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  • The tour directors are evaluated by the number of tour reviews turned in (so I have been told by many of them). A guest will not be denied entry into the farewell event for not turning one in.

  • A number of our TD's have referred to the comment form as an "admission" ticket to the farewell dinner, but as mil said they really can't hold you to that. Those of us who plan to continue traveling will Tauck complete the form and many of us, like Art will follow up with a post-tour email, not really to complain, but to identify areas in need of improvement for future fellow travelers and sometimes to acknowledge something really good. I am usually still in tour mode at the Farewell, and my thoughts are not always ready for prime time. I submit the comment sheet at the farewell dinner, but I find I have a lot more to say after savoring the memories for a few weeks. I will sometimes email the TD also.

    Make, no mistake, however, HQ puts a lot of pressure on the TD to get comments from everyone, before they depart for home.

  • AlanS do you happen to know how can I upload reels I did from Instagram? I'am breaking my head here.... Pleaseeeee Help.!

  • The last time I was on tour, I added an 8x11 piece of paper and put it within the comment card and then sealed it up. It was easy peasy because I made daily notes along the way and then a summary at the end. There really isn’t enough room on the form, and that’s why I add a handwritten piece of paper. I’ve not had the experience of having to complete the comment card in order to be admitted to the farewell dinner. I don’t believe Tauck wants to delay receiving these comment cards and consequently for this reason doesn’t prefer not to send them out after the tour is over. Also, I really think couples or partners need two comment cards and not just one. Who says a husband and wife have to agree on everything? My thoughts only.

  • Mil, the TD’s often say that the hope and trust form is required to go to the Farewell diner, but it is not a serious request. There are two reasons they want this to happen. One, when you hand in the from, that’s when you usually give the tip. And two, Tauck headquarters expect them to have 100% return of forms. Furthermore, Arthur Tauck reads every one.

  • We have only been on twelve Tauck tours … so our experience may be limited. But, we have never been told that the comment form is the admission ticket to the farewell dinner. Of course, seven of our trips have been on boats, so no tips were involved. That being said, eventually I give a verbal report to Tauck, and they have once requested a phone conference, which we did.

  • Sealord Hi
    Yes I had one too.
    British , yes! Arthur Tauck does read them .

  • Concur with British that TDs kiddingly will say that about the comment forms. And yes Tauck wants them all back immediately after the tour. I believe the TD has to overnight them. I've also found if I don't put our name on the form I'll get correspondence from Tauck asking me to provide input.

  • To expand on Claudia's comment- one reason they want the form so quickly is so they can 'fix' anything that needs fixing right away, before subsequent departures! If they think it needs fixing, they would rather fix it ASAP than wait and read about it on the forums! :D

  • The Tour Directors tell you that you have to give them a completed comment form at the farewell dinner, but I'm very sure they would not prevent you from participating in the farewell dinner if you didn't complete one.

    In any case, I wish they would allow you to do the tour review on-line. There's just not enough room on the form to give detailed comments. I'd prefer not to have to write in the margins or attempt to include another piece of paper. And my handwriting is not the best.

    When writing on-line, I can go back and edit my comments after I've written them. That's not so easy on a paper form.

  • They are indeed overnighted. I agree the forms are too small for longer comments. I suggest people write to Arthur Tauck at Tauck and suggest they make bigger comment spaces Or email them or write to Customers relations.

  • MikeHenderson
    I'm very sure they would not prevent you from participating in the farewell dinner if you didn't complete one.

    Especially if they're expecting a tip. :)

  • Biggest issue I've found with the form is on land tours with multiple hotel stays. I'd prefer being able to rate each individually.

  • Claudia - I agree, and have written that in on several reviews.

  • My husband will not fill our a comment card but I do. However, when we were on the Viking once, the comment card felt like it was homework. I will not fill our any online survey after making a purchase online or I won’t and don’t fill out an online survey at all from a doctor visit.

  • The OP posed an interesting question: what triggers testing on a land tour? Based on my limited experience having just returned from N. Spain the answer is nothing. We had one couple who joined having come from a cruise (red flag). On day 3 he started coughing so hard I thought he’d faint. He stayed in his room for the day in the Rioja Valley, his wife said he was under the weather. However he came to dinner that night, looking very unwell, coughing, no mask. We masked on the bus but we were pretty much the only ones. I asked the TD about having the cougher tested and she said I can’t mandate that, it’s voluntary, and she went on to something else. She never masked, the driver did on and off. I asked the cougher to mask and he did-on and off (and did not even cover his mouth when he was not masked and coughing!) Pretty soon about half the group was sniffling or coughing. We felt ill at departure and tested positive for COVID when we arrived home. Tauck has no COVID mitigation on land tours as far as I can tell.

