How many Tauck customers have been inoculated for Covid?



  • Looking GREAT!

  • Yeah, my husband has his appt this week. Just got a text with the code to make an appt. Set it up within a couple of minutes though his hands were shaking because he was excited. :)

  • Claudia - Congrats to your husband, but let’s be real his hands shake just being in your presence! He counts his lucky stars on a daily basis. Be sure you remind him of that. 😀

  • Excited or aggravated???? Is it the same?

  • I got a bandaid that said "flu fighter". I guess "pandemic fighter" wouldn't fit. :D

  • Ken from Vegas - I got the same bandaid you did. Did you get your shot at Walgreens? That's where I got mine. Perhaps for my next flu shot the bandaid will say 'Covid Safe'. :D

  • Laughed watching a piece on the Today Show this morning about vaccinated seniors flocking to Florida for spring break. The "Where The Boys Are" original spring breakers.

  • Claudia Sails
    Excited or aggravated???? Is it the same?

    Claudia - You'll have to tell us. I suspect the answer is <3<3<3 !!!

  • He loves a challenge. o:)

  • Hi all.... We have been vaccinated Pfizer Jan 12 and Feb 02...... St Petersburg FL-
    We are booked for K&T September 2021 and just in case same tour 2022. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • Congrats British !!!!!!

  • TPG (The Points Guy) says your Covid 19 Vaccination Record is as valuable as your passport ... protect it. He says to take a picture of it, and make sure it is entered into your health record. I also had the vaccination people enter it into my “yellow card” shot record. My Vaccination Record is clipped to my yellow card. Several agencies are working on creating a digital health passport, but their criteria have not yet been determined. It seems to me that having a PCR test after being fully vaccinated should replace the ‘72 hour’ test requirement ... but I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. (;-).

  • Sealord... good idea about asking the clinicians to enter the vaccination info on the yellow card. I’ll be sure to take mine with me when I go for my 2nd shot.

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    We got separate wallet cards, had them make an entry in our international shot records, and our health care provider put it in our records on their website. Now all we need is an opportunity to use it!

  • To add more challenges to our travel I just read that the EU to propose vaccine 'green pass'

    Link to article

    I think any travel this year will be somewhat challenging to put it mildly.

    We are now fully vaccinated and ready to go. Over the past year I have perfected Il Dolce Far Niente (The Art of Doing Nothing) but now I need a change of scenery.

  • I agree that vaccination should not be required for travel at least until it is widely available to most who want it. But, requiring last minute PCR testing and/or quarantine for those who have been vaccinated seems like overkill to me. We only recently got vaccinated, but we have been to Yosemite for three ‘short week’ trips in the last eight months, and have had a great time. Each time we had to get a special day use entry permit, but that was not difficult. I suspect covid will be a bad memory before the EU agrees on a plan. I have one EU trip planned. We will see how it works out.

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    Cathy, it’s very unlikely you will need a booster shot under a year. That’s an advantage you have over people who had the vaccine early in January.
    It’s going to be a pain getting tested within the time limits that are required by different countries. A tour we have booked next year, we are staying on two days at the end of the tour and Tauck will not be responsible for our testing when we do that. In Bali, that could be a problem for us.

  • We got our first Pfiser vaccine last Friday with the second scheduled for the 19th. We have deposits from two 2020 canceled trips sitting in our Tauck wallet to be used by 12/31/21. Thinking about Canada the end of August, but will Canada be open to US visitors by then?

  • njhoo: I’m sure British will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think your wallet is good at least until the end of 2022. Canada has said it’s boarder is closed for the year. I think that is a bit extreme and subject to change. The positive infection test rate here in California has gone from 15% a few weeks ago to a little over 2%. The numbers and how they come up with them is a little strange. We have a bit over 200,000 people in our county and they have done 376,00 covid tests in that same county. The math can be done a couple different ways, but the resulting number is not going to be very accurate.

  • We got a call from Pfizer today!

    We screen all calls. We block and add to our block list the ones we don't recognize, but out of curiosity I let this one go to the answering machine. It was a spam/scam call advising us that if we didn't act quickly, we'd lose our chance to extend the warranty on our car! :D I wonder if we will get a call from Moderna or J & J tomorrow? :D

  • Cathy - We have a friend in London (who we met on the Portrait of India tour) who said that England contracted on their own, separate from the EU, early on with Astra-Zeneca to produce the vaccine at a facility in Scotland. As such they are way ahead of the rest of EU in supply of the vaccine and administering vaccines. The English contract did not include supplies for Canada. The English have taken the approach to get as many people as possible the first vaccine shot. The second shot won't be given for 8-12 weeks after the first shot.

  • Alan, did the caller id say it was Pfizer? We no longer answer our home land line unless we know the person and our answering machine message starts out " Due to the high volumn of robo calls received we no longer answer blocked or unfamiliar numbers. Leave a message and we might call you back..... " Got some pretty funny reactions from friends and family initially but gotten used to it.

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    Claudia Sails
    Alan, did the caller id say it was Pfizer?

    Yup, caller ID said Pfizer. Caller ID can be set to show anything- we even got a call from ourselves once! The biggest issues with our phone-based call blocking is that we still get a single ring and the blocked list will soon exceed the phone's capability. With VOIP the spammers/scammers just keep changing the originating number.

  • The calls from ourselves were the point where I'd had enough and changed the answering machine. We too exceeded the blocking capacity on our phone but after looking online for a manual I learned how to delete the memory and start over. Not as helpful as it used to be when they tended to reuse numbers more.

  • I cleared the blocked numbers memory and started over again about a month ago.

  • Got my second shot of Moderna vaccine today (March 4). Am booked for Ireland in September but think there is only a 50-50 chance it will be a go. Also booked on Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for February 2022. Hopefully, no problems with that one.

  • got my first vaccine shot 2 weeks ago (pfizer)
    and go next monday 3/15/2022 for shot number 2

  • cathyandsteve
    now that I have received my first shot...I have received e mails everyday telling me to come and get a I think Missouri finally got some shipments of the vaccine.

    I'm scheduled tomorrow (Fri), which is the first day for 60-65 in my state. After booking, I got 2 emails with invitations from other providers, one of which was for a mass vaccination site with the just-released single shot J&J vaccine on Saturday (no, I'm not doing that one).

    When it rains, it pours.

  • We got our second Pfizer shot yesterday. Very easy and have felt fine. It is such a relief to have both doses. I finally made dentist and eye appointments that I have been putting off. But best of all, our son will let us spend more time with our grandchildren now that we are vaccinated!

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