• As we walked through the store to the pharmacy check-in area for our RSV inoculation today, we passed two large signs indicating...'Get your free RSV vaccine.' This contradicts what I read on-line (surprise.) The pharmacist could not confirm one way or another. Time will tell.

    As usual, my husband had no side effects. I have mild nausea and a headache. My puppy was delighted that we took a nap on the couch.

  • We will be getting the updated Covid and flu shots before our early October Rhine Enchantment tour. As for RSV, my doctor did not advise it due to potential side effects and because, as he put it, I am in excellent health with no underlying conditions. My husband’s doctor advised him to get it even though he also is in excellent health with no underlying conditions.

  • Jan, obviously I don’t know your health history. But I would get a second opinion. I have excellent health but got the RSV last year. It’s the first time I’ve had an infection for years and years and I haven’t even had Covid. The RSV shot for myself and husband gave us sore arms for about 36 hours and that was it. As far as I understand, the most common side effect is a sore arm and feeling tired. It is recommended for anyone over 60, anyone.

  • I love all the enthusiasm! I think we are all truly sick and tired of feeling sick and tired while traveling. These viruses are here to stay.

  • FYI, I was able to schedule the newer 2023/2024 Covid booster for this Monday, September 18, but received a text from CVS yesterday that the appointment was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. I think that means they have not received the newer vaccines as yet, even though they were approved this week.

  • Marla - I just booked (flu and Covid) this morning with a local CVS for Wed, 9/20. No issues, so far.

  • BKMD - Hopefully that just doesn't mean that Marla's CVS is more honest than yours. :D

  • Marla - I also had an appointment for next week at CVS for flu and Covid 2023-2024 … but when I spoke to pharmacist yesterday and asked if it was the newest vaccine. She said NO. My CVS ph told me to call on Monday to check if new vaccine is in. As of this morning, she said they have no idea when it’s coming.

  • I was trying for an appointment earlier than the 23rd - Walgreens website kept listing appts then if you selected them they'd say sorry not available, too much demand. But now glad it's later so hopefully they'll actually have them.

  • I thought the old vaccine had been withdrawn since I mention that.
    Looks as if we won’t be able to get it for our vacation on Monday. So glad we got our extra shot when offered a few months ago, better than nothing.

  • The new Covid shot approved by the CDC should be available later this week or next week. I had the RSV and flu shot last Monday.

  • For mdbabs, we received the covid tests from Amazon today. They are the same iHealth brand we'd had before. Use by date is 2024-11-19. Give per box. Hopefully we won't need them.

  • Walgreens has active Covid vaccine appointments and I called to confirm it is the new one.

  • As British stated above, the old vaccine should no longer be available, as its approval was withdrawn and replaced by the new one just approved.

  • Thanks…WAN I might try Walgreens for next week. I’m headed to CVS Friday for RSV and will ask what’s happening.I returned from Essence of Japan mid April and was sick less than a week later. Fever, cough the whole enchilada. Tested negative for COV but my friends were positive two days later. I don’t think 5 months still keeps me immune?

  • Marla, the new booster targets Covid variants that were not around in April. Most of us would not be considered immune, is my understanding.

  • There is no proof that anyone is immune. If they were ,the scientists would be in hot pursuit. Science is so fascinating.
    I’m glad my original post has spurred some people into action, stay healthy travelers!

  • Yes, WAN, I understand the new booster for new variants. Like all of us, just attempting to stay well while traveling! I’m already loading up on the echinacea, zinc and elderberry!! We wait too long and spend lots of $$$ to go places….better to feel well and enjoy.

  • I’ve only researched echinacea so far, is your Dr aware you take this? I temd to steer away fro, anything not FDA approved and it interacts with too many other things.

  • Marla, I'm definitely with you about it being such a waste of time and money to get sick while traveling! Not to mention inconvenience and discomfort. We missed the simple things we would normally have at home. Favorite blankets, slippers, pillows. NO CHICKEN SOUP anywhere to be found. So strange for a European city. And of course, no Paxlovid for us. Europeans are very stingy with anti-virals. My other personal "killer" situation is flying with congested ears or sinuses. I have my routine about that, but with a full-on upper respiratory infection, it's never enough, and I am in agony for about 20 minutes before the plane lands.
    I am a big believer in masking, as everyone knows by now. An N95 helped us on that European trip til the very end, until we were coughed on at lunchtime. I don't think I will every travel without it again, to use where appropriate. I don't want ANY respiratory virus while traveling.

