Terrible customer service ...

I've been on hold for over 2 and 1/2 hours ... terrible customer service.



  • Do a call back. I don’t seen this improving any time soon, the latest rush will be people changing their Yellowstone plans as well as more people booking tours because of the Covid test removal. I’d rather wait for an experienced agent than a new one who might not know everything or mess up my booking.

  • Call back works. Just listen to the instructions and follow them.

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    I called twice today and the call back feature was not an option each time. Very unusual based on past experiences. I know to listen carefully for the prompts. Of course, I knew to not sit on hold too long before hanging up. No worries. I'll try again tomorrow.

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    I've been on hold for over 2 and 1/2 hours

    One of several reasons I use a travel agent.

  • Me too regarding the travel agent. I don’t have to worry about anything unless I want to.

  • The last time I called - about 2 weeks ago - I was on hold for about 20 minutes and the call back message cycled thru several times. I finally took it when I'd run out of things to sit and do on the computer while I waited.

  • Get a Tauck certified TA - they are free and so helpful. They do all the work. We've used ours for over 17 years and she is amazing. Ours is with AAA, but you can find Tauck certified TA anywhere.

  • I call early in the morning and use the call back feature. Tauck is on Eastern time. I think the times the call back feature doesn’t work is when their system has maxed out with messages. I’ve noticed there is a choice to be connected to the air department now. That’s got to help! Everyone these days needs and deserves a little grace. So many reasons to be on edge. Take a deep breath. All will be well. 🙏

  • I use a Travel Agent and she tells me that she has to wait a long time when she calls any tour or cruise provider - multiple hours. It's hard for her to use the call-back feature because she may be on the line with a customer when she gets the call-back.

    But I agree with terrilyn that a good travel agent is really worthwhile - for many reasons when traveling. We had an airline ticket problem (American Airlines) and she was able to resolve it while we were waiting at JFK. Luckily, it was during her working hours - although I have her cell phone number.

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    Do you happen to know ... there's a STAFF SHORTAGE every where in the US, after the pandemic crisis...have you gone to the pharmacy, grocery store ? everyone is short staff, doing best they can and those that do go to work have to hear complains like yours every day... be patient and kind to those that have to work through this time. AT my office the call center had 13 agents, now only 2. and as we hire more.. they come to work and don't last 1/2 day.. they had expressed how much they get yelled by Pt.'s

  • I was finally able to get through to Tauck yesterday. Once again, the call back feature was not offered. I was determined, however, and waited on hold for over ninety (90) minutes. I was working on a sewing project, so I didn't mind the wait. The sales agent was most apologetic and explained that the call back feature activates when the one hundredth (100) call is holding. That was her understanding. We laughed and were sure I must have been caller number 99. She actually thanked me for not screaming at her. I felt so sorry for her. No one needs to endure such unnecessary rudeness and entitlement. You are so right, mil. Kindness is lacking virtually everywhere in this country.

    Anyway, my pre and post tour hotel stays in London and Paris, respectively, are confirmed after a delay in finalizing the hotel contracts, so I was able to book the airfare after waiting briefly.

    I wish to thank Market Art for suggesting Virgin Atlantic as an airline that flies direct from LAX to Heathrow. And they are partnered with Air France, so that works out great for me. Thank you!

  • We used to use Virgin Atlantic years ago before American started a service for us that was easier for us from where we live going back and forth to Manchester. They were so far out front in those days…on economy, the kids would get lovely backpacks etc. My husband used them for business trips to Japan back then too, they would send a limo to our home and take him 100 miles to Heathrow as part of the ticket. I went with him once on that airline, my first experience of business class, I felt so spoiled. He even arranged that a French guy who was often the chauffeur, was the one who collected us from home, ah a French man with an accent….The airline offered manicures or a shoulder massage during the flight, I had a manicure. There was delicious ice cream or gourmet chocolates to snack on…ah those were the days…..back then, I had a crush on Richard Branson,,but age hasn’t been kind to him…..never met him, but darn my sister did at Manchester airport once, I was so jealous. Even memories about flying were good in those days, now I’m just happy to get on a flight on time amid not worry about losing luggage.

  • THey're doing their best I'm sure. I've had 2 call backs today. I did get caught at being "#99" once, and waited nearly an hour. Then redialed and got the call back feature.

  • kfnknfzk Hi. Glad you solve your issue.

    Yes, we get yelled several times daily... I just get up an leave if the Patient is in front of me or hand up if it is on the phone.. as I answer phone calls now I don't give my name any more..
    Sad. :(

  • Ah, the third world problems of flying Business Class! :D Seriously, though, Business Class and Sky Priority benefits keep getting chipped away. The little yellow "priority handling" tags Delta puts on our bags don't seem to mean anything. Our bags never hit the carousel in the first batch, and more often than not, they appear near the end- we almost missed a connection at JFK because of that. We had special green "do not load unless confirmed on flight" tags put on our bags when they booked us on a standby flight- our bags were loaded and sent without us anyway. Amenity kits keep getting chintzier. The wait for an agent when using the 'special' Medallion/Status phone number, seems to be as long as other travelers. The extra baggage allowance doesn't do us much good since we pack for Tauck trips and don't need it. The best benefits are early boarding, lay-flat seats (except Euro Business), and, in the case of Delta, use of the lounge on both ends of international flights. But boy, we sure pay a lot for that stuff!

