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Has anyone got the new Covid booster... Oups not booster... The Covid vaccine 2023-2024 ? Any discomfort? Iam getting this weekend.



  • Our appointment is this Friday. We’ve done Flu and RSV this past week. Mil, thanks for Varanasi tour, we’ve booked it.

  • JimFlorida, Hi!
    You'll love this tour and India. - it is Amazing. Great to hear you're all booked- let me know how it went with the booster, please. :)

  • My husband just received it 10 minutes ago.

  • Getting Covid booster & flu vac on Thursday

  • Getting flu and Covid on Weds.

  • Got the flu shot last week and RSV and Covid 3 days ago. Just a sore arm. No problems.

  • We got our Covid booster with the flu shot on Saturday. I had a low grade fever and felt achy overnight. Totally fine the next day.

  • Will not have gotten it before our tour next week. Currently not planning to get, but I could be convinced otherwise. So still to be determined. Did get flu shot last week and thinking about the RSV.

  • My Covid 2023-2024 booster is now re-scheduled for next week …. I wouldn’t want to go abroad without it and a mask!

  • OurTravels34
    Hi! How is your husband feeling? Any discomfort?

  • Hi Mil, my husband did not have any side effects at all but he’s made out of steel; nothing bothers him. I, on the other hand, am more delicate and will probably have low energy for a day and a sore arm.

  • I realize the thread for this discussion is titled "Covid booster". The boosters are no longer available and have been "trashed" and replaced by completely new vaccines approved and released in the last week. They will target the old and the new variants. They are called Covid vaccine 2023-2024. The Spikevax is made by Moderna. I got the RSV Friday but was denied the Spikevax by CVS because the code for medicare coverage was not being accepted in their system. CVS blamed medicare and medicare blamed CVS. I got the Spikevax yesterday at Walgreens. The pharmacist was excited that I was the first medicare customer to get the Spikevax at that location. I got the RSV in my right arm and the Spikevax in the left. Both were slightly sore to the touch at the injection site but no other negative effects. I'm reviewing my packing list for Paris. One week until departure.

  • Yes, our clinician explained that to us. The 2023-2024 inoculation is not a booster and should not be referred to as such.

    Have a wonderful trip and please be sure to let us know of your experiences.

  • Was scheduled for flu and Covid this morning at my local CVS. I got the flu vax only. I was told by the 12 year old working there that they ran out of Covid vaxxes on Monday. I got no notification of that, but just a text confirmation confirming my appt this morning. I also didn't get the $5 off anything coupon they advertised on their web site, which the 12 year old knew nothing about.

    While CVS is more convenient for me, being within walking distance, never again. Also of note, of the national pharmacies, CVS has the highest prices so if you pay out of pocket. keep that in mind.

    I scheduled Covid for tomorrow at a Walgreens nearby, where I previously got Covid vaxxes (initially chose it because they offered Moderna, which was my p[reference, and CVS didn't).

  • Medicare pays for these vaccines.

  • There appears to be some Medicare snafu that is causing the system to deny vaccines according to the pharmacy we went to for our flu and RSV Shots. They were able to do some sort of override.
    Once we got our initial two Covid shots which had to be through our local county facility, we used Rite Aid for our following Covid vaccines and the same thing happened to us BKMD, they ran out and forgot to tell us on their call list. When we arrived they said come back on….no need to make an appointment. We did, a different pharmacist, they turned us away again, said we had to make an appointment. Boy was the air blue! Took us three attempts to get it and then you wonder why the take up is so low. I hope the new vaccine is available when we get home from this three week trip.

  • All the confusion and issues amaze me. It's like they've never done this before.

    OurTravels34 = I presume your comment above was in response to my comment about CVS being the most expensive national pharmacy. I'm aware Medicare part B covers flu and covid vaccines. I was referring to Rx's in general.

  • Had the new Covid vaccine today, so far so good, no arm soreness.

