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I read an interesting article (see link below) that says some countries are now requiring, in addition to a negative COVID test, but also proof of International Health Insurance - and some require that that policy covers lodging expenses in the case of having to be quarantined.

I hope that when we get to begin touring again that the insurance offered through Tauck will cover all requirements for the countries visited. It seems apparent that knowing exactly what is and what isn't covered in the insurance obtained through Tauck will become very important. I hope that they will provide an easy interface, perhaps with a FAQ section, for people to obtain that type of information. For sure, I hope it isn't left entirely up to us travelers to extract that information, where we need to almost be lawyers to understand all of the fine print within the policy.

It seems clear the "Before You Go" section on the website for each tour will be very important and may include new type of information and requirements that weren't there prior to the pandemic.


  • One more major roadblock to confront. Hard to imagine why anyone would even consider international travel in the face of the byzantine rules and regulations being enacted and changed endlessly, with no uniformity between, or even within, different countries.

  • When you read the new Tauck travel pledge, it says something like You are responsible for anything related to Covid

  • It appears that we will just have to factor the cost of international health insurance into our trips. Too bad, but it won't keep me home (after there's a vaccine).

  • Many commerical health insurers cover international locations, particularly for emergencies.
    Traditional Medicare does not. Some secondaries do.
    Some Medicare Advantage plans (part C) do.

  • Here’s something I read on the BBC

    Insurance broadly falls into three categories:
    Anyone who had a travel insurance policy bought or renewed before early March may still be able to make a claim for such a cancellation
    Renewals of annual policies may now be unavailable, or have coronavirus exclusions. In other words, the terms may have changed
    People buying travel insurance now are unlikely to be covered for coronavirus-related delays or cancellations

  • Caveat Emptor. To travel internationally is sheer folly.

  • As much as we wanted to take another Tauck European adventure in 2021 we have decided against it. Too many unknowns at this point. The thought of having to take an overseas flight with a mask on is not appealing. Even with health insurance coverage getting sick in Europe is not something we would take a chance on. We will be taking a Tauck American adventure in 2021. Lots to see in USA.

  • We have a French river cruise booked for July 2021 but won't hesitate to cancel it & change to a USA tour if we need to. I'll be happy just to be able to travel again!!

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    I called Tauck today... .:) regarding this matter, the guest protection plan covers all the well known... cancelation of journey, missing luggage etc... and it also covers medical , like broken legs, arms- or any life or death emergency during the trip. Nothing on Covid- I also asked about having to get a virus test on our returns( Egypt) in my case... all the airlines want a prove of negative test result- test most be taken within 96 hours prior to departure... which means, Tauck will have to setup a detour from the sightseen to the Lab....
    So this actually makes me wonder.... where has the joy of traveling gone.... and also no more Breakfast buffet! what a misery... no more mini dessert, smoothies etc... -
    It looks like traveling in peace and without worries it's over... folks!
    I just pray the Virus goes away.. or for the vaccine to come out soon so no more people dies and we can travel again....

  • Hi eleonore . I was looking today at some destinations withing U.S too
    as a backup plan, just in case... but it is hard to re-set your mind after studying everything about your planned destination.. of course better save then sorry , but I keep my hopes up. Besides the only place is U.S where I could find a pyramid would be Luxor hotel Vegas..... Depressing :(

  • I saw a doctor speaking last night who simply pointed out that this is a finite problem. H1N1, etc., etc., etc. (I think that was “This King and I”) ... in any case, this too will go away in time. It may be a few months, or maybe a year, but I think we will be ‘normal’ sooner rather than later. My favorite Mexican restaurant did a limited reopening yesterday.

  • From the reliable. BBC, bot your fake news
    WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said the coronavirus pandemic is "easily the most severe" global health emergency the organisation has ever seen and that there may never be a vaccine - or "silver bullet" - to defeat the virus.

    However, he has also pointed out that, though the virus has been detected in 188 countries, about half of all cases reported so far were from just three: the US, Brazil and India

  • Thank you for the information British, afraid that we will be number one some day soon.

  • Also heard a scientist this morning talking about a vaccine that may well work for covid, sars, and even some of the common cold strains. So who knows, on the other side of this there may be some vaccines and treatments not available before to deal with problems we already had. Still hanging in there with the cautiously hopeful mindset.

  • The holy grail- a vaccination for the common cold! :)

  • I think a good whisky will do! For now.. maybe two or four ...while we wait for the vaccine ...
    Maybe if we drink all through 2021 we’ll be cure ..😂🥃🥃

  • And today news of a new spit test. Cheap and with 24 hr turnaround.

  • Not to mention that based on new statistical models scientists feel that a 'herd' mentality may be reached as soon as 45-50% (vs the old predictions requiring 80%) of the population has been infected and recovered or received the vaccine. (This came from an article in the NYT). The original model assumed that everyone was equally susceptible to the virus and that interactions were equally likely as well. They feel that certain hard hit areas in NYC, London, Mumbai may be spared a second wave of the virus because such a high percentage were hit in the initial wave.

  • By opening schools, we should reach that 50% number in no time!

  • My wife taught pre-school for many years, I did some subbing in middle school and taught in high school (for a loooong 3 years), and my daughter-in-law has been teaching elementary school for more than 12 years- so we know how kids act in school. No way should children go back to school without EXTREME (and probably un-workable) safety precautions!!!

  • Reports about Sweden say their experiment with herd immunity isn't working. So there's that.

  • Anticipating C-19 was not a "hoax, I moved my Apr 2020 Japan trip (deposit paid) and my Tauck insurance (completely paid for in 2019 for 2020 trip) to a 2021 date. Tauck assured me the travel deposit & paid for Tauck insurance would be in effect for my rescheduled trip. I thought when I paid in full for the insurance that was a contractual, bilateral agreement between Tauck and me. Can Tauck change the terms after I paid for the insurance? Cancel it? I welcome your insight, ideas. Thank you, fellow travelers.

  • Coffeecup1390Did Tauck apply your deposit and insurance cost for the 2020 tour to the balance of the rescheduled tour and require you pay another insurance deposit for the rescheduled trip?. I wasn't aware insurance premiums were transferable.

  • Coffeecup, I can only assume that you must be a former OAT Customer who did cancel customers’ insurance without even telling them And kept all the money from fully paid up tours. Be assured Tauck would not do this and cannot by law.

  • PureLuxury & British: I have been on many Tauck tours—fantastic company, fantastic tours. Does the recently published Tauck insurance information state Tauck will not accept any responsibility for anyone or anything having to do with Covid-19? So, if you are on a international trip and have Tauck's insurance, if you catch C-19, you are on your own?

  • As an afterthought: Tauck is not an insurance provider—Aon provides Tauck's insurance. Whatever Aon covers is covered.

  • You should probably read the full policy before coming to any conclusions as to what is and is not covered.

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    By reading the Tauck pledge, I did get the impression that the insurance would not cover Covid. By that I am assuming that any insurance purchased since Covid would not be covered. I am also assuming that any insurance purchased before Covid would be covered. Again, these are only my assumptions based on what I have read about general insurance articles since this all started.
    There have been a few items on the forum Mentioning about the Tauck insurance going up for next year.
    I guess we will find out soon enough. Hope it’s not me who finds out the hard way🤪

  • I think you can expect to see across-the-board price increases affecting every element of travel.

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