How many want to be masked up for the entire trip?

My husband and I plan to travel with Tauck in August, despite the fact that I still cannot get them to return a phone call. I just hear about push this button for payment. Payment. Payment. How many want to pay to be masked up for an entire trip? Masked up for a long flight and masked up for days when you venture outside your core group on the trip. I'm just curious how others feel.



  • GatorMom
    How many want to pay to be masked up for an entire trip?

    Nobody wants it, but you do what you have to do. I don't want to pay taxes either, but what's the old saying, something like 'The only sure things are death and taxes.'

    If the masking is frustrating/upsetting enough to where you can't enjoy your travel, then you just stay home or find something different for your enjoyment.

  • I would not want to be.

  • If wearing a mask is the only ‘difference’ in the Tauck experience, I would wear my mask gladly.

  • No way. That's why my first rescheduled trip isn't until Apr 2022.

  • Did anyone else get a Future Travel Plans Survey from Tauck this morning?

  • If wearing a mask all day is a requirement on a Tauck Tour, I would not go. We have taken small getaway trips throughout the pandemic and I have worn a mask where required in a restaurant or museum but I can't wear a mask longer than an hour, tops. I have trouble breathing. I definitely wouldn't last very long on an airplane. Everyone's tolerance level is unique. If you can still enjoy a tour while wearing a mask, then you should indeed go. I hope these requirements eventually go away as more people are vaccinated.

  • Claudia - No survey for me. I’m sure AlanS got one from Dan Mahar personally and British got one from Marketing, swimsuit models department. 😀

  • I would wear a mask, if required. My bigger concern is how local pandemic restrictions would otherwise affect the trip. Dining, closed attractions, hotel changes, etc. Also, how would you like to get your flight cancelled at the last minute due to lack of demand and not be able to join your tour (or be stuck getting home)?

  • I'll do the mask. Also, I received and did the survey this morning. My concern is how - or if - Tauck will facilitate (at my cost) a C-19 test that, for now at least, is required to get back into the US. The test sample has to be taken within 72 hours of departing for the states. Many (most?) on tour depart for the US the day the tour ends or the next day. Just thinking ahead.

  • I would not want to be. I agree with Travel Maven. I am also concerned with local pandemic restrictions. They seem to change overnight. For now my my husband and I will be taking road trips on our own. I have no desire to take a tour with so many rules to follow. It just would not be the experience I am used to.

  • Gator Mom, I don’t know why you are worrying, is your tour to Canada, wherever it is, you are unlikely to be going so you won’t have to worry about wearing masks.
    Travel Maven, wow, you must have serious health problems, are you sure you should be traveling with Tauck? I’m truly serious, that’s frightening.
    I’m happy to wear masks, I wear double masks, I might drop down to one mask when I am fully vaccinated, only had one dose so far.
    I’ve worn masks for twelve hour shifts, and so do many many people, think about the Drs and nurses. Even the Costco checkout staff at my Costco who weren’t wearing masks for health reasons months ago are now wearing masks, and I haven’t seen one of them keel over yet. I was there this morning and my hubby tells me I have a Tauck survey to fill in, I think it might be about modeling swimwear.

  • British: Thank you for your concern. No, my health is good, just had a check up recently. Perhaps it's just a mental thing. I just feel like I am suffocating with anything over my nose and mouth. Hopefully, we won't have to mask up too much longer.

  • I’ve just taken the survey, it wasn’t a good survey was it? When we discussed our answers, my husband kept saying...It depends. If only there had been somewhere to clarify an answer.

  • Asked about the survey as I'd didn't recognize the email address and worry about people trying to get personal data. The last question about whether we'd go to a country that hadn't been largely vaccinated is the only one I had a qualm with. Not so much from fear of the population but that if most hadn't been vaccinated it increased the odds of something going south while you're there and interrupting the tour.

    When it was hot last summer is when I found masks the most difficult or if I'm rushing around. Would have to remind myself to slow down and relax. Sometimes I'd just stop and focus. We bought some plastic frame things from Amazon that fit inside the mask and keep the cloth away from my lips. Does help.

  • I’ve done vigorous exercise classes an hour long in double masks. It makes me feel hot, but I’ve done it. Masks have saved so many lives.
    Claudia, great point about things going south in a country with few of the population being vaccinated. It’s a bit like that here in the US right now, so I guess it could happen anywhere apart from maybe Israel and the UK

  • I would have no problem wearing a mask, can't wait to travel again.

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    It is to the point now where I leave a store, etc. with my mask on, get in my car and forget to remove the mask until I'm halfway home!

  • In reality, you should wash your hands as soon as you have touched your mask, just in case someone coughed and hit your mask with Covid, or maybe even just breathe d your way, maybe new variants are that contagious.I was at a dr appointment yesterday and a women coughed, took off her mask, drank water, coughed into her hand, put her mask back on, coughed again into her mask with her hand touching her mask. Took it off, took another drink etc etc She obviously couldn’t read because there were notices everywhere not to remove your mask or eat and drink. All there in the cardiology section of a major hospital’s hub, that’s why we are still in a pandemic.

  • Our next trip, if it happens is K&T. It will be the ‘dry’ season which means many people will be wearing masks or scarves anyway due to the dust. I’m guessing that Tauck will require vaccinations to go on tour with them as many cruise lines are lining up to do. The cruise lines are also moving to foreign ports due to the forty page cruise regulation that CDC created that is impossible to comply with. There is a reason cruise ships (except for one in Hawaii) do not fly the American flag even though some really big cruise lines are U.S. based. i will wear a mask when required, but only when required.

  • Sealord - there is a reason that cruise ships don’t fly the American flag and it has nothing to do with the CDC or COVID restrictions. It is because of taxes. Some countries have made an industry out of registering ships by providing low or no taxes to do so.

    You said you will wear a mask when required, but only when required. Will you do so in silence or under a state on constant complaint. If the latter, I would hope you would opt to stay home vs destroying the experience for fellow travelers willing to graciously follow the rules.

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    Sam. You don’t know me. I’m not a complainer.
    There are more reasons than taxes for cruise ships not registering here. There are tons of regulations. The U.S. ‘priced’ themselves out of the cruise ship business.

  • Smiling Sam
    Sealord - there is a reason that cruise ships don’t fly the American flag and it has nothing to do with the CDC or COVID restrictions. It is >because of taxes. Some countries have made an industry out of registering ships by providing low or no taxes to do so.

    Yup, just like DE for corporations, SD for credit cards and MT for car registrations.

  • We would have no problem wearing a mask. We have had the vaccines and are well over the recommended fourteen days waiting period and we still wear masks when we venture out.


  • Lost me. What are DE, SD, and MT?

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    DE - Delaware, SD - South Dakota, MT - Montana.

    Sealord - I agree there are more reasons than taxes. The following is from cruise

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    I will not travel with a mask, which is only the tip of iceberg of Covid related restrictions guaranteed to ensure a miserable experience.

  • Speaking of masks: the flu season was practically nothing this year. I usually get a cold every winter but not this year. I may continue to wear my mask in large groups - especially during the winter months - after the Pandemic and mask recommendations pass. As British says, many people must wear them as a job requirement for many hours in a day. Not such a big deal. As an aside, I was very uncomfortable with the ‘common masks’ - the ones that loop around your ears. I switched over to masks that have elastic that goes around my head - much more comfortable and form fitting

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