  • We are being told the 23/24 covid vaccine will not be available until mid October. We live in the upper left hand corner of the country. I am not sure that makes any difference.

    CVS – No availability for appointments
    Fred Meyer (Kroger) – No availability for appointments
    Rite Aid/Bartells – Appointments available starting October 20th. We scheduled that for Covid and RSV. Got flu shots a couple of days ago.

    I am not sure how everyone else is able to get the new covid shots now. Make sure it is the 23/24 covid shots.

    We are on an Eastern Mediterranean trip (not Tauck) the following week after the shots. I hate to cut it that close.

  • We hope to get the Pfizer shot as we have before. I think that is the one that is delayed. As I think I mentioned, the Novovax vaccine still appears to be available, Not researched it, but that is an old one. No thank you.

  • JohnS - It was the 2023-24 shot, It was in the newspaper that Walgreens and CVS had it, when I went to Walgreens today I asked them if there are a lot of people taking it and was told that they are swamped. Considering the fact that our Governor does not recommended it it's funny that Florida got them so soon.

  • We in Florida got it because of our large elderly population

  • JohnS - That is perplexing. In my area, there's plenty of availability this week, even tomorrow.

    On another note, I just read that the gov't is making home tests available again for free at beginning next week.

  • There a couple of Fred Meyer’s within 10 mile radius of us that showed covid appointments available today. My wife call to see if they were the new ones and was told they are the older boosters. These places are all understaffed and person answering the phone may have no clue. Worst case scenario we will get the shots on October 20. If we can find something sooner then we will cancel them.

  • Everyone, be careful. So few people took advantage of getting the shots suggested to those over 65 earlier in the year, they must be trying to offload them on the general public who don’t understand the difference. We had that extra shot back then, most people we know, their doctors said to wait. I’m not sure the scientific reasoning for that apart from watching their own backs. Just the other day, someone in my ladies club was asking ‘Isn’t the RSV the new Covid vaccine? Scary!

  • milmil
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    Isn’t the RSV the new Covid vaccine? Scary!,
    British did you say... no! it's the new Polio. Bad joke, I know, but it sounded funny. :D

  • I too am shocked by what some members of my ladies club are saying. The government and drug producers could do a much better job of informing the public. Advertising is misleading. In Illinois, and perhaps in all 50 states, the former Covid vaccines and boosters are no longer allowed. All clients getting a Covid vaccine are supposed to receive the recently-released and authorized-for-emergency-use formula... Covid 2023-2024. Depending on your pharmacy, it can be Pfizer's formula or the Spikevax from Moderna. Some CVS locations in Illinois have Pfizer while other CVS sites have Spikevax. Same with Walgreens and other providers. Different sites offer different brands. Receiving a different brand from your previous Covid vax is acceptable. Studies show that getting subsequent Covid vaccines in the same arm suggest stronger immunity. The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a lung infection that, like Covid, can lead to pneumonia. The vaccines available to target RSV are recommended specifically for babies, pregnant women and people over 60 years of age. The RSV vaccines: Arexvy is produced by Glaxo Smith Kline and Abrysvo is Pfizer's version.
    Sadly, there continues to be so much confusion, frustration, misinformation and anxiety in the US about vaccines. Stay safe and happy travels.

  • We originally did all Moderna vax over the years, and received the 2023-24 Pfizer shot last week at CVS. We were told they got rid of the previous boosters. The only thing I can think of is just start up supply versus demand. Those of us traveling soon ( next week for us) do the best you can….at the VERY least get your flu shot. Every year more people get complications from the flu then anything else!!

  • I have also heard from the pharmacies here that they do not have any of the older ones, only the new one. I had mine yesterday, arm a little sore to the touch today but that's all. They had to give me a new card as this was my 6th, last one was September of last year.

  • I'm getting my covid shot Saturday. CVS here in southern AZ has them. Definitely the new one. I was told they are not able to give the older boosters anymore.

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