• British - I’ve been out with a good number of older people, older than me, …

    Were any of them named Moses or Plato? At least I think they’re older than you. 😂 (just teasing)

  • Well, I am now TRIPLE VAXXED!!! Went to my nearest CVS and did the RSV in one arm and the new Pfizer Covid shot in the other. Leaving on 9/28 for Malta and Treasures of the Mediterranean Isles.Taking along my trusty Paxlovid Rx with us! If get any reactions will let this group know. Bon voyage, British and kfnknfzk!! Shared stories upon on returns.

  • Marla, we just loved seeing Malta this year in April. Looking forward to hearing about your tour.

  • Have a wonderful time, Marla526.

  • Have a great trip Marla !!!!

  • Thanks, everyone! Flying to St. Louis tomorrow for a 36 hour biz trip. Then Thursday starts the serious packing!

  • The Covid vaccine is not available in our area until next Friday. So too late, we just arrived in Japan

  • Sherill, how did you manage to get a Paxlovid screen for travel?

  • @british We reached out to our primary care explaining we were going to be out of the country (United States) and we were interested in obtaining Paxlovid as a precaution. She was willing to prescribe as long as we understood it was not to be taken unless we have a positive COVID test (we are bringing 6 tests with us). She told us it would likely not be covered by insurance and would be out of pocket. Well, it rang up as $0 for each of us. EXP date had to be corrected (lot info on computer showed march not the Sept 2023 that was on label).

    Note: true or not, we have heard that as a foreigner it would be harder to get offered an anti-viral while traveling so were hoping to carry our own.

  • I was prescribed Paxlovid by my physician for rather severe Covid - I had a horrid response to it—worse than Covid itself. I discontinued after day 3. I wish you good luck with it. It wasn’t for me!

  • Nancy you are correct about vaccines AND masks in high-risk situations, and that Paxlovid is not always fun. Much better to prevent getting sick in the first place. It will save a lot of time, money and misery. We Boomers are not as bulletproof as we think. :)

  • Yes, Paxlovid can make some feel dreadful, I’ve known that from several friends. Doctors are not supposed to prescribe it unless a patient has a positive test. In June 2022. a lawyer friend who was going to Portugal had to visit several doctors before she was able to twist an arm of one and get a script from them. Pretty sure the lawyer thing helped! Sure enough, she got Covid there and was able to take it plus enjoy extra time in Portugal where she continued to tour anyway! Yes, most countries don’t use it as far as I know.

  • To all, yes, we are hoping to avoid COVID and I would prefer to not take any medication I don't truly need, so IMM I will need to test positive and be feeling poor for me to use.

    Nancy, thanks for the heads up. I have been hearing stories like that. Certainly will not rush into its use. Hopefully we will get this trip unscathed.

  • My wife & I tested positive early January of this year. We both got on Paxlovid right way and started feeling better with 24 hours. Were very tired for about a week but that’s about it. No side effects from the meds except for a metallic taste which went away soon after finishing the course. In my humble opinion, don’t discount the benefits of Paxlovid.

  • Thanks for your insights, BSP. Just glad to have a choice. :)

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