Is 1 hour too short a layover at Munich?

Looking at flights for an Italy tour in 2024. Seems my flight layover options via Munich (United, then Lufthansa) are either 1 hour or 6 hours. I try to avoid layovers shorter than 2 hours, but 6 hours is a long time. I think I should opt for the longer layover, but comments appreciated.


  • Yes it is too short. I can understand that 6 hr is a drag, but 1 hr is just too short, as you will have to clear immigration and you don't know how far you will have to walk.

    Suggest you find some other transfer point

  • Since I can no longer sprint through airports to make connections, I would have to (reluctantly) choose the lengthy layover. There are no other options?

  • kfnknfzk - Those are the options on United and Lufthansa, which is my primary carrier. I also like Munich because it's only a 90 minute flight in an intra-Europe fake business class seat. LHR is an option, too, but I try to avoid that airport.

    I'll look into other carriers, too, but my primary is Star Alliance. The 350 day booking window is just opening up now.

  • I know I sound like a broken record with my love for Air France, but have you researched them? Why not see what Tauck's air department can offer? You don't have to book with them...just see what might be available.

  • BKMD - I would go with the longer layover. Even though Munich is more doable than Frankfurt, the likelihood that the overseas flight will be delayed is high, and worrying about a missed connection and/or luggage issue is stressful.

  • If you're doing the 1-hour layover, make sure to ask for assistance on arrival- they will take you straight to the next gate.-

  • I'll take everyone's advice (including my own) and avoid the 1 hour layover. It surprised me that they would even list a flight with such a tight connection.

    kfnknfzk - I'll check it out. I haven't flown Delta or partners since I lived on the east coast. They have such a small presence here. Air France flies DEN-CDG 3 days/week. Maybe my departure date was one of their off-days, but I'll double check.

  • I just had a transfer in Frankfurt, 1 hour is not enough, go for the longer layover.

  • BKMD - It surprised me that they would even list a flight with such a tight connection.

    Talking about listing flights with tight connections. American often times lists flights from Tucson that connect through Phoenix with only a 25 minute layover. You better not have checked luggage and be willing to hot foot it if you expect to make a 25 minute connection.

    I too am surprised by what their systems seem to allow.

  • BKMD - I guess I'm fortunate for being able to fly in and out of LAX (the only kind thing I can say about LA.) It affords me the ability to typically fly direct and avoid U S based airlines. Good luck with your searches.

    Maybe fly to NY, spend a day or two there then fly direct to your final destination? Just a thought.

  • It will cost probably over $1000 to stay in NY for a couple of days and then cost more to get to and from the airport. BKMD used to live on the east coast, I’m sure he knows it well so maybe does not want that option.

  • Just checked Air France. They fly from DEN to CDG on Su, We, and Fri. My flight will be on a Monday.

    I was in NYC for 5 days last year, and when I lived in the northern suburbs of Phia (for about 25 years), we used to do day trips to Manhattan by train once or twice a month, so I don't feel compelled to spend more time there. I'll find a better flight option.

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    You might weigh the cost of going a day early and taking the Sunday DEN to CDG flight. A pre-stay (or additional pre-stay) and the Sunday flight when added up might be quicker, easier and LESS EXPENSIVE.

  • I agree with Alan. I will often add an extra day (in addition to the extra day or two I’ve already arranged to rest and tour) to get preferred flights. I’m using Star Alliance flights in October - I booked them a while ago. A few months ago, my departing flights were canceled. But they offered another later flight. Initially I had 4 hour layover in Warsaw — it was subsequently changed to 3 hours. Maybe you’ll get lucky! You need to keep checking.

  • I did as Alan is suggesting for my upcoming Essence of South America tour. I opted to stay an extra day in Santiago (already used the GOT on the front end of the tour) to get much better flights back to Tucson.

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