore a mask whenever we were in public and we did not socialize with others outside of the tour dinners and excursions. I am taking vitamins so I like to think they helped me avoid the sickness that plagued others.

  • cathyandsteve,

    Glad you are home. Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  • I am taking vitamins so I like to think they helped me avoid the sickness that plagued others.

    cathyandsteve...I'm so happy you avoided "dehli belly". I also load up on the vitamins and probiotics before, during and after the trip. I think that helps a lot. Some folks may have been affected by the water - did they eat ice cream or have ice in their drinks--My doctor advised me to avoid all of that.

  • I don't really know what the others ate or drank...steve and I were very careful. It acted like a virus...because it passed from person to person and it lasted more than a night of food reaction. Whatever it was...it was the LAST thing I needed to catch and I am very grateful I did not get it.

    One other thing I want to add....

    Steve and I went on every excursion. The only thing we skipped were some evening meals. We were among the oldest on the tour. It amazed me, how many folks chose not to participate. For example...we had three safaris at chitwon and 5 safaris at Bandhavgarh. There were only 5 of us who went on every safari. The odds of seeing the tigers is a small...and you certainly won't see them if you don't go on the safaris. It sure made no sense to me.

  • By the last safari on my tour here, we were down to 6 out of 12 going out. Everyone did the first safari, and then folks started dropping out. My wife and i did every safari, because TIGERS. Hah.

  • Chris....I completely understand. It just made no sense to me. It's like playing the lottery...if you don't buy a ticket...you have zero chance of winning. If you don't go on safari...you are not going to see the Rhinos or Tigers. They are not coming to your room or to the bar. I understand that the trip means different things to different people. We had one wonderful lady...who I really liked...who was into shopping. She went shopping by herself every place we went. She skipped touring, safaris, dinners....to go shopping. She was as happy as a lark. We had one couple that wanted to explore and walk everywhere and stop for drinks or food. They loved it! So we all have different priorities. I booked this trip...for the safaris. Seeing mount Everest and the Taj mahal was a bonus!

  • Cathy - glad you are back home safely without problems. It sounds like a great tour.

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