  • Folsomdoc, thanks for sharing your experience. Ours was the same, which is why I am now looking into personalized tours, at least for the time being. No guarantees of course, but at least we have a little more control. I hope you enjoyed Northern Spain! That was one of our favorite trips.
    As far as comment cards, it is always a good idea to at least report the big negatives. If enough people report the same thing, they will be more likely to change.

  • BTW, here are Tauck terms and conditions posted on their website:


    By participating in a Tauck Trip, a Member agrees to be bound by all rules and guidelines established by Tauck, its representatives and your Tauck Director(s).

    Tauck reserves the right to terminate your Trip if you are abusive of others, or your behavior disrupts the Trip or your physical condition negatively impacts the enjoyment of the other guests. Tauck will make no refund and will accept no liability for if you must leave the trip. Tauck is not responsible for any costs incurred by you due to removal from a vacation.

    When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you. Full payment for any such damage or loss (reasonably estimated if not precisely known) must be paid direct at the time to the accommodation owner or manager or other supplier. You must indemnify us for the full amount of any claim (also including legal costs) made against us.

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    Maybe I'm just an optimists, but I think Tauck takes the comments into account when they make decisions about future tours. If there's something you think that could be improved, let them know.

    Having said that, I've sent them comments, over a number of years, about those "whisper" devices and how the earpiece will not work for people who wear hearing aids. So far, they have done nothing to address it.

    Silversea and Regent are using a system that works with your smartphone. I have Bluetooth hearing aids and those systems work great for me. The sound is directly in my ears, just like an AirPod. Maybe one day Tauck will adopt a system similar. Tauck just doesn't seem to "lean-in" to technology.

    [Explanation of the problem with the earpieces: People who wear "over-the-ear" hearing aids have the microphone above their ear. The earpieces that go with the "whispers" put the sound into your ear, too far from that microphone to be heard. I take a set of headphones with me and wear the headphone cups above my ears, where the microphones are in the hearing aids.]

  • I think the earpieces for the”whispers” are very uncomfortable and those darn wires get caught in my eyeglasses, my earrings, etc.

  • For the last three tours I used a little bluetooth transmitter, that plugs into the Whisper, and my Bose headset. It worked great (until I lost it on the flight to Aswan.) Hopefully, it will work when I get my new "ears."

  • AlanS - I brought a Bluetooth transmitter with me on my recent Egypt tour with the plan to use them as you described with my iBuds. I had tested it at home and it worked great. That said I never took the time to go through the pairing/testing process on the tour. I should have asked the TD if I could test it with the Whiperer transmitter in a pre-excursion period, when I wouldn’t have been in rush to do it during a live excursion.

    Perhaps I’ll try again on the next tour.

  • Once again, as published in the New York Times this morning, this is how masks are effective and how we wear them
    ‘ “If you really wear it carefully, if you cinch it down, it’s very unlikely that this virus is going to make it through this mask’ Referring ht the KN, N 95 masks

  • British, is there any way you can provide a link to that article? I looked and cant find it. Not questioning YOU at all, but I keep reading studies that show mixed opinions on masking, especially in situations where people are eating and drinking (airplanes, mass transit, restaurants, etc.). While I am sure a good mask, worn properly, can be effective in some scenarios, I continue to question if they are worth the discomfort when you're spending long amounts of time in a group setting. Thank you....

  • I agree with British re N95 masks, but not KN95. First, it's difficult to get a good seal with ear loops. Second, KN95 masks come from China and have no standards, testing/certification, or quality control.

  • For the last three tours I used a little bluetooth transmitter, that plugs into the Whisper, and my Bose headset.

    I bring my Bose wired in-ear headphones. I plug those into the Vox device. I only use one side. That Vox apparatus is uncomfortable IMO

  • Rssherms, I just looked, the article has gone it was there at 7am
    My husband wears an N95, I wear a KN5, it’s tight on my my face, makes a good seal. So far, we have been Covid free and have lots of plans flights, independent tours and group tours under our belts, numerous theatre and movie visits. I’ve seen people wearing very loose masks of all types, it’s a joke really. Most people we know these past couple of months seem to have gotten Covid from a plane.

  • British - You are obviously doing something right if you haven't got COVID by now especially on your last tour of Alaska.   We always wear masks but unfortunately, did get COVID.  However, it was a mild case and I think it was because we were vaccinated and wearing our masks when we could.

  • My favorite mask wearing techniques are the below the nose masks and the chin masks :)

  • Noreen - Sorry you got Covid. Certainly the vaccinations helped mitigate the severity of the disease. However, the fact that you were masked had nothing to do with the severity of your Covid. The masking can help so that you might not catch the virus but it does nothing to lessen the disease if you are unlucky enough to get Covid. We will continue to wear masks and hope to avoid the bullet if we can.

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