Is the pre-tour trip to Capri worthwhile?

First, for those waiting to see the schedule and prices for 2024, this trip is now online.

Second, there's an option for a day trip to Capri prior to the welcome dinner. Is this something worth doing? Thanks.


  • We went on a Tauck tour that included Capri years ago and we enjoyed it. Tauck included a visit to a private home where we were given an insight into family life there and homemade limoncello.

  • BKMD - I did the Amalfi coast on my own, and really enjoyed my day trip to Capri from Positano. I'd take the Tauck optional trip.

  • Thanks ladies. Now if I can hear from some experienced travelers... :)

  • I agree with British and MCD. The sheer beauty of the island is definitely worth the trip.

  • I added on Capri to Classic Italy in 2022. It’s a fabulous day! The weather was great and we were able to go into the Blue Lagoon. What an experience. Do it!

  • The Blue Lagoon was definitely a highlight but often the waters are rough and the Blue Lagoon component is cancelled. Disappointing but still worth trying. Capri is a singular destination! Very charming with incredible views.

  • If the pre-tour Tauck excursion to Capri includes a guide, go for it. They hadn't started that option when we did Classic Italy so we hired a guide. It was great having a guide to help with the day's schedule. We hit the island at the perfect time- our guide had just enough time to get us tickets for the Around-the-Island + Blue Grotto boat tour so we able to just step aboard. There is a lot to see on the island, well worth it!!

  • Thanks again, all. I'll be adding this option. Great pics, Alan!

  • From the 2023 Europe Tauck brochure it "includes an island tour, visits to Anacapri and Capri, and more.". We took advantage of Taucks Take Off with Tauck airfare deal to book a date this year and were happy to learn it was an option even for Classic sized tours not just Small Group. We didn't get GofT but thought it was worth it to pay the extra.

  • We received our digital Greenbook for our Classic Italy tour and it provided some detail about the optional pre-tour day in Capri.

    Timing: 7:45 pick up at the hotel, transfer to the port, 8:45 hydrofoil to Capri, 15:35 return to Sorrento, 16:05 arr back at the hotel.

    Includes: local guide, transport on Capri, admission fees, lunch (2 course + soft drink) Blue Grotto vist (weather permitting) or alternative, gratuities. Sadly no other info about what sights are seen.

    It also notes the tour provider is Sireon Tours Spartaco Mollo. I found a Tauck blog post that talked about Taucks relationship to the company and included a video of Pompeii.

  • We did this trip in 2016 and Capri was not part of the itinerary. Since we arrived early to Sorrento, we hired a private tour guide to take us to Capri, It was well worth the money we spent as our guide was informative and extremely well versed in every aspect of the island. The Blue Grotto was included and very beautiful. We also rode on the chair lift which afforded spectacular views of the Mediterranean.
    Capri is beautiful and not to me missed.

  • Our very first Tauck tour included an overnight stay in Capri. Don’t know why it’s an extra these days, saves money for Tauck I guess.

  • It's not included in the itinerary now but is an optional tour at a price for $295 pp if you're able to arrive the day before the tour start. I tried to look up the tour company Tauck listed to see if there was more detail on what sights are seen but their website is under construction :/ .

  • The Sireon Tour company is really a good one - we knew about them from a prior Tauck tour, and booked separately prior to the start of this tour for a tour of Herculaneum. We did a pre-tour day to Capri, which was nice.. But Herculaneum was way better IMO.

  • We did it in 2019 and it was well worth it! Going back in October and will definitely do it again. The Blue Grotto and the charm of the towns should not be missed.

  • BKMD the photos posted are exactly what you will be seeing there on a sunny day. It is very touristy but beautiful.

  • Wan
    September 17
    BKMD the photos posted are exactly what you will be seeing there on a sunny day. It is very touristy but beautiful.

    Those be my photos :D and yes, well worth it. In fact go two days early- spend one day at Herculaneum and the National Archeological Museum of Naples and the next day on Capri!

  • Alan S, so sorry for failing to acknowledge your superior photography skills. :)
    BKMD, the National Archeological Museum of Naples is fabulous and the other "Non-Pompeii" archeological sites in the area are also covered on the Amalfi Coast tours in case you are interested. We never made it to Herculaneum but I can also recommend the museum.

  • I agree, Herculaneum is as good as Pompii, just as interesting.

  • Thanks again, all. Trip is booked for Spring 2024, including the Capri excursion.;

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