  • Yes, British, long gone are the days when air travel was truly an elegant experience. After we emigrated and settled in New York, one of our favorite family things to do was to go to JFK and watch the planes land and take off. We were all dressed up and afterwards we would have a meal in Manhattan. I digress.

    I have been researching Virgin Atlantic and like what I see. Their business class is called Upper Class (silly) and we will have our own little cocoon due to having a half door to close. There is also a loft area where you can enjoy drinks with other passengers (not for me with or without COVID concerns). And the best part is that the aircraft is an Airbus!
    It does come with a price, of course, but was less expensive than making a connecting flight in Paris. And since Virgin is affiliated/partnered with Air France, I continue to earn miles. Oh, and they have the shoulder harness, too. And cream tea!

  • In my ideal world, there would be 2 (or 3) phone numbers. 1 general (as it is now) and a second priority line if your trip is coming up in the next 10 days. Don't know how they prevent abuse, but maybe keying in your tour # or special code. Maybe a third line if you got a trip cancellation notice.

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    In my ideal world, there would be 2 (or 3) phone numbers. 1 general (as it is now) and a second priority line if your trip is coming up in the next 10 days. Don't know how they prevent abuse, but maybe keying in your tour # or special code. Maybe a third line if you got a trip cancellation notice.

    That's a really good idea.

  • kfnknfzk...I've raved b/f about Virgin's lounges, esp. Departure at Heathrow (there's also an Arrivals Lounge). I guess Tauck pickup doesn't allow time at Arrivals lounges, but Swiss Arrivals at Zurich is so amazing, I'd consider asking Tauck for a later pickup. You may disagree, but sometimes getting there is half the fun.

  • AlanS - But boy, we sure pay a lot for that stuff! (couldn't get it to shade :D )

    You are so right I pay a lot for my Delta credit card and the benefits keep going down, the yellow priority tag for the luggage means nothing. It's not easy to use miles when you book trips, nationwide is not a problem but international travel most of the time you can not use miles.

  • Thanks, MarketArt. After an eleven (11) hour transatlantic flight, I have no desire to visit a lounge upon landing. The pre-departure lounge at LAX is part of the Star Alliance group (if I remember correctly), so definitely no thrills there. I just can't wait to get to the Savoy for "proper" tea!

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    AlanS - But boy, we sure pay a lot for that stuff! (couldn't get it to shade :D )

    For the shade, just put the greater than symbol ( > ) immediately in front of the text you want to shade, no space.

    It's not easy to use miles when you book trips, nationwide is not a problem but international travel most of the time you can not use miles.

    I almost never have enough miles for a full international itinerary, though I often use miles to purchase domestic flights from our local feeder airport to one of Delta's international gateway airports. The disadvantage of doing that is Delta won't/can't combine the separate bookings into a single booking, so you must always ensure the agent tags your baggage through to the final destination.

  • Those Business Class seats would be cheaper if everyone under 6’ tall would stop booking them and leave them for us that need them, 6’6”!!


    The yellow Delta priority bag tags worked for us on our recent trip to/from Seattle. Both directions our bags were in the first 10 bags off. Likely just random luck.

    More space and access to lounges between legs on international flights is my reason to go Business Class - assuming they can be had for under $4k per person round trip. Fingers crossed that, that remains possible with recent price increases. We will be shopping for tickets again about Thanksgiving for Fall 2023 travel.

  • I must be missing something with lounges. With the exception of some internationally-oriented lounges that include showers, rooms with beds, etc., I find the more typical airline lounges, including those offered by Priority pass, meh. Overcrowded, mediocre food options, etc.

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    While some lounges are not the best, I much prefer to hang out in a lounge than in the main part of the airport. They usually have some decent seating options and Internet access. Food and drinks are usually available.

    We do not go to a lounge at the end of a flight - we use them while waiting for the flight to depart. They want you to get to the airport very early for international flights, so we usually wind up waiting a couple of hours.

    We travel Business Class for the lie-flat seats, but the lounge access is a nice add-on.

  • Many of the the lounges operated by third parties, especially ones shared by multiple airlines, and those open to anyone who pays can be marginal, e.g. Swiss Port, but the major US and foreign carrier owned and operated lounges are usually pretty good, especially at major hubs- e.g. Delta at JFK and ATL, Turkish at Istanbul, etc. etc. Even hanging out at a Swiss Port beats waiting at a gate or concourse.

  • Yes, Turkish, Air France, many intl. carriers' lounges are a huge cut above US ones. I started flying non-US carriers after too many bad experiences with United. Another perk for me: arrival lounges are rarely crowded, esp. early in the day, precisely it appears b/c only a minority of us seek them out. I patronize them b/c I'm paying for them and also don't want them to disappear. It's a nice break before I tackle the train or other public transport when I'm on my own.

  • Last year was our first BC and lounge experience so it's limited and likely influenced by their covid protocals. All had much better seating and restrooms than those at the gates. Delta in Atlanta and LA had very marginal food choices. Air France in Zurich and Paris during morning visits had okay cold food choices but not much else. KLM in Schiphol was the clear winner in seating, drink and food. KLM also had the best in-flight food of all three airlines plus the free Delft houses full of gin.

    Here's hoping thing will have improved this year.

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