We got our vaccines today!



  • Get your flu shot as well? You’re supposed to get both.

  • The new Covid shot isn't approved yet. They're saying maybe next week.

  • My husband got the flu shot and Covid booster both at the same time last year. That’s not what I’m going to do.

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    BKMD, It’s the RSV one we got. Our pharmacy was fairly confident the new Covid vaccine will be out next week, we’ll see. RSV vaccine stings a bit, flu in the other arm, good excuse to chill for a few days!

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    Thanks for the cheerleading, British!
    I am starting my vaccine adventures with Yellow Fever tomorrow. :#
    Because vaccines can prevent severe disease, but not necessarily prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses, I am wearing my mask in transportation hubs and while getting on and off planes and any other crowded places. Observing hand hygiene too, now made easier by my stylish Coach hand sanitizer fob.
    I worked very hard to afford these trips. I'd like to remain at 100% energy as much of the time as possible.

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    Yesterday my husband's heart specialist advised to take the RSV vaccine first and to not combine it with another vaccine that same day. Wait at least two weeks before getting any other vaccine; for example, COVID and flu shot. I do not know if there is any medical basis for that or if it is merely her opinion. We will do what she says.

    Last year was the first time we had both the COVID booster and flu vaccine the same day. It was the first time I had no swelling or itching at all. Coincidental probably.

  • Trying to decide if I want to try and quickly fit in any vaccinations in the two and a half weeks before my trip. I really cannot afford any down time between now and then.

    Flu shot should be no issue. RSV, I have never had (is it annual??). COVID vaccine wipes me out for a couple days every time, and inflames the nerves where I had shingles 30 years ago, which makes it unappealing.

  • The RSV vaccine was just released this past spring. It's always prudent to confer with your clinician.

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    If your husband has heart issues, that is why his Dr advises not two vaccines at once. Always consult your Drs or the Pharmacist who asks you lots of questions before administering any shots.
    We hope to get the Covid booster before our vacations in ten days. There has been lots of Covid on most of our tours

  • No heart issues, just trying to keep his heart healthy because of his age.

  • Agreed, from what I read recently from the CDC, separate Flu and RSV supposedly gives better immunity. Although some opinions online are take them together. RSV is a nasty lower respiratory infection. My Doc said be sure to get flu shot before travel so we are going tomorrow! Tauck tour starts 3 weeks from now! Can’t wait.

  • Agree, Marla526. I always rely on our physicians' recommendations, never the internet. The Mayo Clinic's website, however, is very good in my opinion.

    Have a great tour and please post a review afterwards.

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    I posted mainly to let people know that RSV is available.
    Each person and situation is unique. We got a generous dose of RSV from our grandson about this time last year, it was two weeks recovery for me and four for my husband. My grandson coughed for several months. We still haven’t had Covid. I think I last had the flu almost fifty years ago. We get our flu shots every year at this time because we usually travel around this time, even though some people say it is too early. Because we are traveling in just over a week’s time, we gave priority to the RSV vaccine, even though the GSK one that is available right now is not as effective as the Pfizer one which should be out soon. The pharmacist said we could get the flu vaccination too. We don’t usually react to vaccines apart from sore arms. Last night our RSV arms were indeed quite sore. In addition, we are again taking care of our grandkids for two days in October while their parents attend a wedding in NY. It’s not a good time of year for older people to be with grandkids fresh back at school and exposing themselves to lots of other kids after a few months That is our reasoning for our choices. We go on another three week vacation at the end of October to remote parts of Africa.
    I feel fine, I’ve walked four miles this morning in extreme humidity, done laundry, changed bed linen and shortly I’ll be working in my garden, before I take a swim. So far so good. If we feel good next Friday, we will speak to our Pharmacist about a Covid shot, he already said he has no problem giving us the shot.
    One thing for sure, we are better protected than people who haven’t had the vaccine yet. We have had several friends these past few weeks who did not take the suggested extra Covid shot offered a few months ago, they wanted to ‘wait’ guess what, they waited and got Covid. .

  • Thanks British.
    That is indeed quite a lot of energy!
    Just a reminder again that per the CDC website, RSV (and also Covid) vaccines are preventing severe, lower respiratory disease. You can still get cold symptoms from RSV even with the vaccine, which you can still transmit to others who would be at risk for severe disease, so that is where respiratory and hand hygiene are helpful.

  • Thanks British! We got our flu shots today and already scheduled the RSV for next week. We leave on the 28th, so if the Covid booster is out before then…..we will get in under the wire. Enjoy your trip!

  • Got our RSV shots last week. Plan to get the flu shot this week. Hoping to be able to get the Covid booster before we leave for Italy on October 5. Plan to go back to masking in the airport and likely on the plane also.

  • The new Covid vaccine was approved in the US today.

  • CDC has to sign off on it tomorrow first. :)

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    Just made our appointments for the new Covid vaccine on 9/24 at CVS. They just opened up scheduling tonight. Had flu shots last Sunday and RSV yesterday. All set for Grand Australia and New Zealand mid-October.

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    Booked mine and my husband's for the 23rd after frustration with Walgreens website. On the plus side they will now let you book appts at the same time for up to 4 people.

  • Flu shot last Saturday, RSV this Friday and Covid next week. I’m a senior pin cushion!

  • FYI, unlike Covid and flu vaccines, which are covered under Part B Medicare with `00% coverage, RSV is covered under Part D, so it may be subject to copays and deductibles, depending on your plan.

  • We dod not pay for our RSV. I assume if you can afford to go on a Tauck tour, you can afford a vaccine.
    CDC has not yet approved the new Covid vaccine. If you go this week, be sure you get the new one. For the flu, if you are over 65, be sure you get the one for seniors as it is more effective.

  • And the free covid home tests are no more. Just ordered a 5 pack from Amazon for $32. Worth it and I'm hoping the expiration dates are better than any of the free ones.

  • Got flu shot yesterday. Will think about RSV when I get back in October. Another COVID booster is going to take some convincing as I have mentioned before that I get sick for days each time. (DH was literally rolling on the floor in pain the night of his first booster) I am not anti-vax, just weighing the pros and cons for myself after having have 4 already.

  • Claudia, once you receive your 5 pack of home tests, would you post the expiration dates? Thanks!

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    Last week I scheduled an appointment to get the Covid-19 2023-2024 at CVS next week. I specifically asked the pharmacist if this was the vaccine that was expected to be approved. She said YES. Meanwhile I just received a text from CVS:
    Per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement on September 11, 2023, the previously available Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech bivalent COVID-19 vaccines are no longer authorized for use.

    Be careful what Covid vaccine you’re getting!

    . I’m leaving for The Blue Danube within the month — I am determined to get the newest vaccine. In March, my entire family (including my 1 year old grandson who had his 2 Covid vaccines)came down with Covid. I was quite ill with high fevers etc. I tried Paxlovid but was intolerant. I was very symptomatic for 4 weeks. Suffice it to say, I will take all precautions.

  • The expiration dates on many of the at-home test kits have been extended. Here’s a list, you look up the brand and the specific lot number. Our Binax kits which expired last week are extended to next April.

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    Yes mdmabs I will. They are due tomorrow.

    Good point Nancy, I will be asking to make sure we get the new vaccine. It's a bit hard to tell on the scheduling software.

    And yes I double checked our at home tests to see if they had been extended a second time. They had not.

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