How many Tauck customers have been inoculated for Covid?



  • AlanS
    They don't call it the Cape May/Lewes ferry for nothing. Been there, done that! :disappointed:

    It's a nice ferry ride!

  • A friend who has been very anxious to get her vaccine was scheduled for 10 this morning and woke up to our snow fall. Normally it would take 40 minutes to drive to the vaccine location but she left 2 hours early. You do what you gotta do.

    Janet, Tauck will if it's a requirement where the tour occurs and they're already requiring negative tests.

  • I just read that in spite of the fact that the roll out of vaccines in Germany is ‘glacial’, something like 70% of those offered the shots are refusing. I guess we can cross Germany off the list for a while. It seems likely that Tauck will follow the cruise ship example, but I have asked and they revealed nothing.

  • my sister called to get an appt. - and someone told her to be there in 10 min. + Microsoft campus. Wa
    she got it!

  • Gdańsk is a port, Cathy, make sure you see WARSAW and especially Krakow, loved them.

  • Agree with British. Gdansk was formerly a German city (Danzig), so it's not representative of Poland, at all. Here's an SAT analogy for you - Krakow is to Prague as Phila is to Boston - meaning they are all cities with great history, but Prague and Boston have better PR departments.

  • Cathy - One of the ports was Berlin. We recently cancelled it and rebooked another Baltic cruise for
    June 2022...Berlin is replaced with Gdansk Poland. I am not saddened.

    We loved Berlin when we saw it as part of the Berlin, Danube, and Krakow tour. In Berlin we stayed at the Adlon Kreminski hotel. It's at a super location, right next to the Brandenburg Gate, within short walks to all of the main attractions. I would totally recommend it to everyone. To each his own.

  • We did a Baltic cruise in 2010 and spent part of a day in Gdansk. One of our options was to visit the Malbork Castle which was about 12 miles away. We did that and then were taken to Gdansk and dropped off near the main square where we were given time on our own. It's a good place to purchase amber if that is something you like. We bought a decanter decorated with amber and had it shipped to our home. This is one of the pictures I took of the Malbork Castle.

  • I get my second shot on Tuesday. Me B got his on Friday so we are having a quiet weekend while he copes with the headache and tiredness, all worth it of course. I’m still bummed that our county has made us wait an extra week for our second Pfizer shot as we won’t be fully vaccinated by Easter. But I know we are better off than most people.

  • My second shot is next Friday

  • My boyfriend and I received our second Moderna shot on March 10. My boyfriend didn't have any side effects from either shot, however I had a low grade fever, headache and tiredness the next day after my second shot. These side effects only lasted for one day, however, I did experience what is known as "Covid Arm". I woke up the morning after my shot with a huge red rash at the injection site that was hot to the touch and itched terribly for 2 days, I also had some pain at the injection site. The rash lasted for one week, the itchiness for 2 days. The local news in our area happened to have a story about this rash and also stated that the rash could show up 1-2 weeks after receiving the shot. I just wanted to mention it here on the forum in case anybody else has this side effect and is worried. It is not serious, just a nuisance. It only seems to apply to the Moderna shot, according to the news. I didn't have a reaction to the first shot at all. I am still grateful for the vaccine, regardless of side effects.

  • Travel maven, I had the same reaction. The arm rash and itching didn’t become noticeable until a week after my first injection. Antihistamine eased the itching but I had discoloration for nearly 2 weeks. After the second injection I had flu-like symptoms and again the rash. Itching wasn’t as bad. All good now. Glad it’s done.

  • I read somewhere that vaccine reactions are more commonly reported by women. As it's not a controlled study, that doesn't necessarily mean they occur more often, but just that they are reported more often.

  • Cathy - Sounds more like Steve roughed you up than vaccination side effects!!! Just kidding. Hopefully you don't get any more side effects. :D

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    Got my shot at 9-15am to day, went food shopping, came home, made a quiche, cooked some fresh rhubarb, went on an hour long walk, still feeling ok but not looking forward to tonight incase the fever amd headache arrive.
    Oh and registered for the new Tauck management talk next week

  • British - Did you get an e-mail informing you of that Tauck management talk? I didn't get one.

  • If you typically book Tauck tours through a travel agent, that may be the reason you did not receive the email. If you call them, they will forward the invite; that's what I had to do. The webinar is Wednesday, 4/7 at 1:00pm EST.

  • I always book through a TA and got the email.

  • Yes, I got the email and booked it before they reach full capacity. I’ll private message you

  • Windstar has just announced they will require proof of vaccination and a negative covid-19 test. I think that will be the new gold standard for the immediate future. I think the covid test is a bit of overkill, but whatever makes them feel safe is fine.

  • So far, Tauck does not require you to be vaccinated

  • So, I did well until lunchtime today, got up, did laundry, took a short walk, then at noon, it hit me, I’m extremely fatigued, can’t get off the sofa and yet I don’t feel ill. Only a mildly sore arm, head full of cotton wool but no headache. But hey I’m done!

  • British - cotton wool, is that the English version of haggis? :D Hope your side effects don’t get any worse.

  • 😂😂😂I should have said cotton balls shouldn’t I. My brain is out of wack. I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow.

  • Cathy - Don’t say that too loud or Steve will rough you up again. 😀 Glad it’s behind you!

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    The ‘several’ cruise lines that require the vaccine include Windstar. Tauck is partnered with Windstar for many trips. So at least some Tauck trips are going to require the vaccine. I would be surprised if Ponant and Tauck did not join the vaccine band wagon. My traveling friend who is a dentist just had a client cancel an appointment because the client had covid. The client was fully vaccinated a month ago. It’s not 100% effective.

  • British
    My brain is out of wack.

    Ma nishtana. Sorry, couldn't resist. It's the right week for it.

    And for those who don't understand: nishtana

  • A flag on Ma nishtanah??? Oy vey

  • BKMD. Why in world would someone flag your post? ****The answer to your question is in most years we are free to travel as we choose. During COVID we can only visit family. 😀

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    The skulking flagger (s) strikes again. Oh well, I wasn't familiar with "ma nishtana" so I learned something new today. Yeah.

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