  • @British, I understand your concern… Doc knows that I take probiotics daily, and have been doing so for over 10 years since my trip to Peru. I have Type 2 diabetes and take shots for RA, so I am immunocompromised. I do whatever I can to build up my immunity. She laughed when I told her I was taking them and felt great. Then a year later she hands me a clinical study on the benefits of probiotic supplements to strengthen the gut and boost immune system.

    We have great discussions about various things. She also told me to not bother with a Covid booster, but get the flu shot,and gives me Paxlovid to travel!! ( I’m still getting booster). I have a medical background and understand how many supplements can interact with Rx meds. Zinc is well known to shorten colds and other respiratory junk, VitC is not a problem for me. I have to admit I don’t know lots about Elderberry.

    Honestly, I’m 71 years young and have led a glorious life so far, having traveled to over 50 countries, and still counting. Sometimes I stay healthy, other times I get sick ( awful on my second trip to Egypt…..THE worst) Just trying to do the best I can and keep on traveling and living the best life I can, for whatever time left. So I take supplements to try and ward off some bugs, and keep going wherever my passport leads me.

  • edited September 2023

    Marla, glad to hear you are staying well and that your dr. Is aware of the supplements you take. I tend to read a lot about supplements. For anyone out there, it’s easy to research about supplements and the dangers of some of them. I know about the benefits of zinc. I take fish oil which is no longer thought to be beneficial but have never taken vitamins as I along with most doctors say they just make expensive urine, but then we do eat a good diet, maybe too much of a good diet and it goes by the wayside on Tauck tours.
    Happy continued traveling!

  • Thanks, Claudia, for the info on the rapid tests' expiration date. They're important to have on hand--just in case.

  • Oh my! So much helpful information in this discussion. kfnknfzk- I read your caution about getting an RSV and the newly released/approved Covid vaccine (not the booster) at the same time. I am scheduled this afternoon for both vaccines. I'm departing September 27th for Paris and Barcelona!. Then I read the reassurance from British so since I have no heart issues I plan to go ahead with both vaccines. I will get my Covid in the same arm as all the others and the RSV in the opposite arm. Studies apparently show that repeat injection at the same site is more favorable. My flu shot will be sometime in late October as I want it to still provide some protection next March/April. When I logged on to the CVS site yesterday, Sept. 14th, the site states that the CDC recommends the new Covid vaccine to all eligible persons who have not had a covid booster or initial shot in the last 2 months. My medicare/Humana rep by phone confirmed that I would be covered for both the RSV and new Covid although I had my most recent booster in April (not yet 6 months as was the prior coverage rule and recommendation). I will be packing 6 Covid tests and I am aware of the extended expiration dates. I am fortunate that I have not as yet had any negative reactions to any vaccines other than a very slight soreness to touch at the injection site. Thank you all for this discussion.

  • Sadly. Our pharmacies don’t have the new Covid vaccine yet. Some are still giving the old one even though is supposed to be withdrawn so we leave Monday without the Covid vaccine.

  • Patrice,

    Just to clarify, I was not advocating taking the RSV inoculation alone, merely following my clinician's advise. British incorrectly assumed my husband had heart issues because I made reference to his heart specialist. He has no heart issues; we are just trying to keep it that way since he is up there in years. It's a moot point now and no harm done. With so many vaccines available right now I prefer following the advice of trusted professionals as to the timing of all these inoculations.

    Have a great tour and please post a review. Stay healthy!

  • Thank you kfnknfzk - I'm with you - recommendations from a clinician who knows your health history and current situation trumps all else.

  • Wishing everyone good health and safe travels. I had a slight negative reaction to my RSV shot this week, but it was worth it to me to have a super sore arm and to feel funky for a day. I am scheduled for the new COVID shot in two weeks. It is not a booster, it is a new vax. I am also getting my flu shot a week after that. Trying to keep all bases covered. 🤞

  • I’ve been out with a good number of older people, older than me, today and most appear to be giving the new Covid shot a miss. So hopefully I will easily be able to get one when I get back from my upcoming vacation.

  • Packing COVID test kits for our trip. Thank you Claudia for that link. I updated all my boxes (lots of unused kits).

    Our travel Paxlovid is ready for pickup in the AM.

    Bringing masks, and will decide when to wear, and also hand sanitizer and wipes that almost seem more important to me.

    Flu shot done, and will decide about RSV and COVID when we get back.

    Thanks for this thread as it got me thinking, and is likely why I have gotten the flu shot